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    Fragile Peace With Pergrande Kingdom


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    Fragile Peace With Pergrande Kingdom Empty Fragile Peace With Pergrande Kingdom

    Post by Elara 5th June 2020, 5:26 am

    The thought of delivering anything for the Neutral Grounds was enough to annoy her but in the end, the jewels won out as always. Miranda was once again out in the wider world, delivering a package to the people of Pergrande, dressed more like a town guard than a mage. She felt like an absolute moron walking around in such gear but it was part of the job and so she had little choice but to put up with it. The journey had been dull, the food had been terrible and the company had been pretty bland as well. She would certainly not be taking her holidays in this place any time soon but at least the views were fairly nice, which was something at least. She had been tempted to just open the package but her curiosity had managed to be tucked away in a corner of her mind. Besides, it would mean failing the job, which would not only cost her the jewel but send it into an absolutely monstrous rage that no one would want to see. Miranda had never been one to lose her cool but even she had her limits.

    Eventually, she managed to arrive at her destination and after spending an hour getting absolutely lost, Miranda arrived outside the embassy and was swiftly hurried in. A large guard was waiting for her inside and after taking the package from her, quickly shooed her away without a word. The bunny girl was tempted to give him a piece of her mind but eventually decided against it and simply left and began the journey home again. It had been one of the most uneventful jobs of her life and she swore to herself that she would never take on one such as this again, lest she completely lose her mind. She did wonder still about just what had been in that package but when no one involved was saying a word about it, leaving her completely in the dark.

    Soon enough, she returned to the Neutral Grounds and received her well deserved pay although she could not help but give her employer a few sharp words about hiring her again. He was not exactly impressed by her attitude but he was at least grateful for her work and asked if she would perhaps work for him again one day. All she said in response was that it had better be a more exciting job than this one, before taking her leave. Twice now had she been sent on jobs to other lands and twice had they been the most uninteresting and mind numbing affairs. She sincerely hoped that the next time she left Fiore, it would be to have a dazzling adventure.

    On the bright side though, it was another job done well and that thought at least brought a smile to her face. She had come to love the life of a wandering mage so much, a feeling that she hoped would never change.

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