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    Fortune's Findings


    Lineage : Progeny of Arcanos
    Position : None
    Faction : The Luminous Covenant
    Posts : 867
    Guild : Luminous Rose
    Cosmic Coins : 60
    Dungeon Tokens : 0
    Experience : 37,743

    Character Sheet
    First Magic: Arcane Fate Magic
    Second Magic:
    Third Magic:

    Fortune's Findings Empty Fortune's Findings

    Post by Fraag 6th April 2021, 10:06 am

    Nita Fortune's Bank

    Name: Ms. Fortune | Black Maria
    Rank: Y
    Guild: Luminous Rose
    Lineage: Progeny of Arcanos


    Magic 1: Arcane Fate Magic
    Magic 2: ---
    Magic 3: ---


    Kraken's Lament- Unique Shield
    Dwarf Basher- Artifact(+) Weapon
    Lauma's Favor- Artifact(+) Item

    Ascendant Abilities





    To Trick Or To Treat, That Is The Question- Social Event [Completed]
    Whispers of War- Event [Completed]
    Archangels of the Sephiroth- LR Guildscale
    Baiting the Trap- 100-Year Freeform [Completed]
    Oshibana Railway Madness: The Sequel- Freeform
    Finding the Lost- 100 Year Light Mission
    A Step Away From Sanity- Two A and two C-Rank Freeforms [Completed]
    The Rose Garden Raid- 100-Year Freeform [Completed]
    Ms. Fortune and the Sea of Stolen Souls- 10-Year Light Mission [Completed]
    Enter the Black Maria!- 100-Year Character Job [Completed]
    Grand Theft Auto- A host of C Rank Missions [Completed]

    Unused Golden Lacrima


    Ms. Fortune
    Golden Lacrima in effect till 11th July 2022

      Current date/time is 6th July 2022, 6:15 am