Phoenix Fire (WIP)


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    Phoenix Fire (WIP)

    Post by Haru-senpai on 30th November 2013, 1:25 am

    Job Title: Phoenix Fire

    Rank: 100YR

    Player Requirements: One Wizard Saint, One Ace, One Harbinger, or two S-Ranked Wizards or more.

    Job Requirements: Locate the legendary Phoenix, and pluck a feather from it! Return the feather too the client! Thread must be 100 posts long. 300 words each post.

    Job Location: Phoenix Mountains

    Job Description: One of Oak Towns many historians is paying extremely handsomely for what may be one of the rarest magical items in existence. The feather of a phoenix; and he will allow the wizard who brings it too him to keep it after he has but one night too study it in his own home; after said time he shall fashion you a necklance of your choosing sporting the legendary plume. Said to hold the mystical power of rebirth within each feather; the Phoenix is likely the rarest magical creature in existence.

    Said to only appear once every 7,000 years in the Phoenix Mountains that were cristened by the cave men of old with their name; the Phoenix is the lifes work of many scientists, historians, and wizards alike. Books on it fill children's shelves in childish bedtimes stories.

    Truly a marvel.

    Standing at the size of a God; the Phoenix is a startling 500 feet into the air from the bottom of it's talons to the crest when perched straight up. His wingspan? Is 1,000 feet in both directions. Enough to black out the skies above Godzilla.

    As you feel a prescence like the tug of your soul; you step over a certain horizon in the mountains. The air itself is orange; as heat waves dance now madly.

    The air itself burns around this titanic being. If he was standing in New York City; Skyscrapers would be burning away from him. Flames constantly flicker around him.

    "Ah, once every 7,000 years those deemed Archmages, Warriors of Legend and Paragons seem to find me." the voice is so deep; it's like the base is way too loud in a car; and seems to vibrate the mountains itself. Along with your inner magic power seeming to go wild an uncontrollable inside of yourself; a thrilling feeling. "Come now." the mountains shake "Show me what this age has to offer." as the Phoenix spreads it's wings over the span of two mountains; flames rip through the skies, that coat over from blue to orange and burns with random patches of flames. For seven miles in all directions in the Phoenix Mountains.

    The skies over the Eclipse Soul; Guild Hall---are orange and apocalyptic in harmless beauty as the flames dance above in a once every seven thousand years opportunity to behold.



    'Sky Rain' - (H-Ranked) - The Phoenix every 3 turns will open it's titanic wings in the skies; and fly stylishly into the skies like a jet bomber over the mountain range where his target(s) are. The heavens open up behind the orange clouds as nothing short of what could be described as 'a rain of flame' bombards the Phoenix Mountains, as the Phoenix whirls around in barrel rolls above. Make a Single Block Roll every 3 posts.

    If you fail this roll, you will be bombarded for H-Ranked damage, (15% HP).

    'Giga Crush' - (H-Ranked) - The Phoenix steams the air with increased temperature and squalls loudly, with one titanic stomp of it's stadium sized talon; it breaks the entire mountain environment out of the thousands in the Phoenix Mountain the party is currently standing on / in. The explosion is one of magma, wind, and rock; so colossal; you can see it from the grasslands of Fiore in the mountain range. Make a Single Block Roll every 20 posts.

    If you fail, you will be reduced take 50% HP period. If you are already below half HP when this happens; you are done for and KOed; likely thrown down the mountain to your doom.

    'New Age' - The Phoenix howls at the top of his lungs; vibrating the air, and shaking nearly the entire mountain range. The howl can be heard all around Fiore; signaling the dawn of the new Era. The roar seems to last forever; and has a mental effect of uncanny magnitude; most who witness this roar at point blank range are paralyzed with fear, and majesty; usually kneeling to the Phoenix in defeat. Make a single Block Roll every 15 posts.

    Note: If you fail, your concentration, confidence and moral will take a MAJOR hit as the Phoenix seems to have shaken you to your very core. All spells will cost TWICE as much MP for those affected by the howl of the New Age for their 3 posts. Those who succeed in defending find a will equivalent to that of a God within themselves; and can no longer be affected by New Age throughout the rest of the battle.

    'Wing Beat' - (S-Ranked) - The Phoenix shrouds itself in it's wings, as flames churn around it's massive body like an inferno for a split moment. As the 1000 foot wingspan is whipped openend; an S-Ranked burst of Wind Damage; followed by an immediate wave of S-Ranked Fire Damage coats over the entire area at a roaring howl. From far away; it appears as if a giant plume of flame and wind leap up in the combat area of the Phoenix Mountains.

    The Phoenix triggers a Wing Beat each time you roll a Damage Die and a 'Miss' shows up. He can and will Wing Beat you back multiple times in one turn if you miss too much.

    'Phoenix Lift' - (H-Ranked) - The Phoenix howls once; and burst into the skies kicking up an S-Ranked push back effect of Wind on the ground where he took off. He is so fast; he looks like a rising inferno. Out of sight for a few moments; all is quiet until an ear splitting squall breaks the area. The Phoenix appears for a surprise attack through the clouds and breaths out the most immense amount of Fire one can imagine. It looks like a literal pool of fire; or a flaming tsunami.

    Note: The Phoenix will trigger a Phoenix Lift when someone remains in the air during their next post after activating a Spell Effect that allows them to fly. Each turn you remain airborne; roll a Single Block. If you fail; the Phoenix careens out of nowhere in the skies through the clouds, and scorches you for H-Ranked damage (30%HP). Sending you tumbling upwards, downwards, or backwards carried on flame as he passes you by at an air shaking buzz ; you fall like a burning leaf from a tree. If you are flying at the beginning of any post; the Phoenix will attempt to Phoenix Lift you during that post. He will use this on multiple flying opponents once per turn if they're all flying.

    'Song' - The Phoenix spreads it's wings and coo's a mighty song that can be heard from outside the Phoenix Mountains. The song is so beautiful that the moment it is sung; you get extremely drowsy. All movement enhancement buffs and any spell or spell effect that increases movement speed are disabled and or nullified; and set on Cooldown. You remain sleepy for 3 posts. Make a Single Block Roll every 10 posts.

    If you fail; you hear the song loud and clear and fall under it's effects. If you succeed; you see it coming and understand what's about to happen; blocking your ears with either your hands, some form of spell, or by tuning out in your mind the song itself.

    'Reincarnation' - After delivering 10 hits of S-Ranked damage to the Phoenix; it will reincarnate in a HUGE mountain sweeping burst of H-Ranked flame. Make a Single Block Roll upon each Phoenix death.

    If you fail, you will be scorched for 50% HP period. But strangely enough; you feel your magic power rise by 50% as the Phoenix's flames of reincarnation wash over you. You feel like you've been hit by a train of flames, yet you're high on magic. Odd.

    Note:If you dodge, or defend against the Reincarnation burst of flame; you not only are healed for 50% MP, but 50% HP as well as the flames pass over you harmlessly.

    Note: The only way to superceed the 100 post limit is by making the Phoenix Reincarnate 10 times and surviving. When he reborn for the 10th time in the titan like boom of flames; his flames will do no damage as his voice quakes the mountains but once "Enough."; and heal you and the entire Phoenix Mountains back into pristine condition as the orange skies part above. His respect earned; you feel a wave of warmth and happiness from the godlike being. He will then majestically kneel with respect to the entire group; deciding to bless this era with however many of his feather plumes that the group is numbered in. Each person is allowed to pluck one feather from this legend.

    Reward: 200k Jewels & The Phoenix Necklace (Revives the wearer to perfect condition once per thread / fight when KOed or Killed)


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