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    ❖ THE INCRIMINATION OF J&G ❖ (D/aeluri)


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    Private ❖ THE INCRIMINATION OF J&G ❖ (D/aeluri)

    Post by Ahote 22nd June 2019, 9:09 am

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    Whap! A stack of documents are tossed onto a desk as smoke filled the small room, photographs of a man meeting and touching a woman spilling onto it. The only light in this office was a dimly lit ceiling light and the flickering end of a stocky man's cigar. If you were careful and watchful enough, you'd see two cloaked individuals shrinking in the darkness of the room across from that stocky man, staring at him observantly.

    The man had a laugh that sounded like he was choking—a laugh that sort of went 'hug-hug-hug-hug' if you listened. It was a very hearty, uncomfortable noise but neither of the cloaked mages returned the glee. His name was Richmond Ayres and he seemed terribly happy about the news he was just given, his toothy, triumphant grin failing to leave his expression no matter how hard he tried to be solemn about it.

    "Wonderful! Wonderful!" Mister Richmond praised, patting his round, hard belly with both hands as it was beginning to hurt from all the laughter, "A job well done! With these photos, Jameson and Gold have to negotiate! Hug-hug-hug!"

    Jericho watched all of this quietly and with a quizzical expression, although no one would be able to see it through his cloak. He was smiling realizing just how easy it was for companies to be blundered by personal endeavors such as this. He would've treated it like a lesson for his own business if he weren't open about his crimes in the first place. With a track record such as Jericho's, it was hard to feel the pressure of affairs such as Hector Jameson's.

    Mister Richmond took a photo and gingerly held it up to the light. "Was it difficult getting these?"

    "No." Jericho replied dimissively.

    "Of course it wasn't. You guys specialize in stuff like this! Hug-hug-hug!" Mister Richmond fell into laughter again, Jericho sighing when the name of their "shadow organization" was yet again never revealed. He had curiously been looking for the name of his employer, but could never really seem to uncover it. His expression was riddled with mild disappointment.

    In the room with them was The Black Cat, whom Jericho had shrunken behind when he could. Although he did not look like it, she was a lot less shy than him when speaking to clients. It was one of his many flaws, after all.

    While Mister Richmond indulged in Jameson and Gold's failure, Jericho whispered over to The Black Cat. "Can we go now?—"

    "You there." Mister Richmond interrupted intrusively.

    ". . . Yes?"

    "What's your name?"

    Jericho paused for a moment. "Jericho."

    "I'll put good word in for you, Jericho. Hug-hug-hug!" Mister Richmond bellowed and looked to The Black Cat, "and you? What's your name?"

    Mister Richmond said all this but Jericho didn't think one could even put in good word in for their organization's employees. It was all so obscure and indiscreet about their services, after all, and he couldn't imagine Mister Richmond's "good word" doing anything for him anyway.

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    Private Re: ❖ THE INCRIMINATION OF J&G ❖ (D/aeluri)

    Post by aeluri 27th June 2019, 5:48 pm

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    ”Shortly, Jerry,” Aeluri whispered back, her voice low enough that the stocky man at the desk couldn’t hear. Jericho’s shyness around clients amused her greatly. The man was much taller than her and yet here he was, lurking behind the smaller woman as if she was some sort of shield. It looked like a giraffe using a cat as a shield, a true testament to how different their personalities were.

    The darkness of the office was quite pleasing to her. It was where she belonged, the home she had chosen for herself. She felt comfort in its anonymity. Not to mention that it helped herself and Jericho hide their cloaked bodies from prying eyes. Even though the only other presence in the vicinity was Mr. Richmond - which Aeluri was constantly checking - they had to be faceless. The job and their guild required it.

    She observed the piggy man before them looking through the photos. An expression of glee covered his chubby face. Aeluri was disgusted by him. His rotund body showed years of neglect, amplified by the blubbery laugh that came from his mouth. A receding hairline of gray sat atop his head. Sausage fingers sifted through the photos she and Jericho had obtained. He was truly a disgusting pig of a man, and she felt no remorse for thinking so despite his position as a client. Money was money. She didn’t have to like their clients as long as business got done.

    “To my organization I am The Black Cat,” she replied to Mr. Richmond’s query monotonously. The Cat was not going to give attention nor detail to this pig. Who knew what connection he really had to the guild, or if he could even “put in a good word”. What could he possibly do to benefit her that she didn’t already receive from Hidden Blades?

    “Ha! An interesting title.”
    Mr. Richmond shuffled the photos and returned them neatly to their manila folder. “I appreciate your organization’s help. I’m sure we’ll need it in the future too!” He said with another hearty laugh. “Now we’ve got J&G right where we want them. Did you witness anything else?”

    From her cloak, Aeluri drew another smaller folder labeled Money. She tossed it on the desk of Mr. Richmond amongst all the other messy papers. Greedily he pried it open and scoured the documents. “Embezzlement,” the Cat explained shortly. Jameson had been setting aside company money in a private account, unbeknownst to Gold. The folder contained bank records, transaction information, and mail tracked from Jameson’s house and office.

    “Fantastic work! This will get them for sure. You two can go now,” Mr. Richmond added with a dismissive wave of his meaty hand towards the two figures in the darkness. Aeluri let off a snort of dry amusement and turned her heel. The door was barely cracked as she slipped out, not waiting for her companion. She’d had enough of their client for a while. A drink was much needed.


    ❖ THE INCRIMINATION OF J&G ❖ (D/aeluri) 60637_s

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