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    Planting The Seeds [Solo D-Rank Mission]


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    Planting The Seeds [Solo D-Rank Mission] Empty Planting The Seeds [Solo D-Rank Mission]

    Post by Luka 5th December 2020, 4:58 pm

    The first order when ona  new continent had to be making some money, right? She spent most of what she'd saved previously on and was not planning on begging anyone for it so now she found herself here. Despite her general attitude, har dwork was not far off from her. She was more then used to physical exertion and had practiced a lot of different jobs by now. A little farm work didn't scare her off, it was just another form of training. that said she'd come here with all of her little posessions as she didn't rent rooms for more then a day in the mindset of always being on the move. When she appeared at the farm, the middle aged man sat with his broken leg all bandaged up, on an old wooden bench and stared out on the field in worry. Casually walking up from the side and with her hands in her coat's pockets Luka appeared just about like any punk ready to mug the man as she said, "Yo old man, I'm here for the job." She didn't spare him a second glance and seized the field up with her eyes. This would take her all day going by what the job description had promised and seemed to be easy to incorporate into training. The guy looked her up and down, seemingly with a mind set on disappointment and sighed, "Fine, but don't step on the seed you've already planted..." He didn't have high hopes for, but when he saw her put three swords and her coat aside but remained with one sword in her right hand and the bag of seeds in the other, he thought he was dreaming. Since when was a sword a farming tool? He didn't get to protest though as Luka had already jumped over to the field and started piercing the ground with her sword in regular spaces much like the job description had explained. Her left hand in the meantime was burrying singular seeds in the resulting holes. This was of course way faster then using regular farming tools and digging proper holes. Even the farmer was left astonished as he watched her work. She'd been on field previously and knew a little of how she'd wanna handle the ground and so by the afternoon this rather uneventful job came to an end, the most exciting part being Luka pulling some weeds out of the ground as she performed her job. When she was done she swung her sword sidewards to remove most of the dirt that had collected on it and pulled a brown cloth out of her pocked to wipe her sword clean while she was moving back to the farmer. My arms are all stiff now, but we got it done before sunset, so that ain't too bad, eh?" She said sheathed her sword. The man nodded a little in trance and replied, "You should think about a career as farmer, you definitely have talent." At his words Luka only shrugged and extended her hand, signaling she was asking for her reward. The farmer hurriedly pulled a bag of jewel out of his overall and handed it to her. She of course took it and stretched, "Was fun doing business with you old man." She said although they had had barely any contact and took her way back to town.

    Wordcount: 565 Words


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