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    Musings of a Retired Mage


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    Musings of a Retired Mage Empty Musings of a Retired Mage

    Post by Medeia 8th August 2018, 6:09 am

    Job Description:

    Her journey as a mage had not gotten off to the most exciting start and today would probably not be one that would take her breath away either but there was a reason that she had decided to stop by this elderly woman's house and it was not just for jewels. There was something in the back of Sarisha's mind that compelled her to seek out this woman, a sense of familiarity, stemming from the memories and thoughts of her partner. Unfortunately, it would take time for the pair to fully merge and all she had at the moment were just jumbled memories. It had aroused her curiosity at least and was enough for her to agree to take the job on.

    It took just one glance at the woman's front room for Sarisha to know that she had made the right decision. It was an absolute treasure trove of memento's from a life spent as a travelling mage. Weapons, armour, artefacts, hell there was even what looked like a Dragon's head hanging up on the wall. This was a room that any hunter or warrior would love to call their own and the purple haired mage was soon up on her feet, examining one of the cabinets. The thought of stealing one or two was tempting but perhaps that was for another day. Today, it was all about conversation.

    "I wouldn't try taking that if I were you, young one," uttered a voice from behind the mage, startling her, "I have a spell in place that will turn you in to a sack of meat if you try anything. Don't give me that look, I know exactly what you were thinking. The same thing that I would have been thinking, many years ago."

    Shrugging but with a wry smile on her face, Sarisha backed off and took a seat, accepting a glass that her host then offered to her and nodding her head in gratitude. The old girl was at least eighty years old but there was still a vibrant hardness to her tone of voice and the Water Slayer could not help but think that she could still still handle herself if necessary. Once a mage, always a mage.

    Once the elderly lady took her seat, Sarisha's glance turned once more to the cabinet that she had been looking at before, "Where did you get that necklace from, Miss Elisson? The symbols on it are familiar to me and it definitely belonged to a Deity at one point."

    "It did," the old girl answered, "It belonged to a Goddess of Earth named Varona, that I defeated years ago. She was searching for her sister, a witch of the water, or so she said. She was a pompous creature and spoke to me as though I was dog faeces that were stuck on her shoe. I didn't take kindly to it and we ended up fighting, resulting in her death or as close as a Goddess can become to it. She vanished and all that was left behind was that necklace. I don't know what it's powers are I've never been able to get it to show any kind of magical power."

    Sarisha listened keenly and the name Varona was all too familiar to her, causing a look of recognition to cross her face. Something that the elderly woman noticed.

    "I see that you know of her," the elderly said as she continued, "There are many of her ilk that seem to wish for the end of this water witch although I don't know why. Perhaps you could enlighten me as I'm curious to know how you are aware of such things?"

    There was a brief pause as the purple haired mage pondered for a moment about how best to answer. In the end, she just spoke truthfully, "The water witch that you spoke of is now a part of me. We've bonded together and have become one. Yet, she's not a slave nor a prisoner and feels every sensation that I do. She was stripped of her ability to feel by her father and left to walk this planet, isolated and empty. I've given back to her what was stolen."

    "Intriguing," Miss Elisson answered, "A bold move but you've painted a massive target on your back by making that deal. By accepting her as a part of yourself, you've taken on all of her crimes, as well as incurred the wrath of her family. You'd better become a damn strong mage, Sarisha because sooner or later, her father will come hunting for you himself. Varona was strong and I can't imagine how much stronger he is than her. Watch your back."

    Sarisha took a sip of her drink before responding, "I'll be ready for him if he decides to his face but in the meantime, there is much of this world that Valara and I still wish to see. I promised to show her the world and all of the pleasures that inhabit it and I'm going to do just that."

    The old girl smiled, "I like you kid and I hope that you complete your task. The life of a mage is the best thrill that you'll find here or anywhere else. Live long, drink hard and make love often."

    Sarisha nearly choked on her drink then and coughed, "What did you say?"

    "I was young once too," was all that the old girl said in answer, chuckling to herself.

    "Yeah, once," Sarisha quipped in return, joining in with the laughter, receiving the evil eye from the old lady in response. It was all in good humour though.

    "Get out of here before I box your ears," Miss Elisson answered, getting to her feet "And...Thank you for stopping by. It's not often that I get visitors and it was fun reminiscing with you."

    "My pleasure," the young mage said with a smirk, finishing her drink and standing up as well, before making her way towards the exit.

    "Before you go, please take this," the elderly woman then said, turning towards the cabinet with the necklace and removing the spell on it. "I think it belongs in the hands of one the God's, don't you? Perhaps you will unlock its powers."

    Sarisha was surprised by the kind gesture but gratefully took the necklace when it was offered to her, placing it around her neck. It thrummed with magical power but after a moment, fell silent, almost as though it belonged around the mage's neck.

    "Thank you," she said gently, as she made her way out although she could not help but add, "Goodbye, you daft old bat."

    Before Miss Elisson could retort, Sarisha darted out of the door and down the street.

    Mission Accomplished.

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