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    Midsummer Madness, my Love~


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    Midsummer Madness, my Love~  Empty Midsummer Madness, my Love~

    Post by Aura 23rd June 2019, 4:26 am

    For once she'd forlorn all etiquettes she was supposed to follow at this point; make an official appearance at one of the smaller festivals hosted by Ace of Spades or even any other nearby village, to send one of her aces or another member. Just like Ryo had forsaken that part, just this once. All would be fine, because this was supposed to be a joyous event meant for people to have fun and enjoy summer. Not to work oneself to the bone or expect others to do so; as such, all had been free to mind their business and would not be called into action on this particular day. Not by her, at least. That's what Kenna had wanted for this specific Solstice; the first one she would attend in her new position as guild master. Despite it all, the occassion being both a happy and a sad one, Kenna found herself awfully chipper. As if nature itself was bolstering her fire and her mood alike; somehow she felt pleasantly warm inside, a smile present upon her face every single moment that had passed today. Though that may also have been for some entirely other reason than the Solstice being today.

    Love's grip had tightened around Kenna's fragile heart and made it beat stronger and stronger still, until she finally had the guts to confess her feelings to the one she loved. And although she had expected both a yes and a no to her feelings of adoration, hearing the actual confirmation that said feelings were mutual… well, it's safe to say that the demonic princess had never felt as happy as she did back then. Even now thinking back on that moment brought a joyous spark to warm her body. Itori had been the first stable "thing" in her life ever since Mashyuu died; it had been tough to admit at first seeing how they'd met, in a hostile situation towards one another. Yet she'd always been there. As  a stranger. As a fellow guild member. As a friend. Her best friend. And now, after having struggled with her feelings for so long, as a lover. Itori had become Kenna's rock when her reason was clouded, when she needed a helping hand or a comforting word the fire slayer had found solace in the kitsune's arms and words… she'd do anything for the immortal woman at this point.

    One of those things however was something rather easy; the Solstice festivals. Not that she had specifically asked for it, but the demoness had been deadset of having a proper date for once that did not include a mission on the side. Or even worse; an important eradication request. No, this time they would make this a romantic outing without being disturbed. Perhaps also an ulterior reason to her allowing everyone that wanted it some time off, all so she could have her date in peace. However said date demanded her to work on one single thing; a proper outfit to wear to the festival. Something that would impress the woman of her dreams. So she'd gone for a subtle oriental dress, a mixture of off-white and black for the body, while red adorned the edges of the dress going down her legs. Golden trimmings and a large golden tomoe symbol across her heart added to the elegance of this particular choice of clothing; a successful baptism to its first time being worn. This particular design had arm parts starting around her biceps and growing in width the further they went; while her shoulders and hips were left bare. Craftly held together halfway her thighs by incorporated decorative brooches, it continued after that point into a deep, open slit.

    A smile crossed her face as Kenna fixed the last modifications of her hair; small silver that decorated the strands of hair left to stray across her shoulder. Purposely done as such to accentuate her ponytail and the long, dark horns protruding her forehead. Crimson eyes stared back at her through the mirror, reflecting in their mirror-world counterpart that too smiled back towards her. The demoness was pleased with the result. Honestly, she'd never bothered dressing up much, usually going for whatever was convenient or useful enough for the situation at hand. The dress at Mia's party had been the fanciest thing she'd worn up until today… but this, this one was more elaborate than that. It accentuated her better than the fiery dress would, and showed a dash of elegance and authority other dresses would not. She hoped Itori would like it.

    Crimson eyes danced away from the mirror to settle on the tailed beauty behind her, somewhere in the room. A fickle smile crossed her lips as the demoness turned around in her seat and hung across it for a few moments, staring at her lover with a excited gaze. "Soooo… what do you think?" she asked softly, rising from her seat to show the entire dress. If needed she'd even add a spin to it, modelling the entire qipao.

