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    Collecting Ingredients and Honor


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    Collecting Ingredients and Honor Empty Collecting Ingredients and Honor

    Post by Harlequin on Wed 5 Jun - 4:37

    Collecting ingredients hmmm well the man had to eat something people don't all live like Thestalos without having to eat at all. Not that he couldn't eat it just seems to go right through him....onto the floor. Thestalos walked along the cliff side scanning for anything that might be usable to the old man. Spotting a small bird the kind who nest on the cliffs close tot he water he picked up a rock close by and took a readied stance. Pulling back he released the rock into the small birds frame knocking the bird over and stunning it. Making quick use of his opening he ran to close distance and ended the bird's suffering quickly saying a small prayer of thanks for its sustenance it would provide. He bound the feet in twine and hung it from the side of the basket along with a pouch which he put the 3 eggs from the nest within along with some of the nest to stop them from breaking. He began to move further into the trees keeping and eye towards the canopy noting any fruit bearing trees. He spotted some bundles of fruit hanging from branches and noted that the tree was too large to climb through normal means and bones do not grip well.

    Thestalos moved a fair distance and set down the baskets. Drawing his katana he bolted at the tree as fast as he could using his momentum he scaled the tree as high as he could and as soon as he began to slow he jumped off bouncing from tree to tree climbing higher towards the top. Once within swinging distance he brought his katana through some lower branches dropping them to the ground with their bounties and then descending down the tree using his katana to slow his fall enough to land safely. Picking up the fruits he began to sort them leaving the ones that were damaged too much or rotten for the animals to eat and putting the good ones in a basket. Moving on from the trees after a few more attempts at fruit Thestalos moved to the river. Leaving the basket on shore he waded into the cool water with a stick carved into a set of prongs. Using them to pin down fish he caught a bundle and placed them within the baskets in wrappings. He noted a few leeks and other edibles on the far shore and waded over to grab them pulling them out in bundles he bound them in twine and carried them back across. Having almost completed his task Thestalos decided to circle around the far side of the cliff to see if he could spot anything else that might be edible.

    The trek back around was a little longer then expected having to go through a little bit of a rough terrain but Thestalos finally made it back to a clearing where the old mans home was visible. Noting the fullness of his basket Thestalos shrugged and made a final pass on a fruit bearing tree pushing himself a little bit harder he managed a better yield and filled his baskets to the brim. Taking them back to the old mans house Thestalos dropped them off and bid Midora farewell it was a small price to pay a few hours of work for someone who needed the help but the restoration of his humanity was worth every second.

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