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    Fairy Tail the Movie: Zero, Part I

    Mura Kensho
    Mura Kensho

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    The Ghost Slayer

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    Fairy Tail the Movie: Zero, Part I Empty Fairy Tail the Movie: Zero, Part I

    Post by Mura Kensho 21st February 2022, 2:50 pm

    Maaaaaaaan, the music was busting. What an introduction to today’s secret mission, having rave music inspired by the previous Urban Nights Festival blasting through your eardrums. If anything else, Mura wasn’t dressed for the occasion as he was last time – he was in his freaking… uh, what did he call it again, his ‘casual duty’ gi? He didn’t expect this mission to take much time, so he had decided to stay in his casual, comfortable black gi that really just rubbed it in your face that he was a foreigner… for no fan or admirer of Midi would have the balls to wear this-t-this bath robe of a gi around in the public, right?

    Except Mura! It was traditional, you insensitive shits…

    The green laser lights often shone straight into his eyes, but they weren’t strong enough to bother him. No, not at this point, and to be honest, he used the occasion to raise his fist up in the air and party a little himself… you see, he got a promotion. He was no longer a Wizard Saint, for the Magic Council – as much bad blood as they have between each other concerning Fairy Tail – had actually declared the shaman a God of Ishgar… h-he was thinking about it the wrong way, a-as if it was just a small happenstance- no! It was a huge thing, holy shit…

    It made him a little light-headed the first few days. He had reached the realm of gods, man… it felt… weird. He wanted his old friends to have witnessed it, but deep inside, he felt that they had been watching over him throughout his journey through life. Gamon, Hana-chan, Sorano-imouto… and Julius

    And Julius was still by his side, a friend for life. Mura and he were usually bratty against each other, but between the two of us – the shaman adored him. He loved him. Julius was his brother figure, giving Mura a sense of siblinghood that he never experienced back in Midi.

    Given what had happened with their old team, however… wheels began to turn. If anything happened to Julius, then… Mura might’ve gotten truly hopeless. One could only bear so much loss until he breaks… he’d have to obtain some advice from Menka on that topic. She’d lived centuries longer than him.

    Anyway, forget that depressing stuff. They actually had a dossier from a frequent, authentic client containing information on a soon-to-be dead target. The information was assessed by the guild’s Executive Ace, and given that it was attended to by the likes of Mura and Julius, said target could be no less than a menace… at least an S-Rank threat. Mura personally requested to complete the task in Vandrad’s stead, wanting to cut the Ace some slack after the marathon he’d had:


    And yet, Mura wasn’t exactly in a hurry… even though the chandelier was several 20 or more meters above the dancers that he was amongst. Too much sake. Lol.

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    Julius Seas
    Julius Seas

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    Fairy Tail the Movie: Zero, Part I Empty Re: Fairy Tail the Movie: Zero, Part I

    Post by Julius Seas 7th May 2022, 8:40 am

    540 words

    @Mura Kensho
    This is where any notes or fancy quotes/song lyrics can go! If you don't need it, simply delete the text within this space. It will scroll if needed.

    Persona 3 ~ Deep Mentality:

    Colorful lights filled the club everywhere and attacked Julius' eyesight and music that could cause his eardrums to erupt. He wasn't really the partying type, he enjoyed the coziness and crowd of a bar more. Leaning against a wall somewhat away from the dancefloor, he had his arm crossed and held one of his feet against the wall and kept a watchful eye over Mura who was on the dancefloor having the time of his life though he was somewhat dressed unusual for the occasion but no one batted it a eye. Not that Julius was the one to judge someone on their fashion sense. He himself was wearing a new suit that he had found, he likes the suit he wore when he worked at the West Fiore Trading Company but Julius felt he needed something new to start of with clean slate. He was still going to wear his old suit but a different wardrobe can do wonders to ones mental health.

    A guy walked up to Julius he looked somewhat drunk. Hey cutey, you come here often? The guy said with a wink while trying to keep his balance. The guy looked a couple of years younger then Julius so that alone was a nope for Julius. I'm sorry dear but I don't kids, come back when you've become a man. Julius replied followed with a wink of his own. The guy gave Julius a "whatever" face and walked away. Stupid drunk kids... Julius didn't feel very comfortable either especially since Squable wasn't allowed in. He just hoped the mission they were on would go by quick so he could leave this place filled with people high on drugs. Which is also the reason they are here, Mura and Julius were to swiftly deal with a drugdealer who was increasing his strength and influence in the area Weird place to have a dealership inside a glass chandelier... Both mages were tasked to deal with the threat without causing a scene, which Julius was trained at during his time at Black Sails or Onyx Moon how people these days would refer to his old guild.

    Julius continued to watch Mura, Mura already had a few drinks and he wanted to make sure no one would try anything funny. He knows that he shouldn't treat Mura as a kid anymore but a certain type of connection to Mura wanted to protect him like a elder brother looking over his younger brother. Tsk kind of ironic to think that when Mura is the one who has more authority and status. Julius liked it being back at he guild but something inside him tells him he isn't welcome there anymore and that his guild mates don't like him, of course this is just his mind playing tricks on him but the feeling keeps nagging at him in the back of his mind.

    I hope our target is going to make a move quick if I have to deal with one more drunkard or someone high on drugs I will drown this place mission be damned, sorry Vandrad. Julius started to become inpatient so he continued to watch Mura. And occasionally glance at the glass chandelier which was right above the dancefloor.  


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