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    Swimming Lessons! [Solo - Job]


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    Swimming Lessons! [Solo - Job] Empty Swimming Lessons! [Solo - Job]

    Post by Shakil 8th January 2017, 7:28 pm

    Swimming lessons! Achim remembered when he first swam. It was long, long ago when he still lived in Sin. Despite Sin being a terrible, dangerous place compared to other nations, it was difficult to find someone waking around without protection or having no way of protecting themselves, it really was an odd, scary place when you thought about it, but Achim never had terrible memories. He was born with a bond to otherworldly creatures, like some unspoken friendship. But it was also because of that unspoken friendship that Achim never feared leaving the safety of his castle. With the absence of his Mother and the poor treatment fro his servants, the outside world was something he desired. It was highly discouraged, prevented, and looked down upon to roam freely outside without an escort, but he was never one to follow rules, especially by the servants whom treated him so poorly.

    Though, the dangerous world that is Sin appealed to him greatly, it was also where his favorite memories took place. The feeling of fresh, natural spring water really was something memorable. But that sort of appeal faded after a while, it became something you see every other day a few years after he left the castle.

    But that was just a memory, and now being the grown man he is, he can't revisit them. But he could say that he was happier now. He to travel, all across Earthland. Midi's beautiful forests, Iceberg's chilly weather, Pergrande's charming people. There were a lot of things that really appealed to him, and he got to experience all of it. But Fiore was his next stop. A nation unlike the others. A nation filled with magic, conflict, and discord among mage groups. It really was the most dramatic, but that is what he enjoyed about it. Just a bunch of humans, fighting over nothing. It was an interesting thing to think on, but not enough to contemplate all day. But regardless, Achim remembered the cool water against his young skin, the clear liquid that reflected his very being, the light and darkness inside of him. It also reflected his sorrow and loneliness. It was where lakes and bodies of water where Achim felt most at peace, with the one thing that knew him best, the very waters that drowned his sorrows.

    He sat nearby the lake in Magnolia town, with a small little handbook open, he wrote in it. This handbook had been with him for centuries, ever since he started in career in theater, he always wrote down his thoughts on these small pages. It was almost the closest thing he had to home.

    He stared blankly at the pages, "...Not going anywhere, huh? Makes sense. Heh.." He chuckled, closing the book with one small snap.

    "What is, mister?" Another voice broke the silence, causing Achim to advert his attention to focus on the source. A young boy with short, brown hair and eyes came wearing nothing but trunks. He looked about seven years old or so, making Achim smile, with erotic intention in mind.

    "Oh, nothing, fair child! Just me pondering the evergreen conflict that is life! Oh! Someday you shall see the horror and mischief of fate has to bring! Mark those words, young one! It shall scar you deeply, cuts that shall tear not only your flesh, but your soul! Oh, but keep thy soul precious and pure! Your fate is inevitable, preserve what life you have!" Achim stood up, posing and twirling around, much like an actor on stage, but the boy had a confused expression.

    "...Uh, okay, mister! What should I call you?" He smiled, awkwardly.

    Achim simply groaned, rolling his eyes, "Who are you?"

    "Franky! My Momma and Papa sent me here to get my swimming lessons! What should I call you, mister?" Frankly explained, running over to Achim with eyes full of excitement.

    Achim simply sighed and slipped the handbook into the hidden pocket inside of his outfit, that was of course consisting of colors such as black and grey. "You can call me Achim- Well, you can call me what ever you damn please if you don't value your tongue, kid. Let's just get this over with, get in the lake, I'll come join you." Achim ordered, Frankly doing just as he was told and hopped into the lake. Achim would then follow behind, rolling up his sleeves and pants up to the elbows and knees so the water wouldn't effect most out his outfit.

    He held his hands out for Franky to grab, and so he did. "Now kick, and I will let go. That is when you stroke your arms. Now do it." He grunted, Franky nodded and spoke with a trembling voice, "K-Kay..." It was after about an hour or so that the boy was swimming like a pro! Seemed that his assertive training really did the trick!

    Afterwards, Achim returned to his client with Franky, collecting his rewards. However, he insisted that he take Franky out again for another spin, which, the parents would agree to.

    It was late in the evening, and Frany had been playing in the water all day. The day became darker, and roads quieter, it was time to make the perfect move. Achim smiled, calling over to the boy with a soft voice, "Franky, come here," Franky would then return to his side, wet to the core. From top to bottom, Achim investigated his body and blushed, raising his hand to caress the young boy's thigh. "These are mighty fine legs you have here, kid... beautiful, lovely legs." His fingers glided across the boy's skin, who said nothing, and did nothing but tremble and gasp.

    Achim pulled the boy down to his lap, running his tongue over the boy's neck while his hands fondled his lower body. "You will stay quiet, and enjoy what you are about to receive. I'm sure you're curious what your Mama and Papa are doing right now, right?" Achim then began to have his way with the young, defenseless, body. So pure, now defiled. "Your parents don't give two shits about you, this is all they want... they just want you to die, leave them. As a humble servant of fate, I will carry out their will...

    Their session was over, and Achim removed him from his lap, kicking his trunks aside and pulling out his signature pocket knife, and carving a message into the boy Oh, how he screamed! Achim nearly drooled in pure pleasure as he listened, but alas, it came to an end as the message had ended. Dragging him by the hair, Achim would then smirk down at the boy as they approached the water, "As the humble servant of Fate, I am to carry out it's will. Your end is here, Franky, let us meet again in your next life, as my slave!" He began to cackle as he cut deep into the boy's wrists and ankles, then tossing him into the lake for him to die. He heard gurgles, a struggle, but no matter, the wounds in his joints were weak!

    He watched the boy drown until night. And the message?

    'Where is your God now?'

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