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    Shezzar's New Descent


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    Shezzar's New Descent Empty Shezzar's New Descent

    Post by Yuvon 17th April 2020, 11:19 am

    Lineage Name: Shezzar's New Descent
    Wielder: Yuvon Mu-Myu
    Purchase Proof: (link to scroll purchase/trade)

    (Lore here)

    Arnaqueur, The Trickster (1 Effect)
    Shezzar is a trickster by nature, and every apex trickster must be prepared to fool the world and his enemies with a myriad of tools and opportunities. After having rewritten his lineage, Yuvon’s blood relation to Shezzar suddenly inspires him to come up with many new spells that he has never even thought of before. Whenever he gets 'inspired' in the middle of daily life, his crystal-blue eyes turn bright-yellow, and he begins writing down his thoughts and ideas to the smallest detail. This ability grants him 2x additional Signature Spells to be put in one of his Magics that he must fill and create akin to creating all of his other spells.

    Athlète, The Athlete (2 Effects)
    Shezzar’s blood running through Yuvon’s veins has purified him and transformed his body into a David sculpture of looks. No longer is the sickening, accursed blood of his father expressing itself through his inbred, facial traits, and his body has strengthened tremendously because of this. Magic Resistance from offensive spells’ Spell Damage is raised by +50% permanently, and this passive buff raises this stat alone - no other buff may increase his Magic Resistance any higher. His divine blood now also grants him a passive +5% HP Regen per post.

    Tirelire, The Piggy Bank (1 Effect)
    Yuvon deals a lot with primordial and ancient spells, and with his previous body, he had trouble casting them as efficiently as he wanted to. Now, thanks to having rewritten and replaced his father, his new, fresh and divine blood now allows him to cast his spells spending -50% less MP. This is static and cannot be raised by other passive buffs. This ability also allows him to save up some mana like saving coins in a piggy bank; he'll distribute a percentage of mana for later use, and overtime, it'll grow. This grants him a passive +5% MP Regen per post.

    Promouvoir, The Upgrader (2 Effect)
    Shezzar’s blood contains divine power. Alone, it powers Yuvon’s spells to push themselves a bit further than he could himself, adding a passive buff to both his Spell Speed and Spell Range depending on his rank:

    D = +40%
    C = +45%
    B = +50%
    A = +55%
    S = +60%

    Ciel, The Heaven (1 Effect)
    Shezzar's domain and plane of existence is yet unobtainable by the living mortals, but Yuvon's own realm - Apocrypha, his mental library - is slowly merging itself with Shezzar's realm, Ciel. This results in easier access between realms, and thus Yuvon can now utilize this effect in combat; he can melt himself into bright, golden tentacles that will pull him into the world of Ciel and allow him to escape the plane of Earthland only to merge out from another position instantly. This works as a Teleport, which he can use once per post to teleport himself to another position at max User-Ranked Burst Range.

    xxx (x Effect)

    xxx (x Effect)

    Monnaie, The Coinage (1 Effect)
    Yuvon would never be satisfied with his flesh and blood as long as the blood of his imbicile father ran through his veins. Thus, the heavens themselves seemed to cut out good luck and praises to him until fate itself worked in his favor. Now, with his new heritage, he is satisfied with his being and gracefully accepts himself as so. Thus, the heavens may always shower you with good luck and fortune, showing itself as he now passively gains 100% more Jewels from any quest that he takes or accompanies in.
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