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    Pergrande Punishment


    Pergrande Punishment Empty Pergrande Punishment

    Post by Guest 27th July 2020, 5:53 am

    The Pergrande Kingdom was without a doubt, the biggest pile of shit in the entire universe. There wasn’t any argument about that and after a couple of weeks of making a nuisance of herself within its walls, Lena understood that all too well. Her job was simple, causing as much trouble as possible, resulting in the area to turn their eyes away from Sin and more importantly Elysium. It wasn’t all that tough really and the ginger haired vampire had quite enjoyed herself over the fortnight, gutting a few of the army guards, as well as having some fun with a few of the lovely maidens. Nothing and no one was off limits as far as she was concerned and given the Pergrande hatred for mages, she made no effort to control herself. They had a mage phobia, one which she was determined to make so much worse. They were going to remember her for a long time and as she planned her latest night of terror, she pondered about just how long she could hang around before they finally got their act together. That was if they were smart enough to be even able to do that.

    Sitting inside her room in the tavern that she’d called her home for the past fortnight, Lena sat with a trio of cloaked figures, discussing how things were going. Each of them ran a criminal gang and had jumped at the chance of teaming up with the violent vampire, knowing an opportunity when they saw one. It had been quite an effective partnership too as not only had the three men provided Lena with the information she needed but she had removed a fair few of their rivals in return, increasing their own influence on the people. Everything was going perfectly well and the alcohol was certainly flowing that night for sure.

    “So, gentlemen,” The vampire chuckled, her gaze switching from one male to the next, “It seems that our schemes have done a damn good job of causing some chaos for the foolish army and not only that but the notoriety of each of your own little empires have strengthened in the process. The army seems to be more frazzled by the day and don’t appear to have a clue what they’re doing. I’d say that was a win for all of us, wouldn’t you guys agree?”

    “I’d say so,” The shortest figure replied, a shrimp of a man named Danilov, “You’ve completely destroyed my competition and resulted in my profits increasing by over 500%. I never thought that teaming up with a mage would be anything but a nightmare but you’ve proven me wrong, Lena. People are becoming more frightened by the day and are coming to me in order to protect them. They no longer trust the moronic army and are more than happy to pay me protection money instead. You’ve done a fantastic job. My organisation is indebted to you, my magical friend.”

    “I still say that you’ve been too violent, Lena,” Interjected the male on the right, a giant of a man, standing at over seven feet tall. He was known simply as Thumper, rather ironically, “The army may be stupid but your trail is so blatantly obvious that they’re bound to find you eventually. My men have told me that they are already on the hunt for you and are starting to deliver wanted posters. I don’t question the effectiveness of your methods, only that they bring far too much attention on you. My mafia was supposed to lay claim to your deeds but that’s not what has happened. Instead, we’ve been painted as being inferior to you. You dishonour us.”

    “Oh, shut up,”
    Lena replied, “Your little band will get all the publicity they want when I pin one of the army generals to the wall. I have no place for cowards, Thumper and if you haven’t got the balls for a little bloodshed then what the fuck are you doing as the leader of a mafia? Grow a pair and let me do my work. You’re already benefiting from a loss of competition, just like Danilov here. I’ve wiped out more than one of your enemies. Take pleasure in that.”

    “You’ve certainly given my thieves plenty of opportunities,”
    the third figure, sitting in the corner added, “I appreciate the wealth that you’ve gifted me with by your actions, vampire. I personally feel though that the time for our partnership to come to an end is drawing near. Thumper is right when he says that you’ve caused a hell of a lot of carnage, Lena and the time for you to move on is close. Perhaps one more statement of your intent would be enough? A final show that the people of this kingdom will never forget?”

    “Yeah, perhaps you’re right, Drake,”
    Lena interjected with a nod of her head, “I’ll need to return to my guild soon and report on the situation soon anyway so I think that’s wise. Are we in agreement?”

    “It’s a shame that this all has to end so soon but I’ll go along with that,” Danilov replied, “Make it a good one Lena and show no mercy. Make sure to highlight the incompetence of the army again if at all possible, as it will only mean more money for me.”

    “Sounds good to me too,”
    Thumper added, “Since this is the last time that I expect us to be sharing the same room. I’ll say my farewells now. Good luck to you all. It has been quite an experience working with you all.”

