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    Murder and Mayheim


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    Murder and Mayheim Empty Murder and Mayheim

    Post by Trinity 21st September 2020, 3:10 pm

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    @Lehanna Seraph
    Thana walked around the streets as innocent as any other citizen, taking in the sights. At this point she had been to many places in Fiore, but surprisingly Oak Town had yet to be one of them. For a city that was so rich with the nation’s history and libraries of magic and research, it was a bit of a wonder that she hadn’t made time to visit it yet. It was a town packed with all manner of people, from residents to tourists, with a large presence of mages from all over the world that came to check out the library and get information on various guilds. There was so much of importance in this one little town that it was a must for any self respecting mage to visit it at least once.

    And it was a perfect location for Thana to get into some trouble.

    She had been on a bit of a campaign recently in making a name for herself as a dark mage. A while ago she had been in the spotlight enough to have been named a Coming Storm by the Magic Council, a dark mage on the rise toward supreme infamy, but then she’d more or less fallen off the map ever since. She’d gotten caught up with small games and lurking in the shadows in obscurity, assisting Janet in getting Elysium started and finding a worthy home to call their own. But now, after everything had calmed down and they were ready to start putting Elysium into the limelight, Thana was more than ready to get back into the full swing of doing what she did best: murder and mayheim. It was her job, as the Ace of Destruction, to show the might of her guild, to be the epitome of their dark side, and she was eager to do just that.

    This is what found her here in Oak town, strolling down the roads and seeing what there was to see. Or more specifically, seeing what there was to destroy. The library was the obvious choice, and she was sure that she would get to it eventually, but she also presumed that it was more heavily protected. Plus, talk about unoriginal. Surely plenty of other dark mages in the past had attacked the library in the hopes of stunting the education and resources of the country, and Thana had no interest in being just like everyone else. So instead, she found herself eyeing the several dozen monuments to many of the most well known and respected wizards of the past, thinking about how lovely they would be if they were all blown to bits.

    She was currently in a short red dress that was trimmed in gold and hung a bit provocatively off her shoulders. Black heel clicked gently down the road as she surveyed her options, trying to decide where she wanted to start. Much to her delight, there were a great deal of people milling about the town today. It was a weekend, which meant that most people weren’t working and had plenty of time to be out sightseeing. Thana had yet to run into any Rune Knights patrolling the area, as she could only conclude that the Knights would have been trained to recognize her on the spot after her little battle with their director Mythal Ragnos the day that she had executed a senator on live television right under his nose. Between that public display of mass carnage and her feature as the Sorcerer Weekly’s first dark mage interview, she could only assume that someone would eventually recognize her.

    Luckily, people were stupid creatures that rarely believed that fantastical events would happen directly in front of them, even in a world filled with magic, so even if there was anyone nearby that had read her edition of the magazine or been watching the senator’s speech when she blew him up and subsequently recorded the bloodfest that followed, they were more than happy to cling to the ignorance of not recognizing her. That was fine, for now. Let them live in their innocent bliss a few minutes longer while she planned her attack. They would come to know the truth of reality all too soon.

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    Lehanna Seraph
    Lehanna Seraph

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    Murder and Mayheim Empty Re: Murder and Mayheim

    Post by Lehanna Seraph 21st September 2020, 5:59 pm

    Another day, another book down the hatch! A lovely little pastime of reading and researching the many different ways to juggle her life as a mage earning cash to live on and the other of an up and coming business woman whom would put to shame those that doubted or tried to thwart her goals because of her age or lack of maturity. Then again, the petty and jealous probably had as much maturity in them as she had in her pinky finger. Considering how small she was? Well, that would go to show a probable actual measurement. But that was slowly drawing to a few and far between issue that she hadn’t much cared for. Not so much that she didn’t have the spoons for it, but more over that people just didn’t seem to carry an interest. It was a benefit and definitely not a curse. With it came a very enjoyable peace to deal with the life she was in currently and enough so that she could pass to accomplish the goals she set out for herself in life. If she didn’t have the tools handed down to her, she’d make them herself.

    The library was a normal trip in Oak town for the young brunette. As much as she enjoyed recovering from her last issue with accepting specific job requirements, she had little to no care to do anything but her schoolwork for the time being. There was enough money stashed away that she could sit back and buckle down to get her work done. That was what she was focused on; her research with the guild and her school work for her own educational advancement. Having gone through a lot to get to the academy she dreamed to join, she would do anything to assure herself not squander her chances to do only her best work. That meant work during the days, guild work at night, and breaks to study at every turn between jobs and school. All her free time was spent devoted to furthering herself more than the average person no matter how it impacted her afterward.

    Her journey to Oak however this time was purely for school business. Part of her assignment for a class was that while she was off on another job and excused from classes, she was to do research on some of the monuments and gain some history on them, compile them into a report and present it to the class upon her return. Frankly, this was a very enjoyable assignment really. Nothing that she could argue about with it and it interested her to learn about the history of the town, so there was no worry in her losing out with one thing or the other. In her mind, she was being paid for this assignment and so it felt more rewarding to do such a thing. As such, she felt compelled to add a bit of flavor text to her schoolwork. As she came to each monument, she set a messenger bag down and would pull out a sketchbook, doing her best to recreate an image of the monument from the eyes of someone her size. Just a little something extra to add in.

    It was so much so that Lehanna took to an older uniform of hers that she wore, or rather to look a little more conservative in some ways while just making sure she felt comfortable and warm. Otherwise, that annoyance of being cold would shift her appearance and having to deal with it half way made her look entirely creepy. A little like a bride of Frankenstein with highlights. Cringy. Regardless, Lehanna simply fixed up the long, red sleeves of her coat and pulled out her sketchbook once she arrived to the next monument. Stepping several feet away, she began to work on the little bits of the drawings to the best of her ability as well as it had ever been for her. Starting from the head down, she started on the outline of the body from head-to-toe, assuring herself that she was able to fit it all with details into the drawing before finally she would be ready to add in details little by little. A process in total that would take her roughly an hour to do if she wasn’t bothered by people or Rune Knights.

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