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    Musings of a Retired Mage

    Celestia Silvervane
    Celestia Silvervane

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    Musings of a Retired Mage Empty Musings of a Retired Mage

    Post by Celestia Silvervane 29th November 2022, 11:10 pm

    The sun was beating down hard given the time of year to the fact Celestia was able to be out in a light jacket over a full coat. She approached the park where her client was waiting. It was a simple job, once that the mage would have been more than happy to do for free but the old geezer had been rather insistent. A notebook stuck out slightly from her pocket as she approached the bench that rested a single, solitary figure.

    "Hello there." Celestia spoke in a gentle voice. The old man turned and looked at her, his face wrinkled with age but in his youth, he would have been rather good-looking. "Ah, Celestia I think it is?" He mumbled and She nodded. "well, sit young lady. My you're tall aren't ya?" He flapped his gums for a second. "Oh, uh, yes... I'm an Oni." He nodded for a second turning his head to look outward towards the rest of the park and began. Celestia pulled the notebook from her pocket and began to write.

    "Well, I grew up here in Magnolia. mmmmmhm. Didn't really get up to much at the start of it all, we mostly just had guildless people y'know? I would have loved to be in one of them, guilds. Things weren't like that back in my day, see? We just had to make do with what we had! I used a form of flower magic. I could control the roots and the different flowers could do all kinds of wonderful things. There was even a group of us that would go around... mmmhhmm. We would find off jobs to do and even go kill monsters from time to time. I remember this one time we even saw a damn dragon fly overhead, I'm sure of it! Sucker went overhead, blew one of our counterparts skirts up, oooooooh nelly that was a good day." The geezer chuckled a gappy laugh. Celestia got the impression this guy wasn't really chatting much sense, but rather just talking because he was lonely. He sure didn't need to know one key highlight was seeing some panties. Perv.

    "Sir? Are you really wanting me to write this down?" Celestia had to ask the question. He had not given anything in particular. He looked up at her with a quizzical look; "Write what down? Your phone number? HEH! I still got it huh? No, you're fine, child. I've done a fair bit of cataloging of my adventures with my children and grandchildren. I'm content that they know what their pops did in his time. This was more just to have someone to talk to than anything. They live out in Era, see? I used to be able to get out there easier but age is finally catching up... So... Am I getting your number?" He grinned a gappy smile at her. Celestia looked at him for a second before gently declining. He was nice but she didn't like old guys. Shit, she didn't like men in that way at all!

    "Was there anything else?" Celestia questioned as she got to her feet. "No, no... Just a nice little chat was all I needed. Go on now, enjoy your day." The old man gave one more gappy smile and then began to hum to himself as he watched the world go by. As Celestia walked away she thought of her own family in the guild and the mad adventures that they would engage in as time went by.

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