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    Musings Of A Retired Mage

    Vanita Narcista
    Vanita Narcista

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    Musings Of A Retired Mage Empty Musings Of A Retired Mage

    Post by Vanita Narcista on 31st March 2019, 6:17 am

    Job Title: Musings Of A Retired Mage
      Rank: D
      Job Location: Any Town
      Solo Word Count: 500 Words
      Group Word Count: 1,000 Words
      Additional Requirements: Any Rank. Up to three mages maximum. Job is complete when the conversation is finished.
      Job Description: A retired mage is lonely and simply wants someone to talk to. Go to the location and listen to them talk about their days as a wandering mage.
      Enemies: N/A. However, they may or may not engage in a lengthy monologue about how things were back in their day. Hopefully one has spare time on their hands.

       The mage's gender, appearance, and personality is up to the players.
       The mage's magic and past accomplishments are up to the players.
       The mage can have any alignment. Players can choose to talk to a former good, neutral, or dark mage.

      Reward: Polite attention yields D-ranked EXP and 5,000 Jewels per player.

    -- credit to Leona Jarnefeldt

    The old woman could not help but smile as she watched the young girl stuff her face, munching away as though she had not eaten in months. She did not mind at all as it was the thought that counted and the young mage had answered her call. It had been some time since she had any company and to be able to impart her knowledge on to someone so young brought a great deal of joy to the elderly woman's heart. She spoke at length about her past, her adventures and her own travels as a mage and to the young girls credit, the pre teen had not only listened well but had peppered her with interruptions and questions, making progress a little trickier but far more entertaining.

    For Cierra, who always loved a good story, she found her imagination as well as her stomach filling as the old lady spoke. Stories of monsters, beasts as well as more romantic tales that mostly went over her head. She was still naive to such things and had simply shrugged mentally although the retired mage simply laughed at her childish naivete. Normally, Cierra found it difficult to pay attention for long but there was something captivating about the mage's words that held her interest. She was enjoying herself and was certainly preferring this job to her first one, which had involved just standing in a line for a while. In fairness though, the Ilac was a neat toy and she had already made a couple of crank calls to her friends and family, much to their annoyance. She had found it funny though and that was all that really mattered to her.

    Cierra must have spent a couple of hours simply listening and gorging herself before the time came that she had to say goodbye. It was a shame but the old mage was kind enough to let her take a few treats with her, which Cierra took without a moment's thought although she had least remembered her manners and thanked the woman. They parted on friendly terms and the old dear watched the girl leave with a smile, being reminded so fondly of her own early days of adventuring. She hoped that the child would enjoy the same life that she did and perhaps one day return and exchange her own tales.

    The girl briefly turned and waved, before wondering off down the road, stuffing one of the treats in to her mouth, quickly becoming addicted to the gorgeous things. The job had been a fun if a rather short one but she was sure that she had done her job well and had maybe learned something from the old lady along the way. Well, perhaps that was pushing it a little, given how quickly the girls mind could jump from point to another but she had enjoyed herself none the less and she started to whistle as she headed to the town exit, returning to the road, once again.

    (501 Words)

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