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    Aeluri Atra


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    In Progress Aeluri Atra

    Post by aeluri on 18th August 2017, 6:26 pm

    Name: Aeluri Atra
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Birthday: April 12
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics: Her left eye is golden yellow.


    Aeluri was born in a village plagued with extreme superstition. Everyone carried a rabbit's foot with them for good luck, and forbade anything that could bring the village misfortune. Mirrors and ladders were avoided by all, and creatures viewed as bad luck were banned completely from the village. There were strict rules about everything, children weren't allowed to do anything that might be risky or bad luck. Outsiders were rarely allowed in the village, for fear they would corrupt the people. Growing up, Aeluri never wanted to conform to the village's strict regulations, and misfortune seemed to follow her wherever she went. When she was 6, a group of traveling merchants tried to enter the village, but were turned away by the village leaders. The group and their wagons decided to stay the night outside of Aeluri's village. All the children were told to stay inside and away from the outsiders, but Aeluri's curiosity got the best of her. She snuck out of her house when it was very late at night, and quietly approached the camp of the merchants. They were playing lively music and dancing around a fire, completely worry-free. Aeluri got too close to the camp and they noticed her, but instead of being angry, they invited her to sit by the fire and eat some food. There was a boy about her age among the people, whose attempts at conversation were lost on Aeluri at first, but soon she warmed up to the people and felt like one of them. After a while, she realized she had been gone from the village for a long time and quickly ran away from the camp. The merchant boy chased after her and stopped her, taking her hand. In it he placed a small pocket mirror, and told her to never forget him. Aeluri cradled the mirror safely against her chest as she raced back to her house and hid it under a loose floorboard. Every night for the next few days she would wait until her parents went to bed, then take the mirror out and look into it using the moonlight from outside. Friday the 13th came, and everyone was forced to stay inside for fear of bad things happening. Aeluri was reading in the kitchen when she heard her mother angrily yell her name from upstairs. She raced upstairs and found, to her horror, that her mom had discovered the loose floorboard and her precious pocket mirror. Racing forward, Aeluri snatched the trinket from her mother's hands and sped out of the house. Her mother chased her out, trying to get the mirror back. She caught up to Aeluri in the village center, and they struggled back and forth to gain possession of the pocket mirror. A crowd started to gather as the commotion grew. Aeluri finally pulled it from her mother with a jerk, but fell to the ground and the trinket dropped from her hands, shattering. The whole village gasped and backed away. Breaking a mirror on Friday the 13th was the worst luck imaginable. The village leaders rushed to the scene, and upon seeing what Aeluri had done, told the village that everyone was to shun her. Nobody would talk to or look at Aeluri for fear of catching her bad luck. Aeluri's life for the next few years was miserable, she had no social interaction with anyone and spent all her days alone in the silence. The night became the time she could be herself. She would sneak out and go sit in a meadow close by, sitting in the night and watching the moon. One night, when she was 10, she came upon an owl that was diving at a hollow beneath some tree roots. Aeluri scared the owl off by waving her arms and throwing some pine cones at it. Looking beneath the tree roots, she found a very sickly looking black cat. Gently she pulled him from the little cave and carried him home, for she felt a deep need to nurse this little cat back to health. When she got home, she snuck into the barn and climbed into the loft, where she made a little nest for the cat. Every day she brought the cat fish and water, and made sure he wasn't seen by anyone. Her efforts seemed futile, as his condition only seemed to get worse. Aeluri couldn't figure out what the problem was, and became desperate and frustrated the save the little black cat, for he was the only companion she had ever had. After checking up on him one day, the cat started shaking in his sleep. Aeluri panicked and rushed to help him, but she was powerless and didn't know what was happening. She gently stroked the cat's head, tears running down her face. Suddenly the cat's eyes shot open and he lunged forward, frantically lashing out his sharp claws at anything in range. His eyes were wild and unfocused. Aeluri was leaning in too close, and the black cat's claws sunk into her eye and cheek. With a strangled cry, she lurched backward with her eye closed and bleeding profusely. The little cat had come to his senses and was staring at Aeluri as she cradled her face, a scared look in his eyes. All at once, Aeluri could hear a voice in her head. She looked around, but couldn't see anyone nearby. Her eyes fell on the cat, who gave her a knowing look. He told her that by accidentally striking her in his fevered dream state, he had opened the gateway for both of them to use magic. Aeluri was dumbfounded and still reeling from the pain, her head muddled. She promptly fainted. When she woke up, her mother was calling her name. Aeluri panicked, wondering how to explain the cat and her eye, for her mother was bound to find out about both. Gathering up her courage, she scooped up the black cat and wobbled down from the loft the best she could, her vision still blurry. Little 10 year old Aeluri, black cat in arms and a determined look on her face, came face to face with her mother. Her mother gasped in shock and grabbed her arm, dragging her to the village center. The whole village gathered around Aeluri, giving her strange and disgusted looks. The village elders came forward, and banished Aeluri from the village forever. They said her crimes were bringing bad luck to the village, and protecting a cursed animal. Aeluri's right opened wide in disbelief, and she realized she could open both of her eyes. As she slowly opened her injured eye, the crowd gasped. Her eye had become golden. The black cat, now less sick than he was previously, hopped down from her arms as Aeluri walked from the village. She looked back at all the people of the village, and decided that she would never let her life be controlled by superstition and a weak mind. All the pain and loneliness she felt after her people had betrayed her trust was her life now. A life of solitude, only caring for herself and the little black cat.