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    Midsummer Madness, my Love~  Empty Re: Midsummer Madness, my Love~

    Post by Itori 26th June 2019, 8:26 pm

    It'd been a long time since Itori had tied her life so closely to that of someone else. She was used to an eternity where she joined people for the duration of their lifespan, supporting and helping them out but at the end of the day alawys being more of a side character. When nearly every creature had a lot less time available to them it was difficult to become truly intimate with them, especially since beyond the different in lifespans there was also the fact that Itori was just an unusual creature. Existing as much in the spiritual as in the physical world, reality itself was in danger of being warped in Itori's presence and her voice was a weapon in itself due its enchanting qualities.

    Yet here she was, bonding herself to a demoness of all things. If someone had prophesized that this would happen the kitsune would have been wary and even somewhat incredulous, even though normally she took omens and prophecies very seriously and wasn't inclined to doubting them. Demons were her enemy, creatures which fed on the souls of the unfortunate even as Itori tried to protect them and guide them. She wasn't a fan of senseless murder, but she could live with killing as long as the soul was at least safeguarded. To devour or destroy a soul was an act of horror.

    Still, it wasn't like Kenna was anything like that. Spending time with her lover had given Itori a new perspective, one where there were various types of demons which could behave completely differently. Which was confusing in itself: the demons that Itori was familiar with were twisted spirits, turned into something monstrous either from excessive negative emotions, corrosion of self or malicious magics. Meanwhile Kenna's type of demon appeared to be more of a type of creature akin to animals and plants, existing naturally and not necessarily being formed of evil even if they appeared to be closely tied to unholy magics. It was something Itori had to learn and come to terms with, and she was glad that she did because it meant she could be with Kenna without having to fear her beloved doing anything to harm those souls Itori would try to protect.

    Currently she was in Kenna's room, seated amidst the five pillars that adorned the plateau in the middle of the demoness's room. It was a lot more spacious than what Itori had declared her residence, as befitting of a mage of status and someone who actually saw their room as something to live in rather than a location where you rested before you headed out again. The kitsune's nine tails were on prominent display behind her, spread out so they formed an odd halo while she sat there with crossed legs and her hands folded together in her lap. Ever since she'd removed Kenna's corruption this spot had given her an unusual sensation. It looked like she'd used so much power to purge that Nemesis, merging physical and spiritual and breaching the world of dreams, that in this little shrine the barriers that kept the spiritual and physical realms separate had become quite thin. Of course as a spirit fox Itori didn't need help entering the spirit realm, but this way she could meditate and sense both realms without it requiring deep concentration. With her eyes closed one might believe she had fallen asleep in her seated position.

    However she proved that she was fully awake when she opened her eyes to look at her beloved when the demoness asked for her opinion regarding her dress. The Solstice festivals were beginning, and Kenna had appeared determined to make use of the opportunity to spend more time with Itori, a plan the kitsune had no objections against. Vermilion eyes inspected Kenna's choice of attire, the rather traditional looking dress which aimed for elegance and grace rather than those extravagant clothes one often encountered at more official gatherings. As the fire mage twirled to show off the entire ensemble Itori smiled. "You look beautiful Kenna." The praise was honest and fortright. Having said this Itori smoothly rose up onto her feet, stepping out from her spot between the five pillars to face Kenna from the same height. "I guess I should prepare myself for the festivities as well." As she spoke her clothes flickered, the air directly around her body appearing hazy as reality itself was disassembled and rewoven into Itori's preferred pattern. She was now wearing an outfit identical to Kenna's, although she quickly shook her head and made a small motion with one hand, at which point reality was twisted once more.

    When her clothing settled this time she was still wearing a similar type of dress, but instead of the demoness's black and white scheme hers was a pale red with a delicate showing of a field of red spider lilies at the bottom. Above her cleavage there was some darker cloth forming a collar and covering her shoulders, even though her arms were entirely bare where Kenna had detached sleeves. However she did have a thin shawl of a deep red curling around her elbows, looping behind her back from one arm to the other. Raising her arms a little she showed her own dress the same way Kenna had done. "This should be a suitable partner for your outfit I think. Unless you have any suggestions regarding how I should dress myself?" It could never hurt to ask what your beloved thought about your clothes.

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