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    Abraxor Empty Abraxor

    Post by Aura 18th March 2017, 9:22 am

    Abraxor 81dac40ae43f7a0025ccf1ebd5c01849f07f1716

    True name: Abraxor
    Given name: Avide ((pronounced 'Ah-vee-duh' ))
    Rank: Ethereal
    Species: Demon | Shapeshifter | Ethereal
    Type: Combat Pet
    Description: Avide is a demon, the right hand of the deceased Demon Emperor, and Kenna's guardian. Born in the bowels of the underworld with the ability of shapeshifting, under the true name of Abraxor, he proved himself a valuable asset when he grew up, showing his prowess by mastering many forms; with his most common forms being registered below. He's a cold follower, but utmost loyal, and will do anything to keep the one he was sworn to protect from getting in harm's way.

    He knew Kenna from the moment she was born, and was the one tasked to get her to safety when the Demon Emperor got attacked; he decided to bring the Demon Emperor's heir to a village within Fiore after fleeing the Underworld, and watched over her after leaving her in the care of humans. During her childhood he took the form of her shadow, becoming her 'imaginary' friend and taught her about the dangers her human parents didn't know of. His trick of jumping into bigger shadows and making Kenna's own shadow grow got him the name 'Avide', which basically means greedy. During the raid that followed on the little village, Avide lost track of Kenna, and has been spending the remainder of those years searching for his protégé, until one fateful day. Kenna dying and being reborn triggered the connection her father, the Demon Emperor, had put between her and Avide, allowing him to pinpoint her location once more.

    Avide sets out to find Kenna once more, finding her in a time of utmost need, and saves her from certain death. He stays with her from then on out, trying to form the bond they once had again before he can reveal her blood-stained past, and her true purpose in this life. He keeps his human form a secret, and instead stays within his Icelus form until the time arrives to make the change. Avide has to return to his regular form first before being able to transform into another of his forms.

    Established Shapeshifting Forms ((cosmetic || unlockable throughout plot)):


    Abraxor CUBlHH5

    • His current form; that of a vicious mythical dragon; this was one of the first forms he mastered as a shapeshifter. He takes pride in this form, and has been able to grow it to such proportions that even among shapeshifters he gained respect for it. His horns alone are 6 meters long, his body, from head to tail measures a baffling 40 meters, and his wings spawning 60 meters when fully extended. He keeps on growing, gaining an ulterior 10 meters every 2 ranks in size.


    Abraxor Fear_by_akirakirai-d37teev

    • Avide's non-material form when he's not willing to be used in combat. He lives within Kenna's shadow and can take the form of her greatest fear to torment her if he finds it appropriate. He can show himself to others by becoming an extension of her body or shadow, and can speak just as easily if he wants it to, like a shadowy being.

    LOCKED || Morpheus:
    Abraxor 8fSAnWF

    • Morpheus is the name of Avide's shadow steed form; a large black stallion with glowing white, pupil-less eyes that looks like they can pierce right through one's very soul. Its withers reach 68 inches, is extremely powerful and can move about swiftly on even the trickiest of terrains.

    LOCKED || Phobetor:

    Abraxor SMacMfE

    • After Kenna's awakening Avide swears his loyalty to her once more, and through it gains this new form, granted by Kenna's ethereal element he finally returns to his true form, with a spiked dharma wheel strapped unto its back. He towers above Kenna with his 10 feet length.

    LOCKED || Oneiros:

    Abraxor Fire_tiger_monster

    • The bestial form of Avide's Phobetor form, more pet-ability, in the form of the underworld's fire and soil.

    LOCKED || Phantasos:

    Abraxor N8l2iwE

    • The dragon form of his darkness-ridden self, accustomed to the water and storms of Earthland's seas and oceans. It allows for better movement within bodies of water, as well as gils to survive underwater and help his master out. It has a stunning 30feet length, a massive head covered with violent, seaweed-like white manes and claws the size of longswords. Its chest shows the ribcase, making it more vulnerable to attacks there.

    LOCKED || Church Grim:

    Abraxor AkuGIRO

    • This form is achieved after freeing Garmr from his prisoned life as a Church Grim, and is asked to become part of Avide so he doesn't have to leave Kenna. Avide takes on the same sizes as Garmr did, being 4 feet tall and 6 feet long.

    Terrible Providence:

    Abraxor Photo

    Name: Terrible Providence
    Rank: A
    Type: Ethereal | Offensive
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 4 posts
    Description: Avide gathers ethereal energy from his surroundings within his body and concentrates the excess energy on one spot in his mouth, charging and evicting all said energy in one powerful beam shot from his mouth. The width of the beam depends on the size of his transformation, but will deal the same damage regardless; nature will be left withered in this attack's wake, and wildlife will die on the spot if it's in the same path. If the beam is concentrated on one spot, a large explosion will occur instead. The ability deals user-ranked damage and can hit up to 10 people per rank (10 at D, 20 at C,...).

    The beam can go up to 20m in range at D-rank, and goes up by 10m per rank, capping at A-rank with a 50m range before one is considered 'out of reach'. When the explosion occurs, its range will cap at half the beam's range; eg. at D-rank the range of the explosion will be 10m, C-rank will be 15m,... . Both the beam's impact (which includes the explosion when the attack is focused on one point), will deal user-rank damage.

    • Avide can move his head during the spell, thus hitting multiple opponents if they're within range.
    • If concentrated on one spot, an explosion will follow.


    • Will hit both friend and foe if they're in the line of fire.
    • The beam keeps on firing for several minutes, so if Avide were to get hit during his attack, the beam will follow the same trajectory as his mouth, being more likely to hit allies or innocents.
    • Destroys all nature and wildlife (except mages and their pets) caught up in the blast.

    Nuvercerus Kangunyu:

    Abraxor Latest?cb=20130709212339&path-prefix=pt

    Name: Nuvercerus Kangunyu
    Rank: S
    Type: Darkness | Offensive | Support
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 4 posts
    Description: Avide exerts his ethereal demonic aura with an ear-piercing roar and engulfs a large area with it, marking the boundaries of the range of this ability. All who stand within the by the aura affected area will suddenly be stalked by a constant rain of large, spear-shaped energy. Both friend and foe can be hit, but allies will gain no damage, instead receiving a 25% boost to their offence. Foes will get user-ranked damage, capping at S-rank. The range of this spell is within a 15m diameter around Avide, and once the spell has been cast, the affected area will stay stationary, whereas Avide can still move about freely. This diameter grows by another 5m per rank, capping at 35m diameter.

    The boost has a separate cooldown, and can only be used once every 8 posts. The 25% boost in attack damage stays active for one post before fading.

    • Allies when hit will gain a 25% boost in attack power for the duration of the spell.
    • Deals damage to all foes within range.


    • Can be dispelled by a light offensive spell of the same rank.
    • Slayers of the dark element can consume this spell and gain the 25% boost.
    • People outside the range will not be hit nor gain any boosts (in case of allies).
    • Defending oneself during the downpour is perfectly possible.
    • People who cannot hear the roar aren't affected by the ability.
    • The buff has a separate cooldown, only being able to be used once every 8 posts.


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    Abraxor Empty Re: Abraxor

    Post by Julius Seas 18th March 2017, 6:42 pm

    Abraxor EDoA9eJ


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