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    Swimming Lessons [Job/Solo]


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    Swimming Lessons [Job/Solo] Empty Swimming Lessons [Job/Solo]

    Post by Genesis 10th May 2019, 8:00 pm

    Genesis was unsure whether she should feel excited or nervous for the task to come. This would be the first job that she took since joining her guild and it was a very simple task, she couldn’t help but feel the pressure that it gave her. Sure, it wasn’t a very serious job, and one that was meant to introduce her into the world of being a mage but before now she never had to fulfill anyone’s request other than her own. Of course, now was very different.

    The client had requested her to meet them by the public pool near the outskirts of the town. Thankfully, she had already gotten the directions on how to get there the day earlier and even learned that the pool was even willing to provide her with a community swimsuit. Granted, most of the sizes they had were for adults and the only one that they could find that with her was a wetsuit that felt a little too tight but she was satisfied.

    She could hear the voices just as she turned the corner. “Mom, I’m going to do fine. Stop treating me like I’m unable to do anything. I don’t even need these lessons.”

    “Horace! Don’t be such a brat, I paid good money to have someone come and teach you so you’d stop begging your father and me to let you go to with him to the sea, now be quiet and wait for the kind teacher to come along.” Almost on cue, Genesis turned the corner to see a well-dressed woman holding her son by the arm who appeared to be pouting.

    The boy, Horace, didn’t seem to be a year older than she was. Walking up, she had decided to introduce herself to the shock of both of them who clearly wasn’t expecting someone like her to show up. While the woman still remained confused, she had managed to keep a straight face. “Well then, Genesis. You seem like a nice girl, but can you really teach my son how to swim?”

    “Of course not!” Horace suddenly screamed, causing Genesis to jump. “What can she do? She’s not even older than I am. Like she can swim any better than I can.” He said with irritation as he began to stomp towards the diving board which was on the other side of the pool. “I can swim, just watch me!” Horace then would jump off the diving board, only to begin flailing in the water. It was clear that he wasn’t able to swim.

    The mother shot an exasperated glance towards her. “Make sure he doesn’t drown.” Genesis nodded and dived into the water and quickly swam towards the kid. The speed in which she swam was astonishing, quickly surpassing some of the veteran swimmers which were there. In a matter of moments, Genesis was right by his side, rescuing him before he could reach his watery doom.

    “There you go,” she said with a kind voice. “Maybe we’ll start our lessons with treading water so that way you don’t go under and drown." Sheepishly, Horace nodded, his face red from the incident that just happened.

    By no means did Genesis ever claim that she was a good teacher. In fact, it was rather difficult to work with Horace due to his pride and the two would often get into loud verbal fights. However, these conflicts were rather short as they generally ended with her needing to rescue Horace. His mother was watching the two, saying nothing as she watched the two children as if they were on some sort of playdate. They were in there for what appeared to be hours. By the end of things, Genesis’ skin was all wrinkly and even she was tired from swimming all day long while also dealing with Horace.

    But she couldn’t deny the fact that they had made some progress. By the end of the afternoon, he was no longer flailing and had even managed to tread the water for a solid minute before he had to be rescued by Genesis again. He could even swim to the other end of the pool without any aid! It also wasn’t very long before she had pinpointed the main issue of his swimming. “You’re too weak, you need to have more energy, otherwise you’re going to drown and die.” She ordered, giving him a tap on the nose. He blushed in response to her.

    “H-hey! I’m trying, don’t judge me.” He appeared to attempt to say rather angrily, but he seemed a bit more flustered instead.

    “Try harder!”

    “I will okay!” Horace had dragged himself out of the pool, placing a warm towel around his body as he shivered. “I told you I don’t need any help!” Genesis sighed and got out of the water herself, sitting right next to him. The mother came up to the two of them.

    “Are you both done yet? The pool is going to close soon,” she asked rather impatiently.

    However, a mischevious smile came across Genesis’ face. “Not yet, I got one test left for him.”

    “Wha-!” Before he could even finish speaking, she would push him into the water with one hard shove, right into one of the deeper ends of the pool. “What are you doing?” He said annoyance clear on his face.

    “Just testing what you learned,” she replied cheerfully before swimming across the other end of the pool.

    Horace began to swim towards her, anger clear on his face “I’m going to get you for that!” As he got closer, Genesis merely swam away towards the other end of the pool. She would give him that slight hope that he would be able to catch him, only for her to slip by. Only the shrill sound of a whistle had stopped their small game of cat and mouse.
    “Pool’s closing get out of the water!” One of the lifeguards shouted.

    Dragging herself out of the water, this time for good, Genesis cheerfully regarded the annoyed Horace. “I think you learned a lot about swimming today. You passed my test.” He merely gave her a grunt and turned his back on her. However, his mother seemed rather pleased.

    “Thank you for your service today. At least I know he won’t drown when he goes out to sea with his father now. Here’s a little something for the trouble.” Pressing a few bills into her hand, the mother ushered Horace into the bathroom to change. Pleased with herself, Genesis headed into the women’s bathroom to change and go home. She couldn’t wait to tell Alburn about her first job ever.

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