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    Free SHG-IV. Sort of. It's really not.

    Aliarey Casady
    Aliarey Casady

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    Free SHG-IV. Sort of. It's really not. Empty Free SHG-IV. Sort of. It's really not.

    Post by Aliarey Casady 22nd May 2020, 2:40 am

    So when was the last time a certain blonde actually bothered to do a job of any sort for some jewels? Uhhhh. Well it had been a while. She'd honestly have to say that she couldn't remember but for sure it's been a week or twelve. Maybe twenty. Somewhere around there. Her stash from living on Mirai was running a bit dry. Just that day alone window shopping was all she could do. Too many times she had passed by something totally cool and destructive but her pockets were near empty every time she reached into them. A perfect and disappointing reminder that she was broke, and that jewels didn't miraculously appear after each failed attempt.

    "I guess I'm going to have to pay the old man a visit and see if he has any spare work lying around that needs doing," Alia told herself with a begrudged sigh as she opened the door to her room. Another inn had been made her temporary home. That wouldn't last long if she couldn't afford to stay. The week was paid up thankfully. After that it was bye bye to roof over head unless she solved that problem. Maybe she would just steal something valuable and sell it. That used to work pretty decently until she got caught that one time a while ago and was made to regret even trying. Her theft attempts were pretty sparse since then aside from one major one that she was glad and fortunate enough that it hadn't come back to bite her in the ass. Yet anyway. She was still waiting for it.

    "Hm? The hell?" When the blonde flipped the switch to turn on the lights of the room she was able to see an inactive drone sitting on her bed. It had heard her voice and immediately activated, lights blinking on and beep boop sounds coming from inside its metal body. The small legless bot lifted itself up and begun hovering in the air. "Message! Message!" The mechanical voice cried as it flew towards Alia. Two holes opened up on the front side of the bot, allowing for two mechanical arms to reach out. Within one of the clasp hands was a note and in the other was some sort of fancy eyeglasses. It reminded her of her eye visor that was infused with magic and lacrima technology, but the one before her was different in a way. It looked way more fragile for one.

    "Is a message on an iLac just too much effort?" Alia asked sarcastically, swiping the letter and rolling her eyes. The lone bot was a huge clue that the message was from Trey. Honestly an iLac message would have been faster than sending a robot drone to come find her and deliver a piece of paper! He probably went that route knowing full well that it would annoy her just thinking about the redundancy. The bot beeped, booped, whirled, and zoomed around the room. All of which Alia ignored while she focused on opening the letter and read it. Aloud. Because reading a letter in an empty room, well aside from a very basic robot, was what cool people did. "'Here's one of the new SHG-IV models that just came out into the market. No, it isn't free. Because I have better things to do you can test this in my place. Send me a very detailed report after. You MIGHT get paid after and then get to keep it. Keyword being 'might'. I'm still deciding. Anyway, have fun, and don't break it.' Psh. That's one way to say he's too damn lazy to check it out himself." The letter was crumbled up and tossed over her shoulder, leaving the Smart Holographic Glasses Model 4 as the sole focus as she approached the lacbot and took them from it.

    The set up to connect the glasses to her iLac was done with little trouble. After playing around for a bit she could see why Trey had sent them over. She sure didn't know what model 3 was like, but model 4 was pretty fun to mess around with. Though, the whole picture, object highlighting, connection to the net, and holographic playback option was probably not what he was worried about. Chances were, it was the technology that allowed the glasses to assess the strength of others and also find their weak spots that had him fuming at his desk. While the eye visor in her requip arsenal could do the same, he was probably worried that the new glasses were better quality and more advanced. Aliarey chuckled at the thought. Maybe she should over exaggerate just a tiny bit so she can get some free upgrades for her gear. He'd do it just to prove that he was better at engineering. Man was she glad that she preferred just using the stuff instead of making it. That headache and stress from trying to be the best of the best was bypassed entirely. She just had the stress of... being broke.

    An eyebrow twitched at that annoying fact and she clicked her tongue. Well, he had given her a job. Technically. She'd go ahead and do it and then make her way back there. Not just for the money that he was definitely going to give her, there were never any "maybes" on that, but also to check up on some other upgrades she was promised. It was kind of hard to do the jobs that paid the big jewels if she was using the same gear that she was years ago. Her stuff was old and could still handle the low paying jobs fine, but they were way too weak for the highest rank jobs. Technically she could consider going in with weak weapons as a difficulty setting that was switched to hardmode, but forget that nonsense. She preferred to be alive at the end of the day. Overkill was just how she liked it, and what she needed.

    Aliarey twirled the eyeglasses in her hand as she left the room, forgetting all about the drone that was now invading her personal stash of belongings and scanning everything while also making a mess as it threw everything already scanned onto the ground. She could worry about that later. There was a pair of fancy eyeglasses to test and have fun with! And yes, she was keeping them. There were no take backsies if she had to work for the damn things!

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