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    Demon's Call {Job: Azurius Tade/Dmitry Kazakov/Evia - Private}

    Azurius Tade
    Azurius Tade

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    Demon's Call {Job: Azurius Tade/Dmitry Kazakov/Evia - Private} Empty Demon's Call {Job: Azurius Tade/Dmitry Kazakov/Evia - Private}

    Post by Azurius Tade 18th July 2016, 6:49 pm


    Job Title:
    Demon's Call

    B Rank

    Player Requirements:
    2x C Rank or the equivalent (minimum)
    Maximum 4 Mages

    Job Requirements:
    7,500 Words Minimum
    10x Rolls Minimum

    Job Location:
    Hargeon Town

    Job Description:
    Located deep within the bowels of Hargeon, buried under time itself a door has recently been unearthed due to the chaos caused by the tentacle monster's attack on the port town of Hargeon... Behind this door is an entire world where crystals make up the bulk of the light sources, with the other source being lanterns, candles, braziers, and other forms of fire. Inside this world lives a strange form of being, clad in black with razor sharp teeth and terrible grins to show them off. These creatures have indoctrinated several humans, those too foolish to have left the door alone, and caused them to steal something precious from one of the more wealthy citizens of Hargeon who was lucky enough to be outside the disaster zone when the tentacles came crashing down.

    The one who had his item stolen has asked that any mage who desires fair pay for exploration, and possibly bloodshed galore delve into the depths of whatever hell lay beyond the door. Entering this door, you will have no prior knowledge of what lays inside unless you have an ability that would permit such a thing. The world you find, as described above, is filled with glowing crystals, glowing plants, and dark figures that dart in and out of your line of sight so quickly you can't track it... Nearby you see a stream of glowing water, along with several other streams equidistant from each other, all flowing in the same direction. If you follow the streams, you'll notice eventually that they all seem to be converging since they're all moving towards each other, but all still equidistant from each other... Eventually you come to a large stream that's shallow but wide where all the smaller ones converge leading into a cave system. This is where you'll begin encountering enemies as you're attacked from behind and every other directer, even below as you go deeper and deeper into the caves...

    Those who can sense demons will notice that these creatures are in fact demons. If for some reason a Demon Slayer can't sense these are demons, they'll notice that the demons are taken down much easier by them than any ally they have with them... The demons here take double damage from Holy/Purifying magic, as well as Holy Heal spells. Light magic does not have this effect unless it is Holy/Purifying light magic. ((These enemies do not have HP gauges. It is up to the RP'r to come up with a sensible fight for each enemy. Any references to blocking does not require the use of a block dice, it simply means the RP'r is being told that the creature will block some attacks. If you roll a boss it is counted as 2x Strong. The boss will automatically spawn at any point you want after you roll 10 dice.))

    Weak: Demon
    A very large creature, standing 30 feet with 10 foot wide shoulders. Its arms are as thick as tree trunks, and its claws are a foot long. It doesn't seem particularly intelligent, but it does known how to swing its arms with a high degree of accuracy. It has moderate (20mph) speed, and isn't too keen on blocking attacks. Countering all its negatives, this guy is extremely durable...

    Normal: Demon
    This one's only fifteen feet tall with four foot wide shoulders. They're faster than the other one, better at fighting too. This type dodges your attacks and blocks, unlike the larger version, and will even display a degree of unholy/corruption magic that's non-elemental. This magic can be consumed by God Slayers (all types). This creature is twice as fast as the larger version, and has just a bit more durability than it does. This creature will use its claws, and a strange type of jagged bladed weapon...

    Strong: Demon
    This one is a bit smaller at 10 feet tall... It won't attack you initially, and while fighting it none of the others will attack you. You'll be constantly hearing whispers in your head, hundreds upon thousands of them all trying to pull you into insanity... While fighting, this creature has more speed than the "Normal" demon (60mph) and twice the durability. It can use a variety of magic, but nothing too advanced. The weapons this one uses are its claws and a sharp sword that it seems to be adept at using...

    ~~End of the Line~~
    Entering a massive chamber, the sound of drums can be heard... lining the walls are hundreds of demons of varying sizes... Many of them are small, impish looking things with sticks in their hands that are being used to slam the drums. Others are a mix of the ones previously fought... and in the middle of this chamber is a six foot tall demon. On the opposite of the chamber is a pedestal with the stolen item.

    This one is shaped exactly like a human, and seems to be wearing some sort of oriental styled combat robes. It wields a weapon made of pure unholy energy but for some reason even God Slayers can't consume it. This one can speak directly into your mind, and just like fighting the 10 foot demons, it sounds like hundreds of thousands of people whispering to you. Unlike the other type, this one can hold full blown conversations and will offer you a single opportunity to turn back and leave without the item, even let you know you can take some of the water from the stream as a token from the land and tell you what it does. It appears to be civil enough to grant you this... it won't tell you what the item is, or why he wants it unfortunately. If you take the water and leave you will gain no EXP, but you will gain the vial of Living Water. If you choose to stay, the demon will attack.

    Boss: Demon
    A stated, it's 6 feet tall and looks like a human. Aside from the aforementioned sword, it also has two inch long claws that are every bit as sharp as any sword a master swordsman can make and be proud of... It uses very high level magic with a massive variety of effects from damage to crowd control to healing. It has the ability to increase its speed to move so fast that it seems to be teleporting, and is even able to unfold a pair of leathery wings and fly. Once defeated the other demons will vanish, but you will have a gut feeling that he's far from being dead..

