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    Musings Of A Retired Mage


    Musings Of A Retired Mage Empty Musings Of A Retired Mage

    Post by Guest 11th April 2019, 5:27 am

    She was a sweet old dear and the elderly mage certainly had the young black haired mage's attention. The retired magic caster was in the midst of a tale of daring doom and adventure which had captured Leliana's heart and soul. The only words that were coming out of mouth the whole time were, "Then what happened?" which made the old woman simply laugh harder. True to her word, Leliana had come to visit the elderly mage after finishing her job in Era and it had definitely been worth it, for the story alone. The petite black haired girl had not even known that she enjoyed such tales under now, her purple eyes wide with amazement and wonder as it continued. For the old woman's part, she was just flattered that she had a visitor and was more than happy to pass on her stories to the curious mage. Leliana had expected the task to be a bit of a bore but it had been anything but. Time flew by and neither of them seemed to notice, much to the surprise of both. In truth, the younger mage had never thought of herself as a heroine or anything like that so to hear such stories was a great inspiration to her, something that the elderly mage seemed to notice.

    Time passed and after sharing a meal with each other, the conversation started to turn towards Leliana and that was when things became a little more strained. The young mage started to close up and she became rather vague with her answers. Oh, she spoke of her jobs and her time on the road but when it came to anything before that, she said very little. Her past was something that she simply wanted to bury and even the slightest prodding had a negative effect on her psyche and mood. The old woman refused to let it go though and just kept pressing until eventually Leliana stood up and headed for the door, tears in her eyes. The tension had just become too much for her to bare. The elderly woman looked annoyed at first but eventually sighed and paid the young mage for her time. Without another word, Leliana was out the door and gone, vanishing in to the depths of the town.

    After walking for about ten minutes or so, Leliana drifted in to the first alley that could find and sat down, her mind becoming a nest of negative thoughts, with memories of her past reaching the surface of her mind. Shaking, she put her head in her hands and tried not to cry although it was sadly a hopeless task. The tears soon started to flow down her cheeks and the moment they did, a familiar figure appeared out of seemingly no where and was nuzzling up against the mage, trying to pull her hands way from her face using a pair of pink like feelers. At first, Leliana tried to fight them off but eventually relented to find herself looking in to the eyes of Sylveon, a troubled look across her own face. Without saying a word, Leliana wrapped her arms around her spirit and hugged her, with the spirit wrapping her feelers around the petite mage in return and there they stayed for quite some time.

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