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    Swimming Lesson

    Tyson Rhodes
    Tyson Rhodes

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    Completed Swimming Lesson

    Post by Tyson Rhodes 25th May 2019, 1:11 pm

    Ugh, why did he have to do this again? Well, he needed some funds. Travelling that far away from his village all the way to Ace of Spades was costly. Mostly cause taking any kind of transportation is  straight up a no go. Since his time with his poisonous friend ended, he found out the hard way that he suffered motion a whole lot. To the point of being cripped. Plus, he did not like to puke.

    Alright so, the task was somewhat easy. Just teach a little kiddo how to swim. The problem was getting through that thick skull. "Alright, kiddo." He called from the side of the pool. Squatting down, the mage made sure the guy was at least looking his way before speaking.

    "So, you are floating. Yeah. But ye ain't swimming yet." He told the brat, who pouted. Great. He really could not do anything without this guy simply deciding to be a jerk. "First, move those legs. Hard. You do not have twoo sticks back there. Even then, waving them around would push you way further than just waving your arms around."

    There, that would have at the very least some effect. Now, he wouldn't really be able to do all that much himself, but he could at least try to get this guy in somewhat a competent state. "don't you want to go help your papa with fishing? You'd better listen to me and try the stuff I suggest. You know. The faster you learn the less time you'll spend with me and the more time you'll be able to spend sailing the seven seas."

    There, that seemed to have somewhat convinced the boy. He was at least trying now. Trailing at the edge of the swimming pool, Tyson kept a keen eye on the boy. It sure helped his senses were super fine.

    "Good, good! There we go! You got it. Work those legs, work those legs. Go. Go. Go. One, two, three!"

    Yeah, we going places...well, kinda. It was a step up though. At least some progress.

    Tyson folded his arms around himself. What to do now. The guy seemed to have got the basics down. Perhaps he could try something a little more complex. Perhaps a little thing to spice things up a little?

    "Alright, alright. Kiddo! Come over here for a moment!" He called, waiting for the little kid to approach the edge of the pool. "Okay, I admit, you're doing good, but you know the sea ain't going to be this flat yeah?" The kid nodded. "You see, the sea is one of the most volatile things around. One moment it can be calm and soothing as a lullaby, the other moment it can rile up and shake you like a maracas. Worst of all, it gives no heads up. It justs poofs and you're under. Some sailor say it's faster than the fastest instant spell."

    In some ways it was true, but sprinking a little more oomph would only make the kiddo try harder. "So, for our next exercise, I want you to swim just like you did right now, but then when you're about halfway to the other side of the pool, you go underwater, swim for a few meters and then get back up. Down and up and down and up. All the way to the end."

    The kid seemed a little unsure about it, so Tyson had to do a little more convincing. "See, the ocean can have biiiig waves coming at you. So, if you know how to avoid them by slipping under them easy you don't ever run the risk of drowning anymore. Don't worry though. I'm here. Nothing bad is going to happen. I give you my word."

    That seemed to have done it. The kid pushed off the shore and waddled to the start. Then he began swimming from one side to the other. Tyson nodded. Yeah, he definitely got it on point as far as surface swimming goes. Now the real test would be seeing how he would fare with apnea and underwater stuff. Right on cue, the first two times the kid resurfaced almost instantly. Tyson didn't want to push his luck too much, but he still was convinced the boy could use that little trick out with his father. The mage checked the clock. He would have around one more hour before the kid's mother would be back to get him home.

    The man sighed. Well, time to push through those last moments and make sure the kid could hold his own in calm waters. His father would be there to, so it's not that the kid was going completely alone.

    "Alright kid, ready? One two three..."

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