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    Rose Garden Red Cross (job) Empty Rose Garden Red Cross (job)

    Post by Shipping Goddess 14th August 2016, 6:29 am

    "What's your name?"

    The words shot through Lilian's ears like a bullet, finally bringing her back to attention. She was thinking of all the fun and yet still goodhearted things she'd do today while helping out members of this blood drive.

    "What. Is. Your. Name!?" A man with a clipboard with many, many pages asked Lilian.

    "Lilian Truth!" Lilian responded.

    The man flipped to a page that had a giant letter T on it, then started looking through the names.

    "Truth, Truth, Truth, Truth... Nope. No Truth on here. GET 'ER BOYS!" The man yelled. Suddenly Lilian was put up against the wall of the hospital, and had handcuffs on her. And then she was being dragged away.

    "W-Wait! Please! I am no illegal mage! I know I am not technically a legal mage, but I am unalligned! I saw in the fliers that those of neutral allignement could join as well? I appreciate yoyr concern for the patients, it shows true conviction, but I am not their enemy!" Lilian pleaded.

    "Hold on boys, let 'er go."

    Lilian was released from the cuffs and walked back over to the man.

    "Show me your guild tatoo. What independant guild you in?"

    "Er... None? I am guildless. I have no tatoo at all! And please take my word for that... I'd rather not take my clothes off in public..." The man raised an eyebrow, seemingly unconvinced.

    "I'll let you in, but you need an escort WHEREVER you go. One step out of line and you'll be arrested."

    Once inside Lilian was assigned to a small group of pacients. One was in her late teens, another was in his early twenties, and one seemed to be in his early thirties. A variety group. At first the three of them were doing nothing but watching television.

    "Hello! My name is Lilian Truth! I'll be assissting all of you today! If you need anything, anything at all, just ask alright?" Lilian smiled to the group, whom all waved back and introduced themselves.

    "Hi Lilian, I'm... Woah... Natasha." The girl got up and tried to shake Lily's hand, but stumbled a bit only to be caught by Lily. She sat herself down after the near-fall.

    "I'm Joshua. I don't need anything but the TV remote." The man in his twenties spoke.

    "William. Get me a beer, will ya?" The eldest of the group spoke.

    "All beverages should be non-alcoholic after donating blood. However drinking fluids is optimal. Should I get you all a soda?" Lily began to walk towards the cooking area, only stopping when she heard their responses.

    "Root Beer."
    "Anything that isn't orange, I guess."

    She went to the refrigerator, and got three sodas. Grape for Natasha, Root Beer for Joshua, and a Cola for William. She gave them all their sodas, then sat down to watch TV with them. Joshua put on an action film, one Lily hadn't seen before. Lily almost forgot there was a guard for her... Almost.

    A half hour passed with nothing happening. Then, Joshua got up and Lilian quickly rose to assist him in walking.

    "I'm hungry."

    "Alright, I'll escort you to the dining area. You can eat whatever is there for you. I'd suggest something with iron?" Lilian brought him first, then the other two to go eat. They stumbled a bit, but Lily did catch them when they did. After that, another legal mage came over to Lilian, telling her that he'd take over and Lilian could go home. Nodding amd waving to her pacients, she said goodbye and left. She didn't get paid, but she didn't want to. This was for the goodness of her heart.


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