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    Swimming Lesson||Solo


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    Private Swimming Lesson||Solo

    Post by kittykool75 17th May 2016, 8:15 pm

    Swimming Lesson||Solo XQmeiRT
    W e   p a i n t   w h i t e   r o s e s   r e d
    E a c h   s h a d e   f r o m   a   d i f f e r e n t   p e r s o n s   h e a d

    Leaving the train station and walking to the outskirts of town, looking for the address that he was told to go to when taking this job, normally a person would have to write something like that down. But for him, it is not needed, for he remembers things without even trying, called photographic memory I believe. Walking down the sidewalk, until he reached a dirt pathway which he proceeded to through a small forest where he ended up at a small log cabin. Examining the clearing he saw not to far from the house, a few stones that were purposefully placed their, leaded to a pond behind the house. Probably where he would teach the child, whoever they may be, to swim. Walking up to the entrance of the house he began to knock on the door, and proceeded to wait. About a minute passed and he lifted his hand to knock again, when a woman with long curly hair pulled back into a ponytail, probably in her mid to late thirties, answered the door. "Sorry for the wait, I was finishing up dishes. You must be the person who came to teach Jojo, uhm-" the woman said, though with forgetting his name she stopped, looking up at the teen. Politely smiling, and saying before the situation got awkward "Lucius Foss, pleasure to meet you" he said holding out his hand to shake "No the pleasure is all mine, I'm Marilyn, but you can call me Lyn. Oh how rude of me, come in, have a seat. Would you like a drink?" Ducking under the door to get in the house, after getting invited in he answered "Tea, mint if you have it." she nodded hearing his answer she grabbed a box that must be were she held the tea "Well thank you for coming" she said, were he proceeded to say that it was no problem. After putting water on the stove the opened a window that was placed above the kitchen sink "Pardon me" she said before calling out for her son to come inside. "Would you mind if I borrowed your bathroom, to change?" Lucius asked Marilyn "No not it all, its right over there, the door to your right." Thanking the mother before entering the restroom. After changing his clothes into some black shorts and a t-shirt of the same color and putting back on his sandals that were, you guessed it, black, he quickly tied his hair up into a ponytail and he exited the bathroom. About at the same time as he exited the room a little boy, about nine to ten, with curly brown hair and brown eyes like his mother, walking into the house through was appeared to be the back entrance. "Who are you?" the boy rudely asked, his feet and hands caked in dirt. "Jojo! Don't be rude, this is Lucius, he is here to teach you how to swim" she slightly scolded her child then introduced the green haired boy. Seeing his appearance, the mother sighed but said nothing of it "When your tea is done, how about we head outside" Lucius nodded in reply. Not to long later the kettle whistled and she poured the hot water into a cup and put the tea bag in it. She handed the cup to the young man and he took it with a thank you "Well lets head outside now" she said and lead her son and the young man out the back door. He took a sip of his tea and left out a small satisfied sigh, even though he was doing something he would not like to be doing right now, the tea made him rather happy. Not to long later he was in the pond with the young boy, though the part that was practically up to the boys' neck, was only a little over halfway up the tall teen's thigh. It was going well, the boy was a bit of a brat, his attitude made up for his lack of height. "No you have to do it like this, are you not listening to what I'm saying?" the teen said, showing a slight bit of his irritation through his voice "Shut up! I was doing it like you said!" Jojo yelled angrily before getting out of the pond and storming off. Lucius let out a huff, dropping his facade for a bit, showing all of his anger on his face. But once he heard the door open he changed his expression to slightly concerned "I'm sorry about that Lucius, I think its about time that you guys should stop anyways. The bugs are coming out, come inside, I'll get you a towel" he nodded thanks and climbed out of the pond. Coming inside the woman handed him a towel to dry himself off, so he did so "You can get changed" she said letting out a sigh, probably thinking about her rather troublesome child. He walked into the bathroom, quickly changing back into some black skinny jeans. His shirt didn't get all that wet so he didn't bother changing it, then he put on a hoodie, though he left the hood down, since he wore a hat on his head. He came out "Well I should get going" hearing his voice Marilyn turned to look at him "You could stay for dinner" she offered "Sorry, but I can't my sister is waiting for me back at home, she gets worried about me when I'm out to late" "Well thank you, I'm sorry I won't be here tomorrow. My husband will be, though he will be preoccupied with fixing the roof" she said, he nodded in reply then left.
    The next day was sadly for him, even more sunny, not a cloud in the sky. He wore both sunglasses and a hat this time, though he got in a playful splash fight with Jojo, so he lost his sunglasses in the pond. And when he did find them, they were broken. Earlier in the day the boy apologized for throwing a mini fit the day prior, though he could tell it wasn't all that genuine, he accepted it anyways. Later that day Jojo appeared to be growing rather attached to him, which he was not all that fond of. He came back a third day, which at this time nether of the parents were there. Though the kid wasn't much trouble and was learning well, and at the end of the day, he could pull of the front stroke. When the sun set his mother came back home, Jojo rushed up to his mom and happily told her that he could swim. She congratulated him, and saw Lucius and said "Thank you for helping out, here take this" she said, handing him a small brown pack which held the jewels for the teen, for doing this job. "Your welcome" he said smiling. "Well I need to go now, it's been fun" actually having to socialize for three days straight was rather tiring, and it hasn't been fun for him at all. "Will you come visit again sometime?" Jojo asked with a big grin on his face "Perhaps" he said in reply. Then he said goodbye to the two of them and went on his way, when he was back into the city he dropped all his smiling and his face was replaced with irritation, he was ready to go back home, and this time he might actually sleep at nighttime.

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