    With that and one final drink a piece, the three men would take their leave of the vampire. Danilov and Thumper took the stairs, while Drake just had to show off by leaving through the window, vanishing into the night. As for Lena, the night was still young and she had a date with the general of a particular division of the Pergrande army. He’d made quite a nuisance of himself during Lena’s time in the kingdom and the time had come to put him in his place.

    Shortly after the three had left, Lena would do the same, deciding on taking Drake’s preferred route and exiting through the window. It was early morning by now and as her wings grew and she took to the sky, there was practically no one on the streets, which suited her just fine. No doubt they were all tucked up in bed, scared to death of the maniacal killer that was haunting them. Judging from what her allies had been saying, that clearly seemed to be the case, much to her joy. It had been a fun task overall and after tonight, she’d probably never forget it. All that was left was to make the most personal attack on the kingdom. By removing one of their most well known and respected figures and placing the blame on Thumper’s mafia. That would surely be enough to turn the attention of Pegrande away from Elysium, much to the vampire’s pleasure. Why the nosy scumbags even cared was beyond her. They should just mind their own damn business.

    Soon enough, the large guardhouse would appear in sight and Lena’s enhanced eyes would swiftly begin to seek out any potential targets. She was already beginning to feel the lust for carnage start to churn inside of her and a wicked grin crossed her face, her sharp fangs just waiting to test her foes. This wasn’t going to be a fight for the squeamish and as her sense locked on to two guards who were guarding the gate, her pupils began to dilate, the hunt was on, much to the misfortune of anyone stupid enough to try and get in her way.

    Stealthily, she’d easily be able to avoid the idiots until she was just above them and then suddenly dropped, crashing down upon one of them. Her hands would become frozen in powerful ice and she’d viciously lash out at the second guard, smashing him hard in the stomach, before catching him in the face with her knee as he bent over. Blood streaming from his nose, Lena would connect with an almighty right cross, catching him hard and killing him out right with a brutal crunching sound. His lifeless body would collapse to the ground, the first of many victims. Turning to the one she’d landed on, the vampire would deliver a powerful punt to roll him over, before moving in close and bringing her icy fist down on his face, turning it into little more than a bloody mess. The massacre was on.

    Charging forwards, the vampire would summon a pair of whips, one made of water and the other of pure darkness, beginning to spin them around as she looked for her next foe. As she approached the guard house, a door would open from beside her, a pair of armoured guards appearing and rushing towards her. With a chuckle, she’d crack her powerful whips towards them. Her water one would strike the leading one, causing it to leave Lena’s hand and wrap around her foe, leaving him to struggle against it as it bound him. The darkness one, however, would strike its target in the face, causing him to shriek as its fear inducing effect took over, causing him to run around like a headless chicken, unable to function. Laughing with glee, Lena would unleash another painful fear inducing crack, striking the bound foe and causing him to collapse to the ground. Allowing the vampire to close the distance and start to whip him mercilessly, again and again. His screams would fill the area as his armour began to buckle due to the damage, until it broke into pieces. Did she stop then? No. The barrage continued until he stopped screaming, his back covered with horrible whip marks. As for the feared guard, the vampire would simply create a water trident and throw it towards him, causing it to explode once it made contact with him, leaving him motionless on the floor.

    The smell of blood sending her into a frenzy, the ginger haired woman would continue on, dashing through the door the guards had left open and hurtling down them. No one was safe from her and every time a door would open, the only thing that the poor guards would see were either an ice covered fist or the fearful lash of her whip. No one was surviving and the long corridor was soon covered with bodies, their blood drenching the floor and only increasing Lena’s lust for the beautiful red liquid. Oh, how she craved it right now. The taste, the colour, the beautiful artwork it made as it burst from her enemies. This was living and as her reign of terror continued, she knew that this was what she’d been born to do. Her heart was pounding like crazy and the expression on her face was beyond demonic. It was the expression of a monster, an animal reacting solely on its instincts, leaving all rational thought behind.

    Just as she was about to reach the end of the enormous corridor, one final guard would appear, causing Lena to leap into the air and charged towards him, surrounding herself with water as she travelled. The force behind the attack was monstrous, sending them straight through the wall behind them and into the main hall of the guard house. Right in the middle of a group of patrolling guards.

