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    Planting the Seeds! [D-Rank Job]


    Planting the Seeds! [D-Rank Job] Empty Planting the Seeds! [D-Rank Job]

    Post by Guest 16th December 2020, 2:34 am

    Yuel Lilerre
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    Word Count: 591/500
    ”Hargeon is really beautiful, ribbit.” Yuel said as she walked around town. She had signed up to do a quick job for a farmer. Plant some seeds for an injured farmer. That sounds about right. It was about 3:00pm in the afternoon. Yuel awoke around 12:50pm before heading to straight out the door towards her favorite nearby bakery. After eating some fresh bread and butter, she got her stuff and was on her way.

    Soon, she made it to the farm where she had to do her job. The walk wasn’t that long. Plus, she lived in Hargeon Town so, atleast she didn’t need to walk too far. When she approached the farm, she saw the farmer inside his house. He looked like he was asleep. The farmer definitely was. He was asleep in his rocking chair with a straw hat covering his eyes and a straw of wheat in his mouth. “Might as well just get this done.” Yuel thought to herself as she walked inside. It’s obviously a farm so, she wasn’t gonna dress down or something like that. She wore overalls with a grey t-shirt under it with a pair of boots. Her left hand was adorned with a gold tree branch bracelet with emeralds studded in it. Yuel looked around before heading into the farm section. She didn’t want to wake the farmer up so, she started looking for the seeds herself.

    After a few minutes of looking, she found the packets of seeds somewhere in the barn and took them out. Yuel walked into the field with a bucket of seeds in her hand. It was incredibly sunny outside. Luckily, she found a spare straw hat outside of the farmer’s house. She grabbed a shovel and looked at the incredibly extensive field. Yuel sighed as she knew that this was gonna take a while. The seeds ranged from carrots, to pumpkins. It would take a day or two to plant the seeds but, at least it wouldn’t be any longer. On the bright side, the season will start soon but, by the time it is here, she will already be done. Yuel grabbed the tools and started to get to work.

    Firstly, she grabbed the bucket of seeds and placed it next to her. Yuel leaned the tools on the bucket as she grabbed the shovel and started digging the holes. One by one, she dug evenly-spaced holes in the field. As soon as that was done, she walked back towards the bucket of seeds and grabbed a handful. Then, Yuel just realized. She should’ve separated the seeds into designated sections so she would know which one is which. Yuel pouted as she slouched over and sat down on the ground. Only the holes were done so, that was one down and she was already tired. But, “I must keep on going. A pile of fresh bread is waiting for me. I can spread all the jam and butter on those things as I want. I mustn’t stop, ribbit.” Yuel said to herself as she persevered and pushed onwards.

    Soon, every single thing she had to do was finished. And it only took about 8 hours which is very surprising due to how large the field was.

    Yuel put all the stuff back, placed the straw hat back on the hook and wiped the sweat off her forehead before walking out of the barn. She didn’t even check if the farmer was awake. All she knew was that she was about to eat good.
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