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    Fuyue Empty Fuyue

    Post by Fuyue 16th July 2019, 9:02 am

    Name: Fuyue
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16 years old  
    Birthday: 11/25
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics: Scar (3 stripes) on back, which starts at left hipbone and ends at right shoulder. It was made by beast claw.

    Personality: Fuyue is a commonly uncommon type of person. Usually, he wears a “cold and mysterious guy” mask. He may seem cold, indifferent, melancholic and calculating at all times. Sometimes he is, usually when he thinks about his past. Most of the time however, it’s a shield created to keep his heart safe from people he doesn’t know or like. When blondie warms up to someone - or when he instantly starts liking someone - Fuyue turns much more childlike. He starts teasing people, playing around with them, flirting and being hyperactive/mischievous in any way. Teenager likes to spread positivity around people he is comfortable with, so some people tend to call him “Sunshine”.
    He doesn’t care about any rules since he grew up in wilds. They are too limiting for his liking, so he only follows the ones that don’t annoy him. Same with following leaders. They need to earn his respect. Otherwise, he can be a bit unruly and will question their decisions. While Fuyue dislikes strongly and fears responsibility, he is a perfect leader that rewards subordinates, but he also can be strict and ruthless if it means well being of the pack.
    His morals also is a bit… undeveloped. He loves his “pack” and is very protective towards it, almost like big brother - meaning he takes care of it and when something endangers his people, it should be ready to feel his wrath.
    When in battle, he has two “states”. He is aware of them and he gave them names. “Wild” and “Cold” state. More common is Wild one. When in it, Fuyue in battle is hyperactive and cocky. He smiles mischievously a lot, not matter if he is winning or losing, enjoys pain and likes to feel blood on his being. In it, he mostly relays on his instincts and experience. His movements are raw and powerful. His usually cold eyes gain life, which makes them more shiny and golden. When Fuyue reaches “cold” stage, then that means he is done playing around. He becomes like a wolf hunting its prey. Merciless, calculated and cautious. That “form” is saved only for monsters and people who really angered blondie.


    • Fighting - despite being “good” guy, Fuyue loves fighting with other people on friendly terms. Be it teasing, or a fistfight, friendly conflict always keeps him going. Sometimes he enjoys unfriendly ones, usually when he is in his more “wild” state.
    • Wolves - what to say, who doesn’t like them. Fuyue enjoys their pack mentality and often would like to be one of them. Now he is...
    • Moon - for unknown reasons blondie always liked to gaze at the moon. It resonates with his heart. And sometimes makes him howl. Strange guy.


    • ”Bad” people - he considers every person that hurts others for no reason, other than their own enjoyment, bad. He strongly dislikes them, and if one annoys him enough, he may kill that guy.
    • Law - for someone who spends most of his life in the wilds, law is something unlogical to him. Fuyue considers it an unnecessary limitation and strongly dislikes it.
    • Dishonesty - he doesn’t see reasons to lie to people, that’s why he is brutally honest. Naturally, it also makes him dislike liars.


    • People he lost - his family was killed by monster. Fuyue believes that to honor their deaths, he has to enjoy his life fully.
    • People he failed - Fuyue feels that he failed his little sister and childhood friend when he couldn’t protect them from a beast. This failure motivates him to gain more power, which would allow him to protect his future friends.
    • People he met - his friends and guildmates existence pushes him forward. He likes to think, that they wouldn’t want him to die or surrender, so it motivates him to give his all.


    • Powerlessness - because of past experiences, Fuyu fears being unable to protect people important to him. That’s why power is one of the things he desires.
    • Loneliness - boy was lonely most of his life. He knows how scary is loneliness, that’s why he fears it. He can tolerate it though.
    • Resposibility - Fuyue was a lone wolf for a long time. He had to take care only of himself. Being responsible for other people lives is something he would rather avoid.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 147lbs
    Hair: Shoulder-lenght light blond hair, always messy and unruly. Trying to tame this monster is not recommended and will end in failure.
    Eyes: Amber-gold cold eyes
    Skin Tone: Almost unhealthy light skinned

    Guild: Silver Wolf
    Tattoo: In light gray color, over heart.


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    Fuyue Empty Re: Fuyue

    Post by MarkusEldridge 16th July 2019, 9:22 am

    Fuyue AiZwA1I


    Ray Jyx
    Ray Jyx

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    Fuyue Empty Re: Fuyue

    Post by Ray Jyx 14th December 2019, 12:54 am

    This character is being moved to WIP for failing an activity check and subsequently being removed from its Guild Group. When the character is updated and brought active, you can request an approval.



    Fuyue Jkp0PmI

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