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    ❖ SPA DAY ❖ (Hifumi/Esper/Aeluri)


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    Private ❖ SPA DAY ❖ (Hifumi/Esper/Aeluri)

    Post by Ahote 7th June 2019, 6:41 pm

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    Rose Garden.

    The amount of people that flooded the streets at every possible hour rivaled that of Boomslang's business. Or, that's how it felt, at least. In truth, Rose Garden was a town, not a business, so they naturally had overpowering amounts more of people swarming their streets than Boomslang, and frankly, Ahote found it nauseating.

    The white-haired, pale-faced, darkly dressed man found it all nauseating and wouldn't have gone there if today weren't the day he had planned to meet his esteemed companions—Iris Esperanza and Aeluri Atra. In fact, he wasn't the only one attending. Together with him shuffled a weak and malnourished looking man with long, white hair that looked like it hadn't been combed or washed in centuries. The man went by Hifumi and wore nothing but Ahote's thick, black cloak, leaving Ahote with nothing but his gloomy-looking vest-suit and hat.

    Straight from the train station, they headed for a spa where Ahote had suspected that Aeluri and Iris had already arrived before them. It might've been strange for a man in nothing but a cloak to arrive for a spa treatment, but Ahote was determined to be diligent in making sure no one made a fuss as long as nothing was revealed.

    Without pause or hesitation, the pair arrived at the spa almost at the crack of noon, entering the building and ringing a signature bell atop of the door. There had only been a few other inside aside from Iris and Aeluri, who were, unsurprisingly, present. Ahote removed his hat from his full set of white locks and tucked it between his arms, looking at Iris and Aeluri indifferently. "I see you both are here already." commented Ahote. It wasn't any different from saying "hello" or "how are you?" in his mind.

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