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    Swimming Lessons! [Job/Solo]


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    Swimming Lessons! [Job/Solo] Empty Swimming Lessons! [Job/Solo]

    Post by Ahote 25th June 2016, 8:20 pm


    Ah, yes! Fiore! The country of many peoples and places. Some towns alike the in the ways of the Kingdom of.. well, different titles can be said, others pleasantly diverse. Guilds and alignments, both good and bad, rooted to these fair grounds of the magnificent country. Almost jealous, he couldn’t help but barrage the places she has visited with praise and compliments, in his mind, that is.

    But where was this young boy today? Magnolia, it is! Busy streets and wide grins across the cheeks of wandering children and endless chatter that can help but make you turn every which way to sneak a listen. But why here? Here it was that he’d meet her first client on her first job in a long time! One may call this boy overly excited, or too high in hopes, but to him, any work was the finest he has ever been given. So he treated every job with respect, no matter how mediocre it may seem. But who was this boy? This average in height child with raven locks, crimson eyes and pale skin, soft lips and smooth flesh. This child whose appearance stuck out as if like gold in the crowd. This child whose childlike wonder had contagiously spread. Yes, this was Ahote, amaetuer potential wizard who is just unlocking his skills…

    Earlier that day…

    “I hate the call in such a fine ladto come in for such a mediocre task, truly! But we’re having such difficulty teaching the lad… it’s a miracle that you came in to help, Really!”

    Two people sat at a dining table, two cups of water placed in front of them both, one middle aged with short brown hair, and a much younger one with raven locks that carefully went down his ears, brushing against his neck. The two would sit inside the client’s cottage, falling light making through the glass doors.

    Ahote would flail his hands in front of his chest, embarrassed. “No, no...! To be honest, lady, I was really excited when you accepted my offer thingy... This is my first job in a super long while, so…” He smiled weakly, rubbing the nape of his neck, shy.

    “Oh! Then I suppose it’s fitting, isn’t it, little one?” The middle aged woman would hold her thumb to her chin and chuckle, while in response, Ahote would nod with a mild red tint to his cheeks.

    “Okay miss… well, when should I get started?”

    “Oh dear! Come back at noon, darling. Our little one must get ready, you see! You two can meet at the nearest outdoor pool!” She smiled, standing up from the table and hurrying Ahote out the door, who simply let it happen with a flustered expression.

    And just like that, he was chased off to the nearest outdoor pool, which happened to be relatively empty, but a couple of little children had paddled here and there. At the ledge of the water, Ahote sat and let his legs descend into the chilly fluids, gently waving them as he gazed into her reflection and sighed, “Do do dodo do… Fiore, hehe. I guess the nice people here did say it was really different…” At that very moment, he recalled the many conversations they had about her denying his Family's offer to have a person accompany him to other towns… several times.

    A comical sweatdrop appeared as he relived the moments, chuckling. “Okay, well… no one's here to protect me anymore. I need to look after myself!” He would curl up his fists and nod with a determined expression. “R-Right!” But just then…


    Suddenly, a rather young voice had rang in his ears, frightened, he flailed and fell straight into the water head first. “EEEK!!” He squealed before diving into it’s chilly waters.

    The child, who happened to be her client’s spawn, stood there with an innocent expression and deep-sea blue swim trunks. “Hello there! Mama sent me here to see you!” He spoke joyfully, as Ahote had poked his head through the water with a shivering face.

    “I-I guess..!” He spoke shakily, obviously not ready for the cold impact. “Okay, okay.. get in, we’ll get swimming right away!” He then hid his discomfort behind tame humor and gentle smiles. And just that, he hopped in, and the lessons begun.

    A few hours had passed before he really got the hang of it. The kick, the paddle, the essentials. It was a basic understanding and display he brought, but it proved that he had the basics down to swimming!

    Afterwards, the mother would meet them at the pool, the boy paddling around the borders and returning to his home, as Ahote did with hers, waving back to them. “Thank you for the job-thing! Bye-bye!”

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