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    Planting the Seeds


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    Completed Planting the Seeds

    Post by Enigma 23rd April 2019, 6:58 am

    Planting the Seeds

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    Enigma thinks that he should take some easy jobs first in order to make money and upgrade his old and rusty equipment. PS: If you find any grammatical errors, please point them out. Same goes with suggestions. I am new to roleplaying so any help is welcome.
    Enigma takes his map out and has a quick look at it.

    "This must be the farm from the job description. Gatos, you can put me down now, I think we're here" says Enigma to his partner, Gatos. A black coloured Exceed, with green eyes and an unusually long tail.

    "Finally, if I had to fly any more I would have fainted. Why don't we take rides again?"

    "You know we can't afford to buy rides with the money we have right now." says Enigma as Gatos gently puts him to the ground.

    The two head towards what looks like the farmer's house and knock his door. After a while the door slowly opens to reveal an old man.

    "Hello there, you must be the Sabertooth wizards. Should I offer you something to eat or drink before you get to work?"

    "No thanks, we'll get rig--" "Yes please, some fish would be nice" says Gatos, interrupting Enigma.

    "Hey, Gatos!"

    "Don't worry about it, no need to by shy. The little cat there seems hungry and I am sure you are too."

    The old man heads towards his kitchen and opens a shelf to get some dishes out.

    "I'll give you a hand!" says Gatos, he flies towards the shelf, grabs three dishes and places them on the table.

    "Oh my, a cat that talks and flies? Now I've seen everything" says the old man with a surprised look on his face.

    "I can also fish and fight!" says Gatos, trying to show off.

    Enigma grabs Gatos by his tail and tells him to sit on the table so they can eat and get started with their work afterwards.

    The three sit together on the table and eat silently. Afterwards the two Sabertooth members thank the old man and ask how they should proceed with their work.

    "Follow me outside" says the old man, "I'll show you how it's done. After that I'll sit nearby and observe you in case you make any mistakes."

    The old man proceeds to explain everything and giving Enigma and Gatos the tools that they'll need to plant the seeds. The two start the planting shortly after and the old man carefully observes their work to make sure everything goes right.
    After a while he seems to be satisfied with how the two plant the seeds and takes off.

    "You seem to be very good at this, I see no need for me to further observe you. I'll go make some juice for you boys."

    The old man walks slowly back to his home.

    "I thought we came to this country to fight monsters and become stronger, not to plan seeds.." says Gatos

    "That was our main goal. But to do that we first have to do some simple jobs and get enough money to upgrade our old equipment."

    "I guess you're right, but still, seed planting? Not even an hour has passed and I'm already tired. Not to mention how boring this is."

    Enigma stopped paying attention to his partner's complains and focused on getting the job done. "Sure feels nice to do something other than fighting once in a while though." he thought, and took a small break to enjoy the light breeze and the warm sun. After a little while, he resumed his work, carefully planting each seed, just like the farmer showed him.

    "Come on you, our client expects us to be done by tommorow, otherwise we won't get paid. Get back to work already!" says Enigma and picks Gatos up from the ground where he was sitting, looking at the clouds. "This is no time to slack off!"

    "I expect my payment to be in fish. After all this work I have gotten hungry"

    "You just ate and you haven't even been working for two hours. Stop complaining. The faster we get done here, the sooner you'll get to eat your fish."

    "Fine.." says Gatos with a tired expression on his face and gets back to work.

    After about seven hours of hard work and three liters of juice, the two finally finish their work and go back to the house to inform their client.

    "Already done!?" wonders the old man, looking very impressed "I thought you would need at least three days. I guess I underestimated you, young ones."

    Gatos flies close to Enigma's ear and whispers to him "I told you we should take it slow, we could sleep here and eat fish for three days."

    "Shh! Don't complain."

    The old man goes outside and takes a walk around the field where the seeds were planted. After carefully examining every spot, he seems satisfied and tells the two to follow him back home to receive their reward.

    "Here you go, 5000 Jewels, as promised." the old man gives a sack full of jewels to Enigma "I would have given you more because of how fast you were done but unfortunately I haven't got that much money to spend"

    "That's no problem, we're just happy we could be of service."

    "Oh!" exclaims the old man and heads towards a bucket at the back of the kitchen "Your little partner couldn't stop talking about fish while he was working so here, please accept these."

    The old man hands a small sack full of fish to Gatos, whose eyes were shining with excitement.

    The two thank the old man, say their goodbyes and take their leave.

    "Maybe we should accept more of these jobs" says Gatos "There's a lot less fighting and a lot more fish!"

    Enigma smiles and looks up to the peaceful sky.

    "Yeah, we should probably accept some more peaceful jobs before getting into fighting again."

    Gatos puts his bag away, picks Enigma up and flies away.

    "What's our next stop?"

    "Hargeon Town's Inn please" says Enigma all exhausted from the field work, and the two take off, flying towards Hargeon.
    Simple jobs aren't so bad after all.

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