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    Rest at Rose Garden (Sommarsun Event - Rotwang Frankenstein Mk-I)


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    In Progress Re: Rest at Rose Garden (Sommarsun Event - Rotwang Frankenstein Mk-I)

    Post by RF007 11th July 2023, 4:21 pm

    Some time had passed once again from when Rotwang had met Noah at the beach and participated in a slew of activities that were summer tropes like swimming in the ocean, watermelon splitting, and enjoying chilled beverages and flavored shaved ice bowls. Naturally, he had gotten busy again with his daily life since then, but before too long, he had received an invite from Noah to attend the summer bonfires that would be set alight in celebration of humanity's war against dragons which had apparently been fought in the past as well for celebration of the midpoint in this Sommarsun Weeks festivities.

    My, how time flies when one is having fun...it is already this late into this festival season, eh? It is quite the amusing thing to behold, I must admit...

    Rotwang thought silently thus as he perused the invite he had received from Noah and then readied himself to head out to the event site since the day had finally come for him to do so. Once again, it did not take him too long to reach there since he traveled there in his fully custom designed vintage limo, and this time, he was wearing his usual physician-scientist's outfit as was his usual preference for attire. Upon arrival, he parked his limo somewhere nearby where it would be safe from anyone who was overly curious about it or meant it harm and then headed into the rows of stalls with all sorts of vendors as well as colored lanterns, all the while looking out for the meeting spot that Noah had designated in his invite. Thanks to his trained physician-scientist's eyes, it did not take him too long to locate Noah as he was currently relaxing while enjoying a candied apple.

    "Ah, here you are...it is quite amazing that so much time has already passed since this festival began, eh? The thing on the docket for today are these bonfires and lanterns in honor of not only summer, but also humanity's ancient war against the dragons of yore...that will be quite the sight to behold for all attendees, including us."

    Rotwang spoke thus in his usual naturally rich, baritone, and melodious voice with its rather heavy Iceberg accent as he took a seat beside Noah in the viewing area and started to enjoy the food that he had bought from the various stalls on his way here and these included things such as chocolate covered bananas with sprinkles, candied apples, roasted corn on the cob, and of course, a couple of fizzy drinks called "Ramune". Then, the viewing of the giant bonfires began and Rotwang along with Noah enjoyed the sight of the festival staff throwing torches onto the wooden dragon constructs to set them alight for said bonfires. This took a while due to how massive the bonfires were, but the viewing eventually ended and then the attendees were all invited to head over to the lantern festival area where they could ignite paper lanterns and set them afloat on the waters of the river flowing through the area. Naturally, Rotwang was interested in this too, so he invited Noah along to enjoy the lantern festival with him too and thus, this drew the evening's festivities to a close once all the attendees had sent off their lantern offerings down the river. Here again, Rotwang bade farewell to Noah and returned back to his estate, with the plan being that they would meet back up for the final event of the Sommarsun Weeks festival, aka the fireworks show that would be held a couple of weeks from the current bonfire and lantern festival occurrence.


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