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    Musings of a Retired Mage [JOB]

    Phantom King
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    Musings of a Retired Mage [JOB] Empty Musings of a Retired Mage [JOB]

    Post by Phantom King 24th September 2019, 9:18 am

    The city of Magnolia was a bit groggy as the clouds filled the sky and the air was slightly cold. It was different from the heat that they had been getting lately but he knew nature was always unpredictable. “Why did I accept this stupid mission?” Theo asked himself as he lit the cigarette that hung from his mouth, taking a puff before releasing it with a harsh sigh. The mage had picked up a relatively easy job having to talk to an old man who spent most of his life as a wizard. While it was easy, Theo wanted one of the more exciting jobs of the day but got stuck with the last one. The home where the old man stayed wasn’t too far from Theo’s own place in Magnolia but took his time as he knew that the old man wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Eventually he found himself on the footsteps of his client, liking the rather the polished wood that made the house. He rang the door bell and put out his cigarette, throwing the butt a few meters away from him into the next door neighbors yard.

    After hearing a few shuffles from inside the house, the door to the wooden home swung open to reveal old man, who looked to be about 60 in years and walking on a cane. “Ahhh, you must be the mage who accepted my job, come in” the old man said as he opened the door wider. Theo didn’t hesitate to walk in and when he did, noticed the smell of sweets throughout the whole house. “You can sit right here and I’ll be right back” The old man said as he wobbled his way into what Theo thought was the kitchen. Looking around, Theo didn’t really see any pictures of the old man with family or friends, taking a guess that he was a bit lonely.

    “You know I use to be a mage a long time ago”  The old mans voice rang out as he entered the room again, a tray of cookies in his hands as he sat down. Theo didn’t say anything as the old man began to ramble about his past as a mage. “If i am honest, I started out a dark mage” the old mans made statement intrigued Theo a bit, making him finally say something. “What made you stop being a dark mage?” Theo’s rough voice asked. His question sparked a intense recollection of the old mans years as a dark mage, his story of getting out of the underground world and his super long story of redemption. Theo sat and listened to the old man talk for hours and hours, realizing that the old man and him where more similar than he may have initially thought.

    After a certain point, the sun began to set and Theo realized that he had been there longer than expected but didn’t mind it. “Well I have business to attend to, I enjoyed listening to your story” Theo said as he took the last cookie from the plate and walked towards the door. “Thank you for listening, come back anytime you need too!” The old man smiled as Theo exited the door, walking back into the orange colored city of Magnolia.

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