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    The daily meal, Bully on a stick


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    The daily meal, Bully on a stick Empty The daily meal, Bully on a stick

    Post by Roku 24th October 2015, 12:44 pm

    With the passport checked off his list, Requin had begun to slip through the halls of Basilisk fang in a bored fashion before the job board caught his interest. He was for the sake of their standards a D-rank mage, and he had to complete ‘jobs’ to make it to the next rank. So, meaningless tasks that other people were lazy with.

    His eyes grazed across the board, looking over what D-ranks that caught his interest. There were a few, but he was feeling rather lazy today, and by that he just wanted to kill someone anyways. He didn’t eat the girl last time he was out, so it was getting that time that he should find something, and with his Alura being around here, he wouldn’t be able to find any peace to just eat if he was here trying to enjoy a mean, so why not just some fast food?

    A job listing under bully slipped under his gaze. He froze for a moment; remember the host that used him before had done one similar. The last one had in fact scared the boy to shit himself, and piss himself. Though as it seems, it didn’t stop the boy? He started up again. Requin’s lips were quickly wet by his tongue flicking out, and slipping over them. This time, he’d take his time, and enjoy his meal.

    He ripped the notice from the board before rotating on the back of his heel to starting to head out of the hall. The murmurs of some around the hall filled his ears. Apparently he gave everyone the creeps after he told them how he obtained his passport. It was just torturing, and killing a legal mage? If he happened to take her name as his alias, that was a different story.

    He slipped from guild hall, and made his way to the town in question that would be providing him his meal for the moment. His stepped through town were normal, hell, he even put on a normal expression as he held a purple sack in his right palm, tossing small marshmallows into his mouth every so often to lighten his appetite, so keep him somewhat sane. Don’t want a carnivore who has a vicious mindset for food to lose his mind, do you? No, by the time Requin was full, half of the town would be dead, and he’d have run his slogan of that Nightshade had returned across the town in their own blood. It wouldn’t be good at all, no not at all.

    His steps brought him to the door of the bullied. He held up the note to his face again, and skimmed over it. He lightly groaned, before knocking at the door. He waited a few moments, before the door opened. At first it was a middle aged man. Requin gave a nice smile before speaking. ”Good afternoon sir! Your young son put out a note for a guild member to come help with. I decided I’d come help with his bully problem. So if you would send him down, so I can speak with him?” Spoke with a light tone, and it was a calm one believe it or not. Though there was something below it, he wasn’t lying at all.

    The man gave Requin a nod, a hesitant one, but a nod none the less. He closed the door, and called out for his son to come down to the door. Requin sat patiently, his right foot tapping to the sound of waltzing music in his head before he tossed another marshmallow into his mouth. His eyes flicked around, listening to the words of those moving through the area. ”Did you hear about the nightshade murder? They found a young eclipse soul girl in an alley with her brain all over the walls. They say there was something about ‘the nightshade’ or something.” He grinned as that found to his ears, and lightly snickered. His name was already spreading around. So goodie. Well at least it was just Nightshade, and not Requin.

    His attention snapped from the surrounding back to the door as the sound of lighter footsteps followed a set of heavier footsteps. A young boy opened the door to see Requin, standing there. His eyes widened to look at the big man, before speaking. “The bully, she likes to catch me as I’m leaving school. There is a bridge I have to go under to get home fast, and she catches us right there. Can you please help? I need her dealt with Sir! Here are the jewels also.” The boy pleaded as he held out his hand with the bag of jewels in hand. “Don’t worry about the jewels. You’ll want to hold onto them” He said with a grin as he took a step away from the door. His hand went down to his side, for the first time acknowledging the blade that rested at his side. Perhaps he should let the princess do something for once, nee?

