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    Uhm...Hi (Intro, sort of)


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    Uhm...Hi (Intro, sort of) Empty Uhm...Hi (Intro, sort of)

    Post by Silvia 1st December 2019, 10:34 pm

    It had been a couple of weeks since Silvia had joined Errings Rising. The thing is though, is that she didn't really like talking to people. Ever since she joined, she had only talked to the higher ups. Even then, the conversation was very minimal. So, she decided that today would be the day for her to get out there. It took a lot of her talking to herself in the mirror, and asking Selena for advice before she actually got the courage to go into the lobby and introduce herself to some people.

    As a child, she never really liked talking to people. They were rude, and just weren't nice to be around. Though, it wasn't like any of the kids wanted to talk to her. They had always thought she was creepy, especially with the doll she had at all times. Even through school, she would always put it on top of her desk. It's what people made fun of her for, and it's what made Silvia want to cleanse the world of people like them. People who hated others because they didn't fit the rules of society. After all, that's one of the reasons why she stayed in Errings Rising. It's also why she knew that she had to find some people to talk to, because if she truly wanted to make a difference in the world, she needed people who would do it with her.

    Looking at the sea of people in the room, she got very red. Her blush was as bright as a strawberry. Which, was one of her comfort foods. Gosh, in this moment, all she could think about was food. She wanted to sink her teeth into some nice deserts, so that she didn't have to talk to the people around her. In her mind, thoughts kept overflowing in her head, "There's strawberry shortcake, strawberry jello, strawberry icecream, and..." This went on for a while before she couldn't think up any other strawberry flavored things to eat.

    So, she took a deep gulp as she looked down at Selena, whispering to her, "Well Selena, I think it's time I finally introduced myself to someone." With this, she tried to recompose herself before walking up to the first person she saw. As she did, she reached out her hands towards them and said, "Hi, my name is Selen- I mean Silvia. I ummm...I'm a mage here obviously and I just wanted to um...meet some people or..." After this, she turned around, trying to take a deep breath, before looking back and finishing what she was saying, "I just really thought it'd be a good idea for me to find some people to talk to. After all, everyone needs a job partner at least once in their life. Trust me, I wish I could do it alone. But uhh...yeah. Hi." With this, she awkwardly smiled at the person as she recoiled back realizing how lame she probably looked just not.

    Before she even let the person she was talking to speak, she started spouting out even more words. "I swear that I'm a competent mage. I just get like really nervous around people because I've never really wanted to. So like, uhm...I really hope I didn't give off a bad impression. But even if I did, I hope I can do a job with you so that I can prove that I'm capable of everything." She then turned around one more time, realizing how bad of an idea all of this was, before turning around to look back at the person she was talking to. Her smile was forced upon her, as she awaited her victim's response.

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