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    Bully the Bully

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    Bully the Bully Empty Bully the Bully

    Post by Love Warrior Riley 6th October 2015, 6:09 pm

    After the monstrosity that was that excavation job, Baal needed a small job to cool down with. Nothing big with potentially planet-ending results. This time around, Baal is responsible for teaching a brat a lesson. Currently, he is sitting down at a library with a child that put up a bulletin for people to hire. The two are currently sitting in the library, speaking to one another in hushed tones.

    “Hey. Sorry to call you out here to the library. The reason I called you here is because the person I have troubles with would never come to the library. He's kind of a meat-head, ya know,” the kid stated. He was about 9 years old with thick glasses, medicine around each of his nostriles and a bad over-bite. The kid was about the most pathetic thing one could see. Something someone would obviously bully, if not for his shy and passive attitude.

    “Let me guess, this kid is bullying you?” Baal asked, as if capable of reading his mind.
    “Yeah! How did you know!” the boy shouted out before being pelted by “Shhhh” throughout the entire library. This caused him to calm down for a moment and returned to his whisper. “Was it that obvious?”

    “Um. A little bit. It's with how you're dressed. You almost lend yourself to being bullied.”
    “Oh, that's rude..”
    “Get to the point or I'm going to leave.”
    “Okay, okay! Stay, please,” the boy said as he pulled out a bag full of coins and placed it upon the table. Baal looked at the bag for a moment and took a sigh outward.

    “Hold on to your money, kid. I'll handle him,” Baal said with a sigh outward. As the kid appreciated Baal's participation, it was now a waiting game.

    After school...
    By the swing set..
    He didn't come alone...

    Neither did the portly bully that was bothering his client. The bully was a demi-human that was half-boar, half human. It squeeled a bit as it rolled up on Baal's client with 5 other kids of varying sizes. Currently, Baal's client was by himself, waiting for the right time to hatch his plan. The Boar, we'll call him Johnny, pushed the client on the shoulder, knocking him to the ground. For all Johnny knows, the client was alone.

    “I'm surprised you came out by yourself like I told you to. You have bigger balls than I give you credit for,” Johnny said with a little squeel. His henchmen cackled with him. Laughter came from the client's lips as he forced himself back up on to his feet.

    “Oh, did I? I actually made me a new friend,” the client said before Baal slowly floated down between his client and the bullies. The kids looked on in amazement as Baal descended, only to levitate; his feet never touching the ground.

    “I would suggest leaving this kid alone. We have made a contract and I will protect him from you for as long as he lives.”

    “Oh yeah!” shouted the pig-headed bully. “What can you do that would..” he said before being interrupted. The swing-set they were nearby began to creek and groan. The metal of the swing-set started to shake violently until the metal gave up, folding in on itself. Unbeknownst to his client and the bullies, Baal is using his Mystic Hands to manipulate the metal at his will. This display shocked not only the bullies, but also put his client into a sense of awe.

    The metal frame continued to twist and mangle until it was twisted into a tight ball. The tight ball was then lifted into the air. Baal made hand-gestures to make it look like he was physically doing it with his mind. Baal didn't necessarily need to make these hand-gestures in order to do all of this, but for the sake of theatrics, he made movements that correspond with how he's manipulating what used to be a swing-set. Baal pulled his arm back like he was winding up for a pitch and with the motions of throwing a ball, the large metal orb was quickly thrown into the air until it looked like a speck.

    This caused the bully and his group to look towards Baal's client, who had a confident smile upon his face. “Yup! And I can summon this guy at any time. So, do you still want my lunch money?” the boy asked before the bully shook his head and actually emptied out his pockets and the pockets of his entourage. After their monetary offering, they bowed before the client's feet and asked for forgiveness.

    “Okay, fine. But you'll leave me alone right?” he asked as the children agreed and ran off.

    Afterward, the kid turned to look towards Baal and at the money that was thrown upon the ground. The money totaled 100 Jewels. “I want you to have this money. And you plan on keeping your end of the bargain, right?” the boy asked before a simple, “Of couse,” came into his head. With that, the kid turned around to gather the money only to turn back to look for Baal. To the child's dismay, the 100 jewels was already paid for and Baal had left the scene.

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