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    Cosplay Cafe! (Allen/Ari/Antonia/Awesome/Mission)


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    Cosplay Cafe! (Allen/Ari/Antonia/Awesome/Mission) Empty Cosplay Cafe! (Allen/Ari/Antonia/Awesome/Mission)

    Post by Shakil 1st October 2014, 7:11 am

    Today was Allen's first job. He had a stomach of steel but even this emotion called nervousness penetrated that wall of steel. He was a bit timid. Knowing how Allen was, he disliked being in public and working with other people. No, he hated it. Did he hate people? No. He was just paranoid. After being traumatized in the lab for most of his life, he though everyone was a enemy in one form or another. His only friends were Viola and Kihia. And maybe even that girl Alyia. He had met a lot of people who had tried to thaw his heart made of ice, and it was nice to know that people cared for him.

    But despite his hate for the public, he found himself going a job with 3 other people. Or according to what he was told. Not only was he going to be working with others, he was going to be working for others. A lot of them. A Cafe actually. He was suppose to be a waiter, if not a waitress? He had been walking on a sidewalk made of cobblestone, and not only was he out of magnolia town, he was in Crocus. One of the busiest places in Fiore. This wasn't the best choice for Allen. Before he new it, a 'sweatdrop' expressed on his face, "Ya'know, I said I wasn't going to let my paranoia and timidness get in the way of this mission but why am I starting to regret it?" He sighed as he inflated his cheeks with air and pouted to himself. "Ahhg.. maybe I should've told Nii-san or Viola that I was going to Crocus, maybe they could've helped me.." He sighed again, more of a hopeless and blank one actually. He had a sheet of paper with the job's details written onto it. Directions and everything.

    But despite such specific and accurate directions, Allen had no idea where he was out. His head jolted the right. Then to the left. The Right. Left. Right. He had absolutely, no idea where he was. "Where am I? Damn these words! Since when was I trusting what a piece of paper tells me?! Nii-san.. Viola.. if you can hear me right now, please have mercy on my poor innocent soul.." He started to sniffle, pouting much. But before he knew it, he was standing right in front of the Cafe. All sort of aromas came from the place. It would open to the public in about half an hour, enough to time to be informed about their job in person. But he had to wait outside for the 3 others, he can't just walk inside like he owns the place. But he wouldn't mind owning such a place. "I hope this isn't what I have to do for every singlew job.." He hunched his back as he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.

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