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    Kraken's Lament


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    Kraken's Lament Empty Kraken's Lament

    Post by Fraag 24th July 2021, 12:04 pm

    Kraken's Lament

    Link to Purchase:

    Unique Armor

    1,500 HP

    Forged from the remains of a slain Kraken, this shield was created as a celebration of victory for defeating the dreaded sea monster. As a result, it pertains the sea's monster's hardened flesh, which makes it much more powerful than the average shield.

    Kraken's Lament MhQ6ylJ


    Kraken's Hide:
    The shield itself is at all times covered by a magical aura with a durability of 420 HP. When struck with an attack the shield can absorb the damage it takes as mana, upon the destruction of the aura this mana will be restored to the user. The exchange of for each 1HP of damage it takes 1MP of mana is stored, with a max total of 420 MP restored to the user's mana. This shield and aura cannot be broken by piercing effects. Once the aura is broken it does not regenerate for the duration of 4 posts.



    Kraken's Lament Empty Re: Kraken's Lament

    Post by Guest 25th July 2021, 3:26 am


    Kraken's Lament QlhAT3Z

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