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    Celestia's Yokai Soul Takeover

    Celestia Silvervane
    Celestia Silvervane

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    Celestia's Yokai Soul Takeover Empty Celestia's Yokai Soul Takeover

    Post by Celestia Silvervane 1st December 2022, 1:22 pm

    Celestia's Yokai Soul Takeover Hyakki_yako_la_parade_des_demons_17

    Yokai Soul Takeover Magic

    Magic Name: Yokai Soul
    Magic Type: Takeover
    Description: Yokai Soul is a takeover that specializes in the forms of Yokai. Much like Celestia herself, Yokai resides in the world of Earthland. This magic enables the user to accept the soul of a Yokai into themselves so that they may live on through them in the hope of being a part of the march of 100 demons. The magic itself is draining on the user as the soul of the defeated Yokai may add some of their own traits into the user when they are summoned/ released. E.G. A soul of a Succubi who is flirtatious may make the user more flirtatious than they would be in their day-to-day life.

    The magic permits the user to summon the physiological body and powers of said Yokai. Celestia was unaware that she was able to use such a magic until she came across a dying Yokai in a forest shortly after joining Fairy Tail.  She then realized that she was able to accept the soul of a weakened or dying Yokai, providing that they are willing. The soul and body is then "drank" by Celestia in the form of a white mist. After this is done she may use their form when she chooses.

    Unique Ability - Dark Masters of the Night Parade: Celestia's takeover comes from a long line of resilient and powerful Yokai. As such their longevity has been passed to her granting her the ability of 5% regeneration on MP and HP per post.
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    Celestia's Yokai Soul Takeover MO02PiW
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    Celestia's Yokai Soul Takeover Empty Re: Celestia's Yokai Soul Takeover

    Post by Mura Kensho 6th December 2022, 10:37 am


    Not many edits to make, and some aren't nerfing you ^^ As always, you can them in this color \o\
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