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    The forest of ingredients


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    The forest of ingredients Empty The forest of ingredients

    Post by Yingvi on Sat 31 Oct 2020, 13:52

    Close to the forest, she lived in lied a cliff. Yingvi liked to go there and watch over the sea, the waves, and ships battling against each other. One day she went to the magnificent cliff, the wind was weak and the sun high it would have made a beautiful scenery. As always she would see a little house, one of the windows was open, an old man was watching the outside world. When he saw her he waved and tried to get her attention. Reluctantly she walked closer since he might needed her help. He did. The old man, Midora, explained that he fell from one of the nearby apple trees and had injured his back badly. She looked inside the house and noticed some big baskets which were empty, he clearly needed to get some food for his recovery. The man had followed her gaze and told her his worry about his survival of the next month. He could not go and forage the needed ingredients and food. That’s is why he wanted her attention. He needs food and thus is asking for her help. Like always she would help anyone in need.

    After grabbing a basket she went on her way. This one needed to be filled with fruits. She knew a place in the forest filled with apple, pear, and trees bearing other fruits. Ahh, she was lucky. The trees were not yet harvested fully, enough fruits are remaining for the Midora. The trees were bright green with beautiful fruits. Green, red apples, and the pears were also ripe enough for harvest. She went from tree to tree and each time became the basket fuller but also heavier.  Once full needed it to be returned to the house. That turned out to be a struggle. It took her a while but finally, she saw the house again. The old man was grateful and asked her to fill the next basket with mushrooms and other edible plants.

    Once again she went on her way with a basket. She walked through the whole forest gathering plants. Asparagus, clovers, champions, and curled docks were the plants that slowly filled the basket. It took her several hours to find enough plants to satisfactory fill the basket. The man had another basket that needed filling. This one needed to be filled with aquatic ingredients. And thus she went to the seaside. Kelp was in abundance but the man can’t eat only fruit and kelp for the next month. The hunt went further and further and the basket began to become heavier again. Mussels, fish, and grabs were filling the basket with delicacy. The basket was heavy, so heavy that she needed breaks to try and take it back to the injured man. He was grateful and said she could come to him if she needed help. Now he could survive for the next month to recover and Yingvi could finally take in the beautiful view of the setting sun reflecting in the sea.



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