    Aeluri is a swift and merciless fighter. She doesn't like long drawn out battles, just short bouts where both sides use what is necessary to overcome their opponents. Her ability to move swiftly and her cunning nature makes her difficult to overcome. Aeluri will work with others, but in the end she is willing to change her mind or alliance so that she is always benefited. Her only loyalty is to herself. Aeluri is quite stubborn, and doesn't work well under leadership, but also is not a good leader. She doesn't like helping anyone, and doesn't want anyone to rely on her.


    Black cats: Aeluri has a strong love for black cats, as she feels a deep connection with their independence and mysteriousness. Black cats are seen as outcasts and bad luck, and so is Aeluri.

    Rain storms: The sound and smell of rain soothes Aeluri's obsessive vigilance.

    Nighttime: Aeluri thrives during the nighttime. She feels at home in the shadows of the night. She often is seen doing things at night, and people wonder if she ever sleeps, but that is a mystery.

    Cinnamon: She just likes it.

    Alcohol: She drinks it too much. Whiskey on the rocks is her favorite.


    Dogs: They aren't elegant or intelligent, they're dumb and they slobber. Gross.

    Cucumbers: The shape and color spooks her.

    Goody two-shoes: People who are too positive or energetic irritate her, except for Dradali Glacies. She despises excessive displays of emotion.

    Swimming: Hates large bodies of water and is an awful swimmer, showering is the only water she feels comfortable being in.

    Loud noises: Any loud sounds hurt her sensitive ears and giver her a headache. If she is exposed to loud noises for too long she loses her temper.

    Apples: As a child, she was forced to eat an apple every day due to superstitions. She hates them now.


    Alcohol: A swig of whiskey motivates her to get up in the morning. Also, the more jewel she gets from jobs, the more alcohol she can buy.

    Independence: Aeluri lives a life of independence, and works hard to keep it that way.

    Stability: Makes sure she has enough money to get by and live a comfortable life of mediocrity.


    Vulnerability: Scared of trusting people and letting anyone get close. Maintains a cold demeanor to keep herself safe.

    Drowning: Terrified of the cold, clutching depths of water. Being underwater is her worst nightmare.

    Love: Has never loved or been loved by any humans. Doesn't understand emotional connections, except with cats.

    General Appearance:

    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 125
    Hair: Jet black, always kept in high pigtails for practicality
    Eyes: One red and one gold
    Skin Tone: Fairly pale
    Appearance: Aeluri is lithe and nimble, able to move very quickly and quietly. She wears a red and black dress that's short in the front and long in the back. She wears a black lace necklace and on her head she wears a red headband.



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    In Progress Re: Aeluri Atra

    Post by Salrynn on 20th August 2017, 7:22 am


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