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    Swimming Lesson!

    Lexa Grimoire
    Lexa Grimoire

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    Swimming Lesson! Empty Swimming Lesson!

    Post by Lexa Grimoire 5th December 2015, 12:58 am


    Following Lexa's little replacement job, she felt a need to spend some time with Lillian uninterrupted by the pains of doing work for the guild. She sat in her office chair trying to think of places her and her adopted little sister could go where they could have fun. The main problem was that Lillian enjoyed more passive activities; reading, listening to music, drawing, watching movies, stuff like that. Lexa on the other hand, enjoyed active things like training, fighting, biking, swimming... "That's it!" she exclaimed in a very hushed tone, trying not to wake Lillian from her sleep. Lexa put in a request for some time off from doing any form of work, knowing that Kakuma would have to problems with it since Lexa's always done... somewhat decent work. She then put in a notice with skippy, the person who ferried mages between Hargeon and Lavantir Port. Skippy wasn't his real name, just the name she and a few others called the man. He had no problems with the name, so Lexa didn't care to learn his real one. She also put in a request for a driver to take her from Hargeon to her favourite pool in Magnolia. Several days had passed, two to be exact. During which time, Lexa worked diligently to decipher codes the magic council used to try and keep nosy people from learning their plans; all of which were vain when it was Lexa doing the decoding. On the day of Lexa's miniature vacation; Lexa gently shook Lillian while calling her name softly. The young girl woke up in a matter of seconds, her constantly being afraid made it so she was a light sleeper. "Y-yes m- umm.. L-Lexa." she said hesitantly in her sweet, soft spoken voice. "We're taking a trip to a swimming pool today, I need you to get dressed." Lexa said with a generous smile on her face, the kind of smile that made it so even the most butch person would be afraid to say 'no' to her. "Oh, O- uh... ummm... O-okay." she said and began shifting her way out of bed, moving over to her dresser where she rested her hand on the door realizing that she didn't own a swimsuit. Lillian opened the dresser to at least pull her clothes for the day out, only to find a pink one-piece folded neatly on the back of the door on a hanger. She turned to Lexa with a look of enlightenment on her face, being stupefied to see Lexa staring at her with a bright smile on her face.

    The trip to the pool was a bit long, but she enjoyed playing chess with Lillian, as well as laughing when the small girl tripped during her training sessions. After several hours of travel time, the two girls finally arrived at Magnolia's pool. Upon arriving, Lexa saw a young boy sitting on the benches with a sullen look on his face. She asked why he wasn't playing in the pool, and he lit up like Crocus during the Magic Tournaments when he saw the guild stamp located in the middle of her chest. He reached into a small backpack he had to his right side and handed Lexa a piece of paper with a job notice on it. Looking at the page, Lexa didn't want to turn him down knowing he can't swing; but it was her day off... At that moment, Lillian walked over and gave a gentle tug on Lexa's swim suit and said nervously "I... I d-don't know how t- ummm... I- I can't swim ei-eith-ther..." Lexa let out a sigh, followed by a smile. "Then I'll teach you both how!" she said energetically, causing the young man to jump from the bench and hug Lexa while also giving her a small envelope with some jewel in it. Lexa set the envelope in her bag, and then gently pulled the two into the super shallow end of the pool. The first thing she taught them to do was to float, telling them they needed to trust their bodies to know what to do. It was the hardest thing for the two children to trust that they wouldn't sink, and just relax in the water. Lillian was the first to be able to do it, she knew that if she truly did start sinking that Lexa would save her. It wasn't her trusting herself, but rather trusting in Lexa. The young boy followed soon after, forcing himself not to react to the weightlessness of floating. Afterwards, Lexa had the two practice kicking their feet while holding onto the wall. Lillian was the first to get tired from constantly doing it, being a bit frail and more accustomed to a less robust lifestyle was her undoing. Lexa let the two take a break after the matter, and even gave the young boy some of the snacks she'd prepared, not minding that she sacrificed some of her share of the chow. She had them wait a half hour after eating, letting them know they'd get sick if they just jumped back in. Topping the swimming lesson off, Lexa had them swim from one end of the shallow end to the other, which both children did just as well as each other. The rest of the day was filled with fun, and laughter. Something Lexa didn't know Lillian was capable of. At the end of the day, Lillian had fallen asleep so Lexa picked her up and escorted the young boy home. Once he was safe at home, he was given a scolding by his mother; but Lexa didn't stick around to hear it. She immediately burst into light and reappeared in the middle of her room back at the guild hall with Lillian in her arms, both completely dry since none of the water moved with them.

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