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    It's Time For A Swimming Lesson [ Job | Solo ]


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    It's Time For A Swimming Lesson [ Job | Solo ] Empty It's Time For A Swimming Lesson [ Job | Solo ]

    Post by Ahro 7th April 2017, 9:29 am

    Job Description :


    Gazing upon the flyer in her hands, she glanced at the house before her, noticing a small family of three in front. The woman tapped her food impatiently while looking at her wrist watch while the man was bent down, talking to the young boy who seemed super excited. "Seems like the place." Ahro muttered to herself before breaking out into a small jog towards them. The woman, noticing the girl, smiles after a small sigh. "Finally, you're here. We'll leave him to you then. You can take him to the public swimming pool and teach him there." With that, she grabbed her husbands arm and dragged him away.

    The boy cracked a cheeky grin towards her as he stood there in a plan white shirt with shorts, paired up with white sneakers. Carrying a bag on his back, Ahro assumed that he was well prepared for this swimming lesson. Her reason for accepting this job was simple;l she loved to swim and this task would earn her some money. She wasn't particularly interested in teaching the kid but at least handling a kid in water would be better than handling an adult; at least she would very easily be able to save him if he were to drown. She wasn't exactly fond of children for they had the tendency to be extremely annoying but they were adorable at times, which is a factor that makes them a tad bit more bearable for her.

    She held the hand of the young boy as they walked through the street, making their way towards the public pool which she had visited quite a few times. As they entered through the gate, she breathed a sigh of relief as the pool was only scarcely crowded for it was a busy market day in the streets of Magnolia. Without a moments hesitation, the boy rushed to the changing room and so did she.

    Ahro removed her blue sneakers before striping off the large white sweatshirt and the light blue jeans that covered her body and pulling upon herself a large one-piece swim suit which was comfortable, easy to swim in and of course, appropriate for a teacher whose student happened to be a child. The navy blue suit embraced her curves and her chest as it started in a circular shape right above her collar bone and extended down till her knees in the form of leg-hugging shorts. Raising her arms, she tied her wild colorless hair that was left loose, into a high bun that rested on her head. Leaving the dressing room with her clothes inside her black bag which rested within her locker.

    The mage looked down and smiled at the boy who grinned at her, prepared in his swimming shorts as well as his floats that leisurely rested upon his upper arms. "Can we get started now?" He asked the female as she let out a small voice, sounding like a short 'Hmm', with two fingers resting upon her chin, "I don't know, can we?" With excitement, the boy nodded his head which cause Ahro to break out into a grin, "Well then, let's get to it."

    Unlike how she usually jumps into the water, she stepped into it through the small staircase that lead into the pool. The boy, whose name she found out was Clyde, followed her through the same way, floating above the water due to his support. She taught his tricks to use when swimming such as holding his breath and staying in the water in case he was to drown to avoid taking in the water. She then taught him how to stay above the water and how to swiftly move his feet beneath it. She taught him how to slowly dig his arm into the water with consistency to move forward. And so, Ahro spent about one hour teaching him the techniques which he practiced with his neon orange support but now it was time to remove that.

    She slowly removed his floats, sensing Clyde's excitement and fear and once she did, much to her surprise, he was doing better than she had expected. He followed the instructions she had previously given and kept his head above water.

    "Well, practice makes perfect."

    He started with taking small laps around the pool while she followed him closely, catching him the few times he lost balance and was pulled down by the transparent liquid. After a while of swimming, laughing and bonding between a teacher and a student, they decided to leave for she deemed him ready for the task whenever he goes fishing with his father. Dropping him home and collecting her pay,s he smiled as she realized that she actually had fun. A sense of pride and delight washed over her as for the first time, someone had learnt something thanks to her and it was truly a marvelous feeling.

    [Word Count: 818/750]
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