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    Completed ❖ PLANTING THE SEEDS ❖ (D/Solo)

    Post by Ignacio 23rd October 2019, 5:15 pm

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    Nico Dixon
    Someone needs to step up and do something.
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    "A little deeper, kiddo!"

    "Like this?!"

    In the backyard of Hargeon Town, there was a small little farm owned by an older fellow who grew vegetables that looked like turnips but weren't. They were much bigger and rounder. While normally it was this old man who did all of the daunting work of planting the seeds, today he was reclining in his swinging chair on his front porch, a cast over his right leg and a glass of lemonade in his left hand. In his field, caked with dirt, shovel in hand, and muscular arms exposed and sweaty in the naked sun was Nico Dixon, a young man who went from town to town looking for work.

    "Just like that!" yelled back the old man, giving Nico who was stabbing the shovel into the soil a thumbs up. Nico seemed happy with the approval and responded with an equally gleeful thumbs-up, continuing to dig rather large holes in a neat row across a large field. He was planting these seeds in the old man's stead and seemed to excel in it too. The holes were dug at rates faster than what the old man could ever achieve, and he was a fast learner. Some might say that he was cut out for manual labor and that either his athletic build or insatiable eagerness to please kept him going like a machine. Over the many hours that he labored, the cake of dirt transformed into a layer of mud over his arms and feet, but neither of them seemed bothered by this.  

    By the time Nico had finished planting the seeds, the old man on the porch had already prepared his next task for him.

    "Here 'ye go, kiddo." the old man handed him only one of many bags of fertilizer, in which he would manually have to place around the holes. "Go and empty these."

    While the repitive task was not only boring and daunting, Nico didn't seem fazed by the workload ahead of him. Instead, his gummy smile continued strecthing across his countenance as he nodded. "Mm-kay!" Nico reassured, jogging down the steps and back to the holes to surround them with what he thought to be darker, more odorous soil.

    Several more hours passed since Nico was assigned the task, and by the time he had finished, the naked sky was now dark and cloudy. The lamps that surrounded his property flickered into radiance, and the dirty, smelly figure of Nico could be seen squatting over the small mounds he had created over the day, dusting his hands off of one another although nothing would come off.

    "I think you're all set, Mr. Heaton." Nico climbed up the porch steps, smiling kindly.

    The old man, Mr. Heaton, chuckled wryly. "I think it does, Nico-boy! I think it does. You're really talented, you know that?"

    Nico blushed a little bit, "It's really nothing, sir! It was a lot of fun, you know!"

    "Is that right? Well come back next season and I'll give you some of my yield! The fruits of your labor, if you will. Here, here's you pay." Mr. Heaton handed him a small bag of jewels, although the weight of it hardly reflected the labor it requested. "I know it isn't all that much. . .!"

    Nico took it and only briefly looked at it before dipping his head in thanks. "It's more than enough! Actually, it's perfect!!" Nico insisted.

    Is that right? Well, you better hurry home, Nico-boy. It's gettin' real dark."

    "Alright! Have a great night, Mr. Heaton sir!"
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