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    Let's Cosplay [Cosplay Cafe Mission; Daiko and Yuuki]

    Yuuki Mephistos
    Yuuki Mephistos

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    Let's Cosplay [Cosplay Cafe Mission; Daiko and Yuuki] Empty Let's Cosplay [Cosplay Cafe Mission; Daiko and Yuuki]

    Post by Yuuki Mephistos 25th January 2015, 11:31 am

    Job Info:

    Early morning and the sun had barely peeked over the horizon, many people were amongst the living morning people, but on this early morning there was another who had been out this early. Yuuki had woken up an hour before six to get ready for a job he had signed up for the prior day, something about working for a cafe or something, he had been a little too off to read the full specifics yet he knew once he had arrived there he would know what he was doing in due time. Walking towards the shop, his hair for today had been a little messy, instead of sitting in a single forward swoop as always, it was not a little everywhere or sitting on all sides. After ten or so minutes of walking he had finally found his destination and rapped on the door three times, waiting for someone to answer the door so he could get in and be briefed...


    Let's Cosplay [Cosplay Cafe Mission; Daiko and Yuuki] SWVY0Qy

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