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    Cosplay Madness

    Caelestis Icarus Zephyr
    Caelestis Icarus Zephyr

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    Cosplay Madness Empty Cosplay Madness

    Post by Caelestis Icarus Zephyr 19th June 2021, 2:58 pm

    Job Info:

    The types of jobs for low level mages really were the most menial chores, weren’t they? Not that he enjoyed fighting, but those jobs were at least more interesting than these simple types of jobs he often found himself completing. Today’s job was no different in terms of difficulty than any other he’d taken recently, but it was perhaps the most annoying of all of them. Working a shift in a cosplay cafe, seriously? He wasn’t looking forward to all the perverts he was going to have to serve, that was for sure. The money wasn’t bad, at least, and he’d probably make some tips. The job wasn’t an entire loss to him.

    He’d opted for a very simple cosplay, and a classic one at that. His own usual clothing was worn, to keep as little skin exposed as possible. In addition to the normal clothes, however, he wore a fuzzy pair of cat ears with a clip-on tail. Simple, cute, and effective. The trolling potential was immense as well, since he looked feminine enough to trick people into thinking he was a girl. Then, he’d be able to drop his voice to scare the shit out of them when they tried to flirt. Yeah, that would be how he’d scare off the perverts. He might earn less tips, but the expressions would be well worth the loss.

    That said, he really had to get started. There was already a table waiting, a group of teenagers. One of them looked distinctly uncomfortable, but the other two boys were already leering. Fantastic. Cheesy pickup lines incoming. There was a second group just walking in, a little group of kids that couldn’t be more than 9 years old at oldest. Sighing, Caelestis walked up to the table of teenagers. He kept his voice bright as he asked for their orders, despite the flirting and the obvious uncomfortable expression on the one. He ignored their blatant attempts at flirting, each one more desperate and cheesy than the last. They weren’t bad enough to warrant trolling, so once they had their food he moved on to the children.

    The children were more annoying, but at least they didn’t flirt. Two of them knew what they wanted, but the other two... they took forever. Each one took more than 20 minutes to decide, to his increasing annoyance. It was only when the apparent ringleader of the children also got annoyed that they both placed their orders. By the time the children had their orders the teens had paid and left, one of the two leaving a hefty tip. Gross.

    The rest of it was a blur, the lunchtime rush hitting the small cafe with the force of a hurricane. He couldn’t even begin to remember everything that had happened, but there were dim recollections of some cosplay fanatics, a complete and utter pervert, and children trying to slip off without paying. There were other, more normal customers scattered in between. Honestly, jobs like these were exhausting and he didn’t know how servers did it every day.

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