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    These Easter Eggs Have Money In Them Right?

    Aliarey Casady
    Aliarey Casady

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    These Easter Eggs Have Money In Them Right? Empty These Easter Eggs Have Money In Them Right?

    Post by Aliarey Casady 13th May 2022, 12:01 am

    Here we go again. Another festival. In Magnolia Town no less. Those two together generally meant nothing to most people. Well, maybe it meant fun and joy or something positive that could be turned into some motivational cheer of goodwill, sunshine, and rainbows. For Aliarey, it was terrifying. It brought on the memories of that Christmas festival that turned weird the last time the blonde visited Magnolia Town during some fun time social gettogether. It had to have been some weird fluke though. Aliarey liked Magnolia Town in general. That was why she was even there again. During a festival. It was worth the risk, right? Surely nothing weird could happen with egg painting and four-leaf clover hunts. The same thing could have been said for the Christmas festival of the past really, but the requip mage was ready to not think about it too much and just forget that detail. This time things would go great. It'd be awesome. It'd be normal. Or as normal as things could be when living in a world of magic.

    As has become habitual and routine, Aliarey had contacted Diana to hang out. It was a good excuse. It had been a while since they last saw each other and festivals seemed to bring the two together since for some reason the both of them never had anything else planned. Shocking as that was in current days. The Ishgar Symposium was the last time they did anything together and that ended up being a complete waste of effort that would have taken their lives if they hadn't been lucky enough to finish their job and got out of Felidae City before it... evaporated? Aliarey didn't know what to call it. It was depressing keeping up with all of that and Aliarey didn't like anything depressing.

    She and Diana hadn't really talked all that much since then. The continent, after all, was changing. There was a war going on. Aliarey didn't know much about what Diana was doing about it, but as for herself, she was staying far away from it. The money that could be made sounded good and all, but facing off against Pergrande was not something she was taking lightly. The worst of the worst monsters sounded like safer opponents than that country and their oblivium. If things got too bad Aliarey and her family already had plans to bail. For now though, Fiore was still pretty safe and the day-to-day life was pretty much the same. A cheery spring festival going on was proof of that. Some people might have viewed it as silly to have such laidback fun when there were major things going on a few countries over that could inevitably reach Fiore, but those people could go run into the nearest volcano as far as Aliarey was concerned. She wanted at least one more laidback event with Diana before things got worse or she left entirely. If she were lucky, there'd be even more down the road because the war didn't reach home. It was probably best to assume that her times of luck were rare. The whole Felidae incident probably took what was left for her entire life. Oh well.

    Aliarey sat on one of the park benches waiting for Diana to show up. Normally she would have entertained herself by participating in one of the activities while waiting, but this time she just figured she'd wait on her friend for once. Besides, listening to the music playing on her iLac was good enough. With her earphones in she couldn't hear much of anything else, which worked well to drown out the annoying combination of noises from the festival. It'd be easy enough for Diana to find her even if she was a bit distracted while jamming to her music. Aliarey would be wearing a different outfit than usual, but it was pretty similar and still allowed her to be recognizable from the rest of the crowd.

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    Diana Winchester
    Diana Winchester

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    These Easter Eggs Have Money In Them Right? Empty Re: These Easter Eggs Have Money In Them Right?

    Post by Diana Winchester 13th May 2022, 8:48 pm

    Wearing her usual outfit of purple t-shirt, black pleated skirt with pockets, white thigh-high stockings, and black tennis shoes, Diana's outfit was not the height of fashion, but no one around here seemed to notice or care about that. They were too busy participating in the Spring Festival with friends and family to notice an ordinary green-eyed blonde wearing the same casual outfit everywhere she went. That was good because today Diana was not concerned about looking stylish. Diana was here to participate in the festival with her fellow Guildless mage and fellow blonde Aliarey Casady.

    In the past they tended to meet up by chance, but this time Aliarey had decided to facilitate their meeting by calling Diana via iLac and asking to meet up at the Spring Festival in Magnolia Town. Diana, having nothing important to do and not particularly interested in looking for a job today, readily accepted the invitation from her friend. She had walked all the way to Magnolia Town from Capital Crocus... after a long but uneventful walk she was in town looking for the blue-eyed blonde. Diana was not sure where exactly Aliarey could be found, so she would look all around the town. She was certain she would find the blue-eyed blonde soon... fate had an odd way of bringing them together.

    -Thirty minutes later-

    Diana had been looking for her friend for a half-hour and had not spotted Aliarey just yet, so the blonde stopped next to a park bench to catch her breath. When she stopped to the right of it she happened to glance left and spotted a young blonde woman seated on the bench who was wearing earphones. Diana looked closely at her and noticed a few things.

    The seated young woman had long blonde hair that was the same length as Aliarey's. She also had blue eyes that were the same color as Aliarey's. Furthermore, she was even wearing an outfit with the same basic colors but a few noticeable differences from Aliarey's ordinary outfit such as the skirt length and the style of boots. For the final touch the magic signature coming from the person and noted how similar it was to Aliarey's.

    When all of those similarities were put together, there was a very good chance that Diana had just found her friend.

    Diana stepped in front of Aliarey and waved at her to catch her attention.

    "Hello, Aliarey." Diana greeted Aliarey in her usual calm manner. Diana wondered what kind of music the blue-eyed blonde was listening to. Diana had no idea about her friend's musical tastes because she had never bothered to ask that kind of question before, but she would ask that question today, if only out of idle curiosity.

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