    For a moment, everyone was stunned by the scene but Lena recovered quickly and began to lash out with her ice covered fists, punching and kicking with all of her strength. A pair of ice blades would appear on her feet, allowing her to jump and strike her targets with powerful feet, as well as hand strikes. She moved like a dance, battering against the guards armour with lethal force repeatedly. The strength of her blows seemed to increase over time and the hapless guards just had no answer for her. It was destruction of the most brutal kind and the lovely crimson liquid known as blood was soon staining the ground again. The rush was mighty and the vampire loved every second of it. Soon enough, she was surrounded once more by the corpses of her fallen foes.

    “I see you’ve been enjoying yourself, vampire,”
    a voice would then ring out, causing Lena to turn around and face the large majestic white staircase that led to the next level. Standing there would be a far older looking individual, clad in shining white armour and wielding a sword and shield. “I figured you’d turn up soon enough and so I waited rather than come to find you. You’ve made quite a mess of our fair kingdom and it ends now. I, General Jericho, make this vow. You’ll not survive this. Now, either surrender or I’ll kill you. I don’t care either way, since you’re nothing more than a filthy mage but I’ll give you the option of…”

    He was interrupted as a glob of saliva struck him on the helmet, followed by a laugh from the ginger haired vampire, “Save your pathetic threats for someone who gives a fuck. I’m going to rip your heart out and then parade your body around for your hapless people to see. Is that simple enough for you to understand or do I need to draw a diagram?”

    Wiping it away with a gloved hand, the General would simply shake his head, “Just what I expect from an animal such as yourself. Have it your way then.”

    Walking down the stairs at his own steady pace, the armoured male would then bang his sword against his shield, almost asking for Lena to attack. The vampire soon complied and came forwards quickly, unleashing a ferocious flurry of strikes with her ice enhanced hands and feet. Her blows were strong enough to dent his shield but he seemed to be made of sterner stuff than the guards at least and he fought with her on even footing. His sword strikes were precise and powerful although her fist strikes were durable enough to be able to knock away his blade. It was a battle of frenzied offense against a more balanced defence and the result was hard to determine for some time. Neither side gave way and the fighting only became more intense.

    Eventually, Lena decided to turn up the heat by taking on her most devastating form, turning her into the stuff of nightmares. Her whole visage would change, causing her to become a being of shadow. The general was briefly surprised by the transformation and as he came in with an attack, it would end up being a fatal mistake on his part. Lena would use her new form to phase through him, which not only made the attack null and void but allowed her to reappear behind him. Before he could turn and respond, the ginger haired mage struck him in the back with a powerful ice blow and because of the shadow form, he began to become overwhelmed by fear, causing his sword hand to tremble.

    With a laugh, the vampire would knock his sword out of his hand, before catching him with an ice and water infused punch and then delivering a mighty Water Claw attack, knocking him backwards. His shield falling from his hand, his eyes would become consumed by fear, allowing the mage to open her mouth and launch a powerful Torrent God’s Roar which sent him to the ground. Taking the advantage, she’d quickly leap on top of him and start hammering away at his body and head, destroying his armour in the process and refusing to stop until she was finally satiated. He had been nothing but a pain during her time in the kingdom and to take out her frustrations gave her no shortage of joy. By the time she was done, he was barely recognisable as a human, let alone a general. Just another blood stain to add to all of the others. Her task was almost complete and as Lena stood up and stared down at his lifeless corpse, she couldn’t help but chuckle with delight.

    Relishing the opportunity, she’d then carve the insignia of Thumper’s mafia onto the general’s body, before flying off with it and attaching it to the front of the guild hall for all of the people to see. Once that was done, she’d find a nice shadowy corner and wait until morning, where the natives would find the remains of their precious guards. The looks of horror on their faces was a spectacle and made the whole job worth it. As she watched, she could hear the crowd start to cry out with threats to Thumper and his mafia which only caused her to smile more. His group now had the notoriety they wanted while Elysium now had the peace and quiet that they needed to go about their business. Everybody was a winner. Well, except the idiots of the kingdom but who gave a shit about them?

    When it was all said and done, the ginger haired woman would then sneak her way out of Pergrande. Her job was done and she’d had so much fun. What more could she have asked for than that. With that thought in mind, her wings would expand once again after she’d escaped the kingdom and headed for home. She couldn’t have been happier with how things were going and was rather proud of her efforts over the past fortnight. She’d made a few friends, slaughtered some scum and aided the guild all at the same time. If that wasn’t a great example of multi tasking then she didn’t know what was and as the vampire paused for a moment and briefly looked back, she couldn’t help but grin, her blood red coloured orbs glistening with menacing. The kingdom would never look at a mage the same way again, that was for sure.

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