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    Eight Legged Lesson


    Eight Legged Lesson Empty Eight Legged Lesson

    Post by Guest 15th September 2018, 8:44 pm

    The little girl arrived at the job the day after getting her passport, early in the morning. Why? She wanted to arrive on time, not too early. If you arrive too early or late for certain things than people can get angry, so it's better to just arrive on time. It was easy to get to at least, since the spider had already arrived in town. Her job started as soon as the parents left. Now she was faced with teaching someone's two legged baby how to walk. She had some idea of how to do it after listening to the parents. They had said they had tried everything, but she didn't hear them mention fun. She thought the best way to get someone to learn something was to make it fun. So, how do you make walking fun? Maybe add a little bounce to each step? But then the baby might try to copy that and bounce walking was a little more complicated than just walking. Dancing wasn't walking at all, as fun as it was. Song ended up starting to pace a bit, feeling a bit at a loss. 'Oh no, I didn't fully think this through. I thought this would be so easy to figure out and do.' The spider was ready to give up on the job when she noticed the baby boy was watching her. While the youth couldn't see the babies face, she could tell what direction their head was turned and feel the staring. He must be very curious about her. Oh! That's right, she was something new, different. Also, she probably had more legs than everyone else the baby had ever seen.

    Maybe watching her walk around would help. It would be even better if she wasn't make such a stressed out look too. While the blind girl couldn't see expressions, she knew that they played a vital role of communication to others. Songs chest puffed with glee, her legs getting a bit jumpy with excitement over figuring out a solution. Well it was more like the answer presented itself. After the brief excitement, the sand spider managed to calm down before starting to walk around a bit again. This time she was smiling. Each step was slower than before so he could observe the walking better, each leg at a different step in walking. In the end her biggest key to getting this done was having something none of his family had, eight legs. Having four legs on each side let the baby get a better example of how the legs move, even if Song herself was unsure how two legged people kept their balance. In a few hours, she had the child slowly wobbling along on his own two legs. This made watching the child a lot easier, since she could get him to walk places on his own now. There were meals, playtimes, and naps. The parents had arrived while their baby boy was slowly going after the pet cat, whom decided to jump to higher grounds and leave as soon as he got too close. The job was so easy that she almost felt bad for accepting the reward, almost. She knew it was probably that easy for her due to how used she was to being around kids much younger than her. It wasn't her first time seeing first steps, changing diapers, or getting a baby to nap.

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