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    Swimming Lessons~Solo Job

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    Swimming Lessons~Solo Job Empty Swimming Lessons~Solo Job

    Post by Shipping Goddess 10th July 2015, 4:43 am

    Ivy pressed her finger against the doorbell. These people lived in a big house, the clients that is.

    Ivy took a job that required her to come to somebody's house and make sure they don't drown. It was for some fishing trip or something, but honestly Ivy didn't care. She was getting payed to help someone learn how to swim... Which was bad. So there she was, ringing the doorbell. Soon a woman opened the door, storming out the house.
    "You're here for the job right!?" Ivy nodded her head and was about to say something but was cut off. "Here! I need to get to work now! Don't think about running away with it we have cameras." She then dropped a small sack of money into Ivy's hands, and ran off in a hurried rush.

    Ivy stood there dumbfounded for a moment, but then sighed and entered the house. She yelled out to find the boy. "Hellloooooo!!!? Anyone else here?" Suddenly a boy came out from the room Ivy believed to be the living room. He looked like he was somewhere between 5th and 8th grade, and that made Ivy think. This was the second job she went on that had some teenager not being able to do something a child could do... So what do teenagers do instead? Obviously they don't learn to fight back against bullies and teach themselves to swim.

    "Hey kid, you're gonna be the one teaching me this? It's really important so I don't want you telling anyone about this okay?" Ivy easily saw through this. He was embarrassed to be taught to swim at such a late age, and even more embarrassed that a kid was gonna teach him. Ivy decided to make good use of this situation. "A cookie."

    "Excuse me?"

    "I want a cookie and I won't tell anyone, okay?" The boy sighed and went into his kitchen, getting a chocolate chip cookie from a cookie jar, and handing it to Ivy. He then put his finger up to his lips, and shushing Ivy, then went to his room to get changed. Ivy, now eating the cookie soon finishes, and then goes onto their pool deck and admires it.

    The boy soon came out, wearing grey and red flame print trunks. "Uhm don't you have a suit?" Ivy shook her head, then pointed to the deep end of the water.

    "Get in!" The boy complied, and slowly got in the water. He hung onto the edge, fearing the worst. Ivy walked over to him and stomped on his foot, and then sent him clutching his hand into the water. He screamed, and began flailing out. Ivy saw the multiple air bubbles that was going up from his mouth, and assumed that he was drowning. He was doing the one thing that she was supposed to make him NOT do.

    Ivy knew this wasn't going well, so she jumped into the water after taking off her shoes. Wet clothes didn't bother her due to her lineage, it wouldn't really feel cold or uncomfortable so she didn't mind. Ivy went under him, and flattened his body by force, spreading his arms and legs and getting him into dead man's float position. He floated up, but Ivy was stuck down there. The problem with this was that Ivy doesn't know how to swim. All she knew were dead man's float, floating in general, and she could barely tread. Barely. So there she was, in the lake about to float back up.

    She saw the boy get onto the deck, so she allowed herself to float back up to get with him.

    "Do you even KNOW how to swim?" Ivy shook her head no, and giggled. Sure she would like to learn to swim, but it seemed a bit extra. Who needs to swim? Ivy probably could have officially learned by now, the only practice she had other than learning to tread and float was being told how to do the breast stroke. Told, not Taught. Ivy still didn't really know how to do it, so she scrapped that idea.

    "Well I know one thing, but you'll need to practice. I never did it but my sis told me how... I kinda know dis one." she miniced the actions of the breast stroke, for she didn't know the proper name.

    "Sure, I just mimic that with both legs and both arms?" Ivy nodded her head, and then went back towards the entrance of the house.
    "HEY! You're supposed to help me!"

    Ivy giggled. "No I'm not. I'm supposed to make sure you didn't drown. Your trip isn't my business, you better practice what I told you..." The boy sighed, and Ivy exited the house after hearing the teen splash in the water.
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