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    Musings Of A Retired Mage


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    Musings Of A Retired Mage Empty Musings Of A Retired Mage

    Post by Corey 28th December 2018, 3:04 pm

    Kai walked through the beautiful Hargeon Town, looking down at the paper in his hand which gave a small briefing of his mission. As he walked, he carefully avoided numerous large crowds that were enjoying a nearby festival. Since the festival was so loud and overcrowded, it only consisted of middle aged adults, and novice mages who were looking to eat, chat, and satisfy their love affairs. It all seemed like an amazing day, and it would only become better if the sage found where his job was located. He swayed his head from left to right then back down at his briefing, wiggling through the human clusters, softly mumbling his briefing to himself, repeatedly. After awhile, he truly became aware of his surroundings, and considered looking in a more calm area.

    With a haste turn, he carelessly managed to run into one of the festival goers. The man, he ran into, landed directly on his butt. Kai kneel'd down with his hand extended out to assist the man up, who was alone, and calmly spoke, "My apologies for running into you..." With his hand out towards the man, he noticed he was elderly. His face was fragile and dirty, however as Kai stared into the man's fiery blue eyes, he couldn't imagine this man being weak. "Back in m-my day as a mage, we had a decent amount of respect for one another," the elderly man annoyingly spoke. "The last mage who b-b-bumped me, he lost his fingers! He was from one of those dark guilds, so he thought he could disrespect me." As the elderly man reminisced, Kai reviewed his briefing once more then looked back at the man. He fit the description perfectly.

    The sage assisted the mage up from the dirty road, and happily asked, "Interesting! What kind of mage were you?" The elderly man softly patted the dirt off his robe, and extended his hand outward. In a quick instant, in his hand, was a wooden battle-worn cane. Once they began walking, the man grinned. "I was one of the most talented dark mages of my time. Out of the several people who've scratched my cheek, only one is alive... I think, somewhere... a-around this region," He stated, the duo in a more 'calm' section of the festival now. Kai nodded his head, actively listening to the man. He was abit shocked that the elderly man was a dark mage, like himself, and he felt closer to the old man because of their common magical abilities. "I'm a dark mage as well, and if possible, I would like to see your dark magic." Kai requested in a authoritative tone. As a dark mage, he was interested in researching how other dark mages used it, so he could either be able to counterattack it or implement it into his own magic.

    The elder mage grinned and nodded his head which lightened the sage's spirits. "You're really taking me back kid! Close your eyes, and... I'll show you the strength of a dark mage." Kai nodded his head, and softly closed his eyes, becoming relaxed. The background noise from the festival slowly became inaudible... then silent, and the sage sensed a dark presence. The elderly man calmly demanded, "Open your eyes." As his eyes opened, he was in mid-air and below him was a fiery pit of hell filled with inaudible screams for help. Kai became struck with fear and his bravery was completely gone. He never felt such a horrible, disgusting vibe, and while he was falling into the damned pit, the elder dark mage stood with a grin on a nearby rocky platform. He attempted to say something, but nothing came out of his mouth. When he reached the pit, he covered his face with his arms and closed his eyes. The screams slowly faltered, and the elder calmly said to the sage, "Open your eyes."

    Kai hastily opened his eyes to different scenery. One foot was planted on the stone roof while the other hovered inches infront, in mid-air. The elder mage stood feet behind the sage. "What you saw seconds ago was pseudo-reality, but t-t-this is true reality," The elder said. "You're about to walk off the highest building in Hargeon." He ended with the sage swiftly leaping backwards, landing in a one-legged kneel. With his fist planted into the roof, he spoke while attempting to catch his breath, "That was very impressive but my mission was to simply talk with you. My apologies for asking for too much sir!" The elder man, with his hands crossed in his robe, smiled. "I haven't used magic like that in decades. Yes, I requested for someone to have a conversation with about the good ol' days, but I feel thirty years younger," the Elder proclaimed to the drained sage. Kai sighed in relief. Hopefully my Guildmaster will be satisfied with how I finished this mission, he thought, standing up into his prideful posture.

    In a masculine voice, he spoke, "Have I finished my task for you today?" It was quiet after that, other than the blowing winds that made their robes carelessly sway side from side. The Elderly man looked towards the beautiful setting sun, and minutes later, he nodded. "Thank you for making me feel younger," The man said who smiled with several teeth missing. Kai lightly bowed his head towards the man, remembering proper respect for customers. "No problem. Enjoy the remains of the day," Kai replied, waving his hand as he walked off. With his first mission successfully finished, he wondered if he'd get tougher missions from now on. It seemed like the guild didn't deem him worthy of more complicated missions, but he wished to prove himself. Finally, back on the road, he threw his hood over his head, and jammed his hands into his robe pockets. With the sun barely visible, the moon replacing it in the sky, it became cold and the sage knew it would be a rough journey back to his Guild Hall. However he couldn't wait to see all of his unique comrades.


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