    Requin made his way to the bridge, and slipped under it. All the kids had gone home for the night, and that would mean the bull wouldn’t be back out till the next day. With this thought passing through his mind, his stomach rumbled before his eyes flickered to the surrounding area. Food, he’d need something for the evening. Though as usual, luck was on his side as the sound of claws clicking across the concrete flicked over his ears, and like lightning a tentacle shot from his back to an area of the darkness before there was a loud, pain filled squeak. There was a rat as it’d seem, though there was enough meat there for him for just the evening. His tentacle coiled back into his body after it wrapped itself around the body, and brought it back to him. His hand took it for a moment, and let it hang in mid air by its tail. Held by his thumb and index finger, he spun it. He eyed the rat. ”I’m normally I won’t eat a rat, but I think it’s better than eating a random towns folk. That’d be bad, real bad.” He said aloud before he took the mouse by the waist with his other hand and brought it to his mouth. His head lurched forward, biting off the head first, his front teeth, and incisors tore through the soft layer of fur and flesh, going even farther to the spinal column before he twisted his head, ripping it cleanly in half. The half of the rat in his mouth slipped to the back of his mouth as he began to chew on it, and mixing it with his own saliva in with it so soften it till it became a fine mush. From there, he separated the mush into a few sections as he swallows it bit by bit.

    He went ahead and finished off the rat before he would leap into the air, one of his tentacles lashed out, and coiled around one of the beams of the bridge. He pulled himself up there, and positioned himself on it, and against a beam that went vertical from the one he sat on and to the bridge itself. Coiling a tentacle around it, he laid back, and closed his eyes, waiting till sleep would take him so to wait till the next day.

    His time had come as the sound of the bells from the school filled his ears. The girl was in secondary school, so she would get out an hour earlier than the boy, leaving Requin an hour to not only kill her, but to put on another terrifying scene for the people of the earthlands to eventually find. The sound of footsteps, light ones filled his ears as he flicked his gaze down, witnessing a female, a rather older one. She seemed to be around 19 years old, and wore a blue shirt with an orange skirt passing underneath, and thus the one that he was hired to deal with. He didn’t even want to play around. Without a sound, he drew Himenokuro from her sheath, and rolled some to look down, witnessing her position. Like an assassin, Requin dropped with his swords obsidian blade pointed downwards, and all 6 tentacles extended. His blade would come down right along her right shoulder, dicing through her skin like butter as a tentacle fling around her face, wedging itself over her mouth and nose to prevent her from screaming. It was like a hose, blood sprayed from now lifeless limb as it hung from her side by a mere section of flesh. Her eyes had rolled back, almost like she was in shock, though she wouldn’t be like that for long as he brought his other hand from her neck, and released a bit of his true form from the pours of his hand, and onto the girl. It quickly wormed it’s way into her body, causing scar tissue to quickly give form around the very edge of where her arm came off. She slowly came around as she shock wore off, but the area had already scarred over, and her arm had fallen completely off. ”Welcome back sweetheart!” Requin said with a sadistic laugh as he set his sword a side for now as she’d done her job. ”Now you see, the reason I’m here is because of what you’ve been doing. Ever heard of the boogie man? You could say that’s me. Though I come for everyone you see. You made it to the top of my list with how naughty you’ve been. So I decided I’m going to teach you a lesson you never forget little one. Just hold still, and you won’t feel anything more than another pinch.” He said with as his tongue flicked from his lips, wetting them slightly.

    He stood with a chuckle as his tentacle picked the girl up by her face and followed with him. Two more tentacles came around, each one wrapping around her ankles, spinning her upside down. He looked down at her frightened face, his little gift he gave her earlier keep her body or mind from going into shock. His index finger extended a single bone spike from the tip before he brought it to her ankle. From her feet to her face, he etched the same thing into her body with every bit of space he could fit it in. ”Careful in the dark, or the shadows. You could be Nightshade’s next victim.” In the end of it all, Requin looked at her, and grinned. So I don’t want you to be able to tell people what I look like just yet. So let me give you a reason not to… He said as his right hand with the bone finger jabbed forward, impaling one of her eyes, then pulling it out. The ocular hung there for a moment, the nerve still connected before he jerked, tearing it out of her head. More blood spread over her face as he laughed. It poured from her now empty eye socket to her forehead, and hair because of her being upside down. The part of him inside of her took control of her ocular nerve of her left eye, causing her to spin her eye to look up at him as he tossed the other eye into his mouth, and began to chew. It seemed like hours to the woman as she watched the previously regal looking man, now turn monster consumed her eye like it was a candy, and he was enjoying it! ”Now, with that done… he began to say as with a sicking, fleshing ripping noise, her other eye was removed. She tried to scream through the tentacle, but she was unable. He swallowed the ocular as he dropped her completely. He walked over to where he picked her up to begin with, taking his sword, sheathing her before taking the arm he cut off earlier. He took a bite of it before he walked off. This was a good day.



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