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    End of the line... sort of.


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    End of the line... sort of. Empty End of the line... sort of.

    Post by ○Kaori on 12th November 2017, 10:00 pm

    Deliver My Letter +25xp
    Motor City Rush +25xp
    Deliver Girl +25xp

    iLac +25xp
    Too Earthland... and Beyond +25xp
    Blood Drive +25xp

    Liberation of Slaves +50xp  
    Wanted! Hydro Arsonist! +50xp
    Doppelganger Cult (One Time Only) +312,5XP
    Monster Hunt: Vulcans +312.5xp
    Act I: Genesis +50XP
    Underwater Adventure: Running Out of Air +50XP
    King of Pirates +112.5XP
    Trained by an old knight +50XP
    Sparring with Chickaroo Jack! [Lamia Scale] +50XP
    A Strange Occurrence On The Shore +25
    Trail of Death +375
    The Desert +312.5
    Nightmare Incarnate: The Beginning +62.5
    The Hunter(One Time Only) +625
    The Great Wolly Mammoth +250
    Underwater Adventure: Depp Below the Surface +250
    Angels & Demons +4,375
    Songs Collide: Ice +375
    Songs Collide: Bloodfire +375
    Kaori's Story: Episode 1 +250
    Songs Collide: Soulsmoke +375
    Songs Collide: Shadow +375
    Songs Collide: Requiem +1,875
    Kaori's Story: Episode 2 +375
    Tia's Memories: The First of Ten +250
    Monster Containment Event +2,500
    Kaori's Story: Episode 3 +9,375
    Kaori's Story: Episode 4 +9,375
    A Certain Non-Magical Index +250
    Monster Hunt: Raging Behemoth +1,250
    Tale of the Spirit Experimentation Failure +1,875
    Samira’s Journal: Tale of the Lost Spirit +9,375
    Kaori's Story:
    Episode 5 +9,375

    Total:  55,087.5

    Exam completed w/ Samira Nassar:
    End of the line... sort of. UKIxZEM Plot related, 8k words each

    Exam Thread


    End of the line... sort of. FN4I7td

    End of the line... sort of. Empty Re: End of the line... sort of.

    Post by Guest on 12th November 2017, 10:09 pm

    Well dayum.
    Approved for S-rank. Enjoy~

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