    Normal B Rank EXP

    The first time you complete this job you will be given two things:
    1 - A set of Strong Rank armour.
    2 - If you took some of the water from the glowing stream, you will have a vial of Living Water. Each time you complete the job (once a month max) afterwards, you will be awarded with the vial of Living Water only. This item has a 1 use only effect; meaning that you have 1 use per vial period. Once used, that vial is gone and you do not start the next thread with it. You can take some of the water even if you decide to fight the boss... just scoop some in a glass on your way out.

    Effect: When someone dies, you may use the Living Water to resurrect that person with 50% HP and 50% MP. All of their spells will be on a 2 post cooldown, any spell that was already on cooldown will have its cooldown increased by 2 posts. All passive effects will be 100% inactive for 2 posts. If you are the one who dies, someone else must use the item on you.

    ~Credits to Niyol.

    WC: 1,005 | Total: 1,005 | Out of: 2,500

    It was day three of the cleanup effort that Azurius Tade had visited him and Elaine's house in the disaster zone to check up on Destiny. The home wasn't destroyed, but it was far from unscathed by the attack on the port town. The entire two-story house was tilted, being held up by large metallic struts, and inside still had a great deal of damage from the quaking that happened towards the end of the attack. It was here that Elaine and Azure had left their daughter, Destiny who resembled Elaine almost exactly for some unknown reason, in the care of one of Azurius's various maids... who was now on the floor with a pool of blood around her originating from a stump from where her head was once attached. "Suriel, Blade." he said with a deep, emotionless tone causing the two servants to appear beside him. Suriel was getting ready to say something slick as always, but paused when she caught a glimpse of the decapitated maid on the floor. "Bunny girl..." she whispered with a disheartened voice. "Blade, go to the celestial world and inform her family that I will be paying them a grim visit." "Yes master." the heroic spirit said before vanishing in a particle effect. Azurius had opened his hand, materializing a book with golden pages on it that had displayed a map of the wreckage site in 3D. Looking over it, scanning from where the house was, Azurius spotted a line leading somewhere, but the book itself didn't show. It was strange for the Holy Archive to not have information on something, meaning that it was something that no angel had ever once experienced, or somewhere none had been to before.

    Following the line, Azurius had arrived at a door that he heard about before. It was unearthed recently, debris had covered it up but no maps of the old city had detailed its existence so it was safe to say the city itself was what had actually covered it... He wanted to charge in, he wanted to blast through the door and take the place by storm... he wanted to find his baby girl and obliterate whatever cult was holding her hostage... but without intel, without the backing of his standard two thousand plus men and women... without any access to his former assets the angelic general was left alone. He clenched his fists and grit his teeth, knowing that he'd be in deep shit for doing what he was about to do... "Suriel..." he said with a pained voice, having resolved himself to facing the consequences for his actions alone once more. Suriel had already vanished, knowing exactly what he was going to ask... he wanted her to find someone from the guild he could rely on, and the only person who fit that description was the first person whom he'd met from the guild.

    Demon's Call {Job: Azurius Tade/Dmitry Kazakov/Evia - Private} Myo7A7H

    Suriel had quickly ran through the mostly cleared streets as quickly as possible in search of Dmitry, him having been assigned to take care of the injured, weak, hungry, and sometimes dead meant he was anywhere in the city. She had spotted one of the troops that Azurius had deployed, stopping and ignoring his attempts at wooing her and ordering him to tell her where the metal haired mage was, which he told her with a rather confused tone and dumb look to match. Moving as quickly as her legs would let her, Suriel had jumped over a person about to be lifted on a gurney and swerved around several other people near the care station he was at. Not paying attention to who was who, and having been distracted for a single second, Suriel had impacted something at full running speed and ricocheted back without falling. She got ready to sucker-punch whoever the fuck got on her way when she noticed the iconic black trench coat and tall stature. "Dmitry!" she shouted, her voice filled with an unnatural level of distress. Through all the times Dmitry had seen Suriel, all 1 time, she was extremely calm and somewhat arrogant if not sure of herself, but this time, she sounded as though the city were under attack yet again. Suriel grabbed his coat in a godly vice-grip and whaled "Please, Azure needs your help! Whatever's behind that weird door we found stole Destiny!" a tear formed at her eye "Please." she squeaked out. Destiny was someone who was always in the guild hall, either helping in the library or keeping the bar clean. It was unknown whether or not Dmitry or anyone in the guild knew her name exactly, but with how social she was it wouldn't be a surprise, and with how often she was with either Elaine, Azurius, or both it would be difficult for anyone to have not seen her at least once while they were around.

    While she was unaware, only being focused on Dmitry, there was another member of the guild nearby... A woman who had proven quite capable in her own rights by curing an uncurable disease and salvaging the life of one of Dmitry's dear friends, and undoubtedly, someone Azurius would had invited if Suriel had noticed she was near. Though if Evia would accompany them Suriel wouldn't refuse the help... Destiny was her master's child, and more importantly, her apprentice. Azure hadn't figured it out, but it was Suriel who was teaching her magic, and because of that the two of them had become more than master and servant... they were sisters. So the added help of Evia would never be turned away. Once they had arrived at the door with Azure, they would not see the same Azurius Tade, the same man who wore a black trench coat and smoked a cigar at all times... no, they would see a man wearing a suit of armour. The suit was mostly white marble with gold trimming, and in each hand was a golden spear with white marble in the middle of the tip...

    Demon's Call {Job: Azurius Tade/Dmitry Kazakov/Evia - Private} 63BfrzJ

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