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    I Am The Bone Of My Sip. Sake Is My Body, And Schnapps Is My Blood [Scarlett]

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    Mura Kensho

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    The Ghost Slayer

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    I Am The Bone Of My Sip. Sake Is My Body, And Schnapps Is My Blood [Scarlett] Empty I Am The Bone Of My Sip. Sake Is My Body, And Schnapps Is My Blood [Scarlett]

    Post by Mura Kensho 4th February 2023, 2:33 pm

    Magnolia. Town of Festivals. There was always some huge festival going on in this town… maybe the guild called Fairy Tail inherited its explosive nature from the town itself. Booths in all the colors of the rainbow, children running around, laughter and clang of mugs from dusk ‘till dawn – it was all a jolly atmosphere. An attractive vacation spot too, if one desired to party.

    One such party-goer was the Guildmaster of Fairy Tail. It was a pristine opportunity to converse with the townsfolk and reinforce the close bonds that citizen and Fairy Tail had with each other. Mura took his sweet time visiting all the barrels established-

    “M-Mura, wait, don’t get too drunk yet, I haven’t had any!”

    -And was subsequently pulled away from the next one by one of his two ghostly companions. Shamans and ghosts was a funny pair, and Kyuken and Zirconis could play around as much as they wanted – only Fairy Tail Wizards could see them, in the end… unless if other people possess a strong shamanistic prowess or connection with the dead.

    “F-F-Fine, wait… wait… j-just gotta relax a bit…”

    And if you were to ask how Mura ended up snoozing off on a bench under a small oak tree at the side of the street, there was your answer. Despite his position, he still got into bratty situations like these once in a blue moon.

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