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    Shadow of Madness

    Yuri and Yuli
    Yuri and Yuli

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    Shadow of Madness Empty Shadow of Madness

    Post by Yuri and Yuli 10th July 2021, 5:52 am

    Shadow of Madness


    Combat Pet

    1,000 HP

    Melee Damage:
    75 HP per hit

    Proof of Acquisition:
    Acquired Here
    Original Purchase

    This thing, whatever it really is, is something that shouldn't exist. Neither dead nor alive, it was born from the twisted and corrupted thoughts of a being known to many as an Outer God, molded into an avatar of its consciousness to serve as an anchor for its interests on a peculiar planet referred to as "Earthland". The mysterious being had become aware of the fact that, in this world, a great many secrets seemed to simply wait to be discovered, taken, and abused to attain more power, particularly the living things that dwelt on this world. Who knew? Perhaps they would even give the being an edge in the ever-raging cosmic conflicts that had thus far spared this world of magic. It wished to learn, to understand. Naturally, as a deity of quiet whispers, mystery, and shadows, it had chosen to infect the shadow of one particularly powerful mortal from this planet, choosing them as its vessel and granting them the power to summon and assume control over its avatar. It seemed, however, that the mortals were a little less ... durable than the being had anticipated. It appeared that serving as a vessel for an Outer God was not something the things calling themselves "humans" could endure without their mind being torn asunder, driven into madness and insanity. It had turned out that, while powerful, the chosen vessel was of weak will and could do little to keep at least some semblance of stability, their cognitive functions falling apart, and this human thus ceased to be of use to the Outer God. It was swiftly discarded, and without the powerful influence of an even more powerful patron, it perished. Still, the being had learned its lesson. Humans appeared to be quite individual, and so, it would simply have to find a new vessel. One of a stronger will, one destined to the same madness, but perhaps a little ... brighter future.

    Shadow of Madness Q0IalIW


    Plot Abilities:

    Name: Vessel of Mystery
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: As a pseudo-parasite that infects and corrupts its host, the avatar of the Outer God assimilates seamlessly into the existence of its host, integrating its own abilities into that of its vessel perfectly. This combat pet is classed as a "Bond" pet associated with all 3 of the user's magics, meaning that it can be used as the origin point for all of the user's spells. Further, this combat pet also benefits from all stat increases and modifying factors its user benefits from and vice versa, and this combat pet and the user can use spells of associated magics independently and separately from one another. This combat pet, however, does not gain additional abilities (unless used as a true "Bond" pet for one of the user's magics. Can only be used as a "Bond" pet for a single "Bond" type magic in accordance with the rules for "Bond" type magic. If this combat pet is used as a "Bond" pet, the previously granted bonuses are not overridden). The user and the combat pet both benefit from a 200% increase to Spell Damage and Spell Durability.

    Name: Outer God's Avatar
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: Outer Gods are beings of incredible and otherworldly powers. When paired with magic, these two powers, now working in tandem, can be even more of a threat. The user and the combat pet benefit from a 50% increase to their Base Spell Damage and a 50% increase to their Base Spell Durability.

    Name: Intangible Shadows
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The mysterious might of an Outer God has consequences on the use of magic that are as much erratic as they can be useful. The Shadow of Madness corrupts the user's spells, any spell that it casts gaining a strange and otherworldly aura of undiscernable origin, the spell itself obtaining a shimmer of a dark purple hue. Spells and abilities cast using this combat pet as an origin point cannot be negated, redirected, or reflected by any means. Any spell or ability cast using this combat pet as an origin point has its Base MP Cost increased by 100%. Signature Spells and Unique Abilities are not affected by this ability. The user can decide whether this ability is used when a spell or ability is cast, though it must be decided upon casting the spell and cannot be activated later during the spell's or ability's duration. Should this ability not be used, it does not apply to the spell or ability in question, and the user can decide whether this ability is used once the duration of the spell or ability in question runs out or the spell or ability is canceled and cast again.

    Name: Gaze of Evil
    Rank: H+ (Unlocks at H Rank)
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Multi Target, Piercing
    Damage: 237 HP
    Range: 1,050 m
    Speed: 900 m/s
    Duration: 25 posts
    Downside: Ability costs its rank equivalent MP to cast. Can be used once per post max
    Description: Concentrating otherworldy energy within its form, the Shadow of Madness can, once per post for the ability's duration, with a flash of powerful light, release a laser-like beam from its single eye in the direction it is looking. The beam is up to 10 meters wide, able to hit multiple targets, and can extend up to the ability's maximum range, destroying all materials it comes into contact with and leaving no trace of them behind, cutting through even the most formidable of defenses with apparent ease. This ability can pierce armors, barriers, and shields, even those with anti-piercing qualities, though loses 50% of its base damage if used in such a way.

    The White Queen

    The White Queen

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    Shadow of Madness Empty Re: Shadow of Madness

    Post by Saraphina 10th July 2021, 7:12 pm


    Shadow of Madness CzMK